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  Married man Bryan thinks he owns the world and this misogynistic bastard has been referred to us for training. We go further than that and fully discipline this feisty fit fucker, stretch his arsehole so wide he cries for mercy and shove his head down on our cocks so we merciless fuck the back of his throat till he gags. We punish and beat this angry straight cunt so hard he pleads to sexually serve us!  
Age 21, Roofer

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 ADDED 9 Nov 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 18:06 90 Pictures
Submission training, handcuffed and shackled, invasively groped, virgin arsehole violently fingered, taught to suck cock, two cocks shoved down his throat at once.

Bryan has a very cosy set up. He's a married man who is waited on hand and foot, spends his evenings drinking and whoring then expects to get a blow job from the wife before dropping off asleep.

It's time he learned his place by being enrolled in a mandatory intensive course that drills him into submission. Accustomed to being feared and respected, Bryan is trained to obey by having his arsehole ruined and cocks rammed down his resistant throat.

Here he is transformed from smug alpha male to snivelling obedient bitch.


 ADDED 23 Nov 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 10:35 83 Pictures
Wrists bound and ankles shackled, ballgagged, spanked, trained to suck cock, spitroasted, verbally abused, tag-team fucking, red arse covered in cum.

Being bent over with his arsehole exposed is a fucking nightmare for proud straight hubby Bryan. Red-faced and enraged, he swears violently at his tormentors. This lad needs to be taught some manners.

Groped and then given a spanking, every whack from the leather paddle is agonizing for his sensitive bum. The only way to avoid further punishment is to suck cock. He's firmly guided through the process of deep-throating dick while his arse is used and abused. His resistance is very evident as his virgin hole is fucked for the first time.

This hetero's will is totally broken while having two hot hard cocks shoved inside him making him collapse into a fit of tears.


 ADDED 28 Dec 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 7:08 54 Pictures
Gagged, tied down and fucked, made to watch the hard cock go up his arsehole, choked while being screwed, covered in cum.

Bryan is deep into his training now and he's progressing nicely. Bound naked to a chair with his broken hole exposed for us to use and fuck.

He's given no opportunity to mentally block out the fact he's about to have a stiff man's cock shoved up his arse. Eyes pried open and hands clasped around his neck, he's made to deeply feel every fucking second of this experience.

The sperm we shoot over his hairy plump testicles and the muscular expanse of his chest is left to dry as he contemplates his new submissive position


 ADDED 11 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Nicholas Video 20:57 99 Pictures
Ballgagged, Bondage, dick and testicles pegged, arse flogged, fucked with a vibrator, breath control, arse fingered and fucked, made to gag on hard cock, verbal degradation.

Bryan's arms and legs are bound so his arsehole is nicely exposed. Nicholas attaches clips from a leg-spreader to his foreskin and ball sack. Now anytime Bryan's body jerks it will register on his tender sore genitals. As he hollers under his gag and wiggles his body the clips snap off.

Nicholas loops some rope around Bryan's neck to tug on while directing the angry straight lad in how to suck on his large uncut cock. He lodges his dick deep into the back of Bryan's throat while tugging on the rope making Bryan's face go shock-red as he gags for air. Nicholas alternates between using Bryan's mouth and anus to pleasure his dick. Bryan has never been made to feel like such a worthless fuck toy.


 ADDED 2 May 2012 Topped By Dave & Nicholas Video 15:25 98 Pictures
Bound by his wrists and ankles, arse caned, spanked, made to suck dick till gags, fingerfucked, screwed with a dildo fucktool, made to stick his tongue deep inside male arsehole, cum in mouth.

Gagged and tied down on a dirty mattress Bryan experiences the excruciating tension of knowing what's coming when his tight white underwear is ripped off. Dave and Nicholas decorate his pert white buns with red stripes from a cane and bare handed spanking.

Tied down on his back his gag is removed so Nick can fill his warm wet gob with his big hard cock. Nick vigorously fucks his face till Bryan is red-faced, gagging and tears drip down from the corners of his eyes. While Nick is occupied Dave takes the opportunity to use Bryan's vulnerable arsehole drilling him deep in his guts with his power tool. Bryan is made to use his tongue to penetrate male butthole. Nick blows a load right in the resistant straight man's gob.


 ADDED 30 May 2012 Topped By Dave & Nicholas Video 12:40 90 Pictures
Tied with his arse up, flogged till he screams, sensitive soles of his feet caned, cock and balls tied, fucked with a dildo on a stick, wanked, nipples clamped.

Bryan's arse is too pretty to leave alone. Nick and Dave have deft sure hands with their floggers. His cheeks are rendered bright red, while his puckered tight hole and dangling bollocks are fully on show.

Bryan wails and moans, hurtling insults at his tormentors as he knows there is no escape. Ordered to remain silent Bryan's subjected to the bastinado treatment, he can't help screaming till he's hoarse and weeping.

His howling increases when Dave unveils a lance with a vibrator strapped on the end to ram up his tight straight butthole. Nick seizes his cock and aggressively strokes it till Bryan is milked of all his precious breeder semen.


 ADDED 13 June 2012 Topped By Dave & Nicholas Video 12:29 99 Pictures
Tied up and put on a leash, dog training, made to painfully crawl on knees and elbows, ordered to wiggle his arse and show off his hole, buttplug shoved up his arsehole, spitroasted, red arse covered in cum.

Bryan is given a stern lesson in dog training where he must demean himself crawling naked across the floor on the sensitive tips of his elbows and knees.

Dave inserts a buttplug up his bum so he feels every movement deep in his arse as he lumbers painfully across the floor. Whenever he pushes it out of his hole Dave gives his butt a sharp whack with the paddle to drive it back in. Nick arrives on the scene to admire what a fine pup Dave is parading around. He kindly gives the dog his thick cock to suck on while Dave fucks Bryan's widened arsehole. Panting and thoroughly debased Bryan is covered in his master's fresh spunk.

  Bryan is an excellent straight performer that is always up for a challenge. He's back again and we're always happy to have him.  
Added 30th April 2014

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Submission training, made to obediently strip, shackled, chastity device, sore cock sucked, erection beaten, arse and back flogged, gut punching, tight arsehole fingered.

It took some hard training for bossy husband Bryan to become adequately submissive. But his wife has reported that he's since lapsed into his old ways so the hot fucker is sent back to his trainer for a refresher course in being a proper submissive gay. He thinks he can charm and lie his way out of this, but Dave understands what Bryan is thinking better than he does himself. Every smartarse quip coming out of the bolshy straight man's mouth is instantly shot down as he's ordered to remove his clothes and present his body in a respectful manner. Even after the good hard drilling given to his arse when he first came for training his hole is still locked up tight. Dave savours his warm pucker circling his finger around the circumference of his sphincter letting Bryan know it'll be opened up later.


At home, Bryan's cock and balls are always kept under lock and key so he can't pleasure himself outside of his regularly scheduled milking times. Dave unleashes his sore lengthy cock and balls. Since they receive so little stimulation it only takes some light sucking to make his prick rigid and ache for release. Just when Bryan thinks he'll get off Dave beats his cock making the arrogant sod understand once and for all that this is not about his pleasure. A flogger is unleashed onto his peachy round buttock and he's made to verbally admit what a filthy slag he is. It's only when the bastard voices how much he wants cock that it'll really transform his thick hetero brain. Some swift punches to his tight muscled abs tame the fucker so he's breathless and compliant for his arse to be opened up.



  Bryan is an excellent straight performer that is always up for a challenge. He's back again and we're always happy to have him.  
Added 14th May 2014

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Bound on the examination table, gagged, wanked till he's hard, legs tied spread-eagle, cock & balls bound, arse rammed hard by a fucking machine, foreskin clamped & pegged, face covered in piss.

Hot sporty stud Bryan wears nothing but his footy sock, cleats and his jock strap. He's tied down on the table with his arse inviting spread and his pink hetero arsehole fully on show. The angry fucker won't stop cursing and moaning so his mouth is wrapped up to silence him. In such a prone position Dave only has to lightly brush aside the thin fabric of his jock to reveal his pendulous balls and big meaty cock. He aggressively tugs on him until the pervy fucker's cock is engorged and weighty in his fist. But this isn't about Bryan's pleasure. It's never been about his pleasure. His legs are sufficiently spread to give easy access to his fuckhole. His package is bound tight. A fucking machine is wheeled out with a big rubber cock ready to be rammed into him.


Dave gobs all over his pink arse and he's ordered to suck the spit into his arse so he's nicely lubed. The dildo is slid up his hole and his arse is rammed open. His hole is gaping wide to take a long hard fucking from the machine. The speed is steadily ramped up as his arse is plowed into. Dave pegs his cock and balls all over so they are made highly sensitive. To serve up the final humiliation Bryan's proud face is covered with a fresh spray of piss as Dave urinates all over his handsome features.

  Spanking bench, clothes ripped off, severely paddled and belted, made to suck and deep throat cock, made to endure anal sex.  
Added 11th June 2014

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Bryan is in his football kit because football is a big part of his life, when not pleasuring his wife. Dave examines Bryan and then tells him he is to endure severe spanking training if he is to be allowed to play football again. He straps Bryan to a spanking bench and then rips off his shorts and undies. He takes a paddle and starts spanking Bryan's perfect bare arse. He goes around to look in Bryan's angry face but Bryan is defiant, spitting at him. Dave steps it up. He paddles Bryan's muscular white arse a bright pink. The next stage of the treatment is to make Bryan actively beg to suck cock. Dave takes a belt to him and it is harsh. Bryan jumps out of his skin as his bum is belted good and proper. He begs to suck Dave's cock and so Dave sticks his erect cock in Bryan's mouth and he sucks and deep throats for his life. Dave fills the straight lad's gullet. Dave is so turned on he goes around to Bryan's burning backside and, despite Bryan's cheeks on fire, Dave enters the lad. Bryan endures a very selfish anal fucking from Dave, stretching his anus completely out of shape. Over and over...


  Bound & gagged, made to rim man's arsehole, anal hook, balls & taint pegged, electro shock to arse cheeks, anus & balls, fucked with a dildo on a stick, cock milked, cum fed back to him.  
Added 9th July 2014

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Married man Bryan is painfully tied to a block with his arse in the air and a ball-gag muffling his anguished cries for mercy. His sub training has led him to this sorry position and he knows his only purpose now is to sexually serve men. Dave temporarily takes out his gag so he can present his arse to him for oral servicing. Bryan is ordered to stick his tongue right up this man's stinky butt. His nose is filled with the stench of Dave's bumhole and his tongue is coated with the sour taste of his sphincter. Dave replaces his gag so that the flavour of his arse is sealed in Bryan's mouth. To hold him in place an anal hook is inserted up Bryan's rectum and pegs are attached all down his taint and pink ball sack. The constrained straight boy now has an incredibly intense heightened awareness of his arse and genitals.


Dave initiates a nasty game where he will deliver a spanking for every time Bryan utters a sound after receiving a sharp electro shock to his rump. The humbled hetero has learned his lesson well because he manages to suppress any sound. As reward his arse is given a royal ramming as Dave attacks it with a thick dildo on a stick. Bryan howls at being turned into an arse whore as he's vigorously fucked. Dave seizes his cock and insistently tugs him till Bryan can't help splashing his juice all over a plate. Dave licks it off and then feeds it back to the snivelling boy over his bright red ball gag. As Bryan desperately tries to inhale his own semen clogs his throat and nostrils.


Sporty hetero stud Bryan is accustomed to being respected and adored.
Always on the look out for a new challenge it's crossed his filthy young mind that he's only getting half the attention he thinks he is due...
Sex with men is a whole new ball game for him. He's willing to push his limits to see just how far he can go.