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  We tempt 22 year old ex-con Fraser into our lair with the prospect of a lucrative scam, but this dumb bastard soon finds himself trapped in a situation he canít escape. This straight fucker has got such a hairy masculine body we canít resist taking full possession of it by viciously spitroasting him and covering him in our piss and spunk. He burns with shame as heís relentlessly used by a gang of horny men!  
Age 22, Bar Manager

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 ADDED 29 Feb 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:15 99 Pictures
Stripped and subdued, virgin hole fingered, taught to suck dick, stomach and face punching, spitroasted, fucked whilst his assailants arms are wrapped around his throat, arsehole filled with cum, rimmed, made to receive a mouthful of spunk, face covered in cum

Ex-con Fraser is fresh out of the lock up. He's hot, young and hairy, but not very smart. When the prospect of another robbery is offered to him the bad boy jumps at the chance.

Adrian and Dave tie him arse up over a piece of machinery. Fraser managed to keep his precious hairy arsehole safe for months in prison, but in mere minutes his hole is viciously widened then filled with hard cock and spunk.

Fighting his pervy captors he reluctantly sucks Dave's stiff dick and takes a mouthful of cum, having his arsehole broken in has taught this straight cunt a harder lesson than he ever learned in the slammer.


 ADDED 23 May 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 22:44 99 Pictures
Barehanded spanking, fucked with a dildo on a stick, arse flogging, made to gag on hard cock, nipples clamped, CBT, spitroasted, rimmed, covered in piss, spit and cum

Having kept his arse virginal throughout his prison term, it's well overdue for a right hard shafting. Dave spanks Fraser's hairy cheeks hard and fills his hole with a fat dildo.

To prevent any further damage to his sore arse Fraser is desperate to go back down on Adrian's cock again. Thick 'back of throat' spit is soon coating the stiff dick which he frantically sucks down.

Dave fucks him so hard he is begging for mercy, weeping from the intense pain and humiliation. His embarrassment is heightened when he's pissed on while being fucked in the mouth and arse, his red-hot face then covered in spunk.


 ADDED 6 June 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:36 99 Pictures
Wrists bound and ankles shackled in a leg-spreader, given a massive wedgie, arse and back flogged, pants torn off him, large dildo inserted in his arsehole, cock and balls tied, nipples pegged, milked, face smeared with cum

Fraser is strung up in nothing but his pristine tighty-whities so he's helpless to resist Adrian's pervy advances to his hairy masculine body. The foul-mouthed twat is very disrespectful but he changes his tune when Dave advances to deliver severe lashings to his hairy arse cheeks.

His legs are spread and a thick dildo on a stick is wedged up his tight hole. His back and bottom receive a vicious flogging until they are lobster red. Now he's desperate to receive a cuddling from Adrian to prevent further punishment. His cock is seized and mercilessly wanked until he has a throbbing hard erection and ejaculates.


 ADDED 27 June 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:59 99 Pictures
Aggressively groped and kissed, nipples clamped, leg-spreader, fucked with a vibrator, made to suck cock, fucked raw while his face is shoved in male arse, given a cold water bath

Overpowered, a stark naked Fraser is held in place while we grab handfuls of his hunky naked body and exposed schlong. We treat him to some hard romance, making him kiss us, covering his lips with man spit and grating our facial stubble against his face.

Bound bent over with his legs spread and his arsehole on show. His tight hairy cunt is fucked with a vibrator and he's instructed how to make a cock hard with his warm wet mouth. After the cock polishing and rimming he gives his breath is going to stink of dick and arse for months.

We kindly rinse his mouth out and give him an icy bath which only serves to intensify the man smell.


 ADDED 11 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:57 99 Pictures
Turned into human urinal, arse flogged, made to suck dick and balls, mouth and arsehole filled with big hard dick, taught to beg for cock and arse, face covered in cum, hogtied

After the workout Fraser has received he needs some cooling off. Bound with his arms tied in the air Adrian generously pisses all over his face and open gob.

After each man gives him a golden shower he's sternly instructed to suck each cock clean. When he doesn't suck them properly his exposed arse is given a harsh flogging.

His dark stubbly cheeks give some nice friction as big hard dicks are rubbed over his face. Fraser is completely overwhelmed as his mouth and arse are relentlessly stuffed full of cock. He's left hogtied and suspended covered in piss and spunk.


22 year old performer Fraser has a high sex drive making him an ideal candidate for the challenging tests we put him through. Being put in such a sexually subordinate position teaches him he can take much more than he ever thought he could. This versatile man deserves respect for everything we give him.