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  Tied arse-up to a work bench, made to suck cock, fucked, spitroasted, face covered in cum, ordered to rim a man's arse, dildo shoved up his arse, caned. CBT, face pissed on.  
Added 13th January 2016

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Joseph's hard muscular naked body is tied down to a bench. This humiliated hetero panics when he sees Derek enter. Pinned down there no way to escape the cock which is presented in front of his face. He's well trained enough to know that he must comply or the punishment will be severe. Joseph gags to feel Derek's cock throb and grow very hard in his mouth. Now that Derek has a burning hard on he thrusts it into Joseph's tight arse while gagging him. Dave enters and demands that Joseph service his cock as well. Pinned between the two men's cocks the stupid bastard moans piteously aware how he's been reduced from a hard man of the streets into these men's cum bucket.

With sperm still dripping down his face, Dave parks his arse on Joseph's face and he's ordered to insert his tongue up the man's stinking hole.


Derek rams a big fat dildo up his arse so he can be rhythmically fucked while his big dark muscular cheeks can be caned at the same time. His body is rigid with the pain from being deeply penetrated, but the men demand that he goes down on Derek's big cock again. With his cock and balls tied down, Derek rams him in the arse pounding him hard and releases a creamy load of spunk over his dark arse. Dave laughs and pisses all over Joseph's face. This thug has been turned into the most sexually-used dirty slag on the streets!




  Tied, gagged, bare-handed spanking, nipples clamped, flogged, electro shocks to his sphincter, cock and balls bound, fucked with a dildo, caned  
Added 6th January 2016

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Sergei is a feisty fucker! He shouts until a big angry vein starts throbbing in his forehead. He's in the most sexually vulnerable position of his life! Stark naked and bent over a bench, he's tied with his arms in the air and his arse pointed out so the men can rub their crotches against his butt cheeks. The sensation of the bulge of their cocks pressed against his virgin hole blows his stupid straight mind. His pert pale cheeks are given a hard spanking and flogging till they glow red and Sergei nearly bites through his gag.

We're determined to make this tough hetero thug more intensely aware of his arsehole than he's ever been. He's made to play a wicked game where the punishment for wrong answers gets him a sudden sharp zap to his delicate little bum hole. Sergei is driven wild feeling the shocks hit him right on the pink smooth flesh of his sphincter.

  His big balls and proud cock are tied up and weighted while he's also made to view a dirty video. It's the biggest mindfuck for Sergei to see the stimulating porn while having his arse and cock worked on by two pervy men. A big thick dildo is shoved up his arse while his already sore arse is whacked with a cane. Notice how his flesh visibly trembles from the sustained and intensely painful punishment to his arse. He won't ever forget this session!  



  Stripped, tied, legs shackled, gagged, spanked, flogged, fucked with a mechanized dildo, dildo shoved down his throat, face covered in cum.  
Added 30th December 2015

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Tough guy thug Sergei thinks he rules the neighbourhood. He struts around in his slick suit, demanding protection money from local residents or else he'll give them something to be scared of. He selfishly preys upon the hard work of others for his own benefit. It's time this smarmy gangster fucker was preyed upon. Dave strips him off and ties him down. He luxuriates in stroking his big bulging package over his tight white underwear. Sergei is secured in place so his arse is spread wide and completely vulnerable for whatever use men want to inflict upon his hole.

Sergei howls in anger beneath the ball gag when he realizes the position he's in. Every inch of his body fights against his restraints, but there is nothing he can do to stop Dave flogging his perfect bum cheeks or shoving an enormous dildo up his arse so he can be rhythmically fucked.

  His gag is removed so a dildo can be planted in his big tough mouth as well. Sergei makes a pretty sight being penetrated from both ends while locked in place. Dave anoints him shooting a hot load of semen all over the humiliated gangster's face. This puts the bastard in his place.  


Performer Sergei has broadened his experience since last acting with us. This sexy guy is a real professional and we're happy to have him back!


  Gagged, atomic wedgie, fucked with a fat dildo, flogged, nipples pegged, CBT, arse caned, made to cum and fed his own sperm.  
Added 23rd December 2015

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Straight man Yuris is so revolted about being turned into an object for male lust he's reverted to his native tongue. He rallies against his pervy captor with a stream of swears and homophobic insults. Getting strong tape wrapped around his head shuts him up soon enough. With his arms tied akimbo and wearing nothing but his thin white pants he's incredibly vulnerable. This is the sort of fucker who would delight in ruining the lives of young gay boys. Now he's treated to the vicious sexual treatment he was so terrified of. His underwear is wrenched up his arse crack it tears causing a burn to his arsehole like he's never felt.

It's time this macho hetero cunt learns what it's like to get fucked. A massive dildo is rammed up his tight resistant sphincter. Simultaneously his arse is flogged hard. Yuris moans piteously as his arse is relentlessly drilled into.

  His genitals are tied up so his big nads bulge and his penis swells like a fat acorn. With his entire package being weighted down the sad fuck feels like his junk will be ripped off at any second. His already sore arse is given a caning. Now his prick is so acutely sensitive to any touch. His dick is manipulated and stimulated to the point he can't help ejaculating. The sperm is fed to him mouth to mouth. Yuris gags, disgusted by the taste of his own semen and the feeling of the creamy spunk sliding down his throat. This will make this fucker sorry for being such a homophobic cunt.  



  Chained naked, dressed in football kit, nipples wrenched, shackled, breath control, gagged, cock jerked till erect, arse flogged, anal hook, body pegged.  
Added 16th December 2015

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Joseph has been chained naked on a filthy toilet floor and lives like a beast for months. Locked in the dark room he has no idea how much time is passed, but he's weakened and totally compliant. Joseph's time has come and a punter wants to use him. Half-crazed and desperate to do anything to avoid sadistic punishment, Joseph obediently dresses in a football kit and follows Dave into the room with his client. He's shackled and his football kit is cut off from him. His big long fat cock is groped and stroked through the silky footy shorts. Joseph feels like he's living in a perpetual nightmare as the perverted men sniff his crotch.

A rope is tied around his neck and weighted down so any resistance makes it tighten around his windpipe. Joseph is pushed to the brink so he can't control his body's reaction when the men stroke his dick and he can't stop himself growing a big fat stiffy.


With his prick standing on end his nasty punter uses a lash to thrash Joseph's muscular arse. He leaps into the air with his big erection flailing about. This strong straight stud's shorts are torn off him showing off his ripping muscular body. An anal hook is slid up his tight arse. Pegs are attached up his body on all his most sensitive parts and they are abruptly ripped off. The painful sensation is so intense that Joseph is totally stunned and left wide-eyed.




  Cock restrained, arse caned, nipples pegged, made to suck cock, fucked, spit roasted, bearded face and sore arse covered in cum.  
Added 9th December 2015

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Hetero Yuris is proud of his big cock. His big meaty todger is lassoed and tied to the wall. With his wrists also restrained to the opposite wall it means this big dumb fucker can's move without painfully yanking on the sensitive head of his penis. Bent over naked his arse is given a long and painful caning. Each lash makes his peachy bum grow redder and raises angry welts on his cheeks. He wants to run away with every inch of his being, but he's pinned in place taking his beating. The men use Yuris' hollering mouth and tight straight anus to relieve their hard angry cocks. They spit roast him, drilling him from both ends and swap so Yuris must suck the dick that was just embedded up his arse. He's pounded relentlessly until the men unleash a stream of cum over his scruffy angry face and onto his tenderized arse. Now Yuris has been tamed and is dripping with sperm.




  Tied in his suit, gagged, rimmed, enema, butt plugged, cock manipulated until erect, sounding, made to ejaculate.  
Added 2nd December 2015

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Big arrogant straight stud's like Kevin like to live the high life. Fancy suits and fast cars bought on credit. He has no way to pay for this flash lifestyle when his debts are due. The doctors are in to make this masculine fucker pay by performing a very unusual procedure on his body. Kevin is bound in the operating chair and disrobed from his suit. All that's left are his skimpy white designer pants. Dampen them slightly and it's like looking through a window at his tight hetero anus. His pants are torn away revealing his arse fully. The doctors fill his anal cavity with water and to prevent any of it coming out stuff a butt plug up his rectum. Now his insides are under such pressure Kevin can barely stand it. Dave skilfully manipulates his cock until he grows a big throbbing erection. Noticing what a big opening his pisshole makes they amp up the punishment by sliding a rod down his urethra.

  Kevin is totally overwhelmed with the pressure building in his anus and his cock being fucked. This is when his dick is seized and pumped insistently till Kevin releases a load of fresh semen all over his stomach and chest. At the same time the butt plug is yanked out released all that built up water pressure. Kevin is left dizzy from the overwhelming sensations inflicted upon his body.