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  Cuffed, clothes destroyed, sphincter widened, fucked, face covered in piss, spitroasted, humiliated, breath control, nipples clamped, arsehole and tongue covered in cum.  
Added 13th December 2017

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Posh handsome student Chris wants to slum it with some members of the working class as research for his paper. This well mannered young man is infallibly polite even when we snuggle up to him and ask him all sorts of prying sexual questions. By the time he realizes that something is very wrong here it's too late! He's pinned down and handcuffed so we can tear his trousers off and get a peep in to his precious pink arsehole. Once we have a view of his backdoor Adrian can't resist widening his virgin bumhole. Red faced and angry Chris firmly tells us off but now that his hole is prepared Adrian plunges in fucking the bastard while Dave pisses all over his proud face. We humiliate this hetero insulting and gobbing on him before shoving our dicks into his mouth and arse. Even with all his expensive education he doesn't know how to properly satisfy men so we have to viciously teach him looping a rope around his neck and showing him how to fuck himself.

  All of Chris' professors will be well pleased when we send him back to his fancy uni with his arse slicked with spunk and prepped for a fucking.  


Chris is the kind of straight stud we dream about and we couldn't wait to break him in. This confident performer has only ever been dominant so switching to submissive is a real challenge. He takes what we give him and with an arse as sweet as a fucking peach we tear into him without mercy.

  Tied, cock teased, arse fingered, flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock suspended, balls and nipples pegged, dick manipulated till he spunks.  
Added 6th December 2017

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Sexy straight boy Steve has tried to escape his sadistic humbling by trying to muscle his way out and insulting us, but he's realized there's no way to fight free of our pervy attention. He's been reduced to pathetic grovelling asking for his release. His pleading falls on deaf ears because we've spent our whole lives enduring the sexual teasing of horny builders like this. Now we've got him tied up in nothing but a pair of skimpy white pants and have full access to his fit body we're going to fucking wreck him! We thrash his lily white arse and suspend his cock. The most sensitive parts of his body are stimulated against his will as a vibrator is shoved up his arsehole while his purple nob head is squeezed. His balls are tied so tight they look ready to pop. His genitals are so sensitive Steve is in fucking agony as we peg his luscious plums.

  This hetero has been stimulated to the point where his body has no clue what is going on and some deft stroking of his dick is all it takes to get him to unleash all his spent up sperm. Steve cringes in absolute shame now that a man has induced him to orgasm. He'll never be able to live this down!  


This lean sexy arsed fucker is the perfect candidate to help us realize our pervy workman fantasies! He's dabbled in BDSM before but never anything as intense as this, but he's a raunchy performer looking for the new challenges that we are thrilled to give him.

  Tied with his arse spread, gagged, nipples clamped, genitals flogged, sphincter stretched, pummelled with a fuck tool, bastinado, balls milked.  
Added 29th November 2017

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It's so fucking sexy hearing scally bastard Lee insult us while he's tied with his arsehole spread wide open! The stupid fuck doesn't know when to shut up so we gag his filthy gob. All he can do is moan now while we smack his arse and grip his big shaft. A weight is roped around his neck and attached to nipple clamps so that every time he whips his head back he's gasping and desperate to catch his breath. We mercilessly flog his exposed body so the idiot cunt can't help wriggling in place and tightening the noose around his neck! Our ingeniously evil game drives Lee into an absolute rage. He tightens his fists like he will bash us at the first opportunity, but there's going to be no chance of that! Instead we manipulate his cock, milking his balls while his arse is being pounded. Now he has to live with the shame of having got off by two gay sadists intent on turning him into a cock hungry queer!



Hetero Lee has come back to BreederFuckers because he's always desperate for more money and takes his acting work totally professionally.


  Shackled, groped, arse whipped and flogged, cock worship, arsehole fingered and fucked with a fat dildo, fucked, spitroasted, arsehole and face covered in cum.  
Added 22nd November 2017

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Straight bastard Steve is chained to the discipline bench in a state of panic. His arse is so sore and bruised from all our nasty punishment that he can't stand the idea that it might even be touched again. Strapped down there is no way he can escape our roving hands sliding over his muscular twin globes and probing his vulnerable anus. All his struggling and shaking his bum only proves to excite us further. Adrian whips out his hard on to make Steve confront how his body turns us on. Angry Steve refuses to even look at it but Dave whacks his sore arse until Steve does whatever he's ordered to do even rub his lips all over a man's shaft and lube him up with his saliva. His will is broken to the point where he looks up with his pitiful tear filled eyes pleading for a cock in his mouth. While he's chowing down Dave plunders his arse. With the exertion of being fucked with a fat one and deep throating dick, Steve's face goes bright red with the veins popping out all over.

  He's so desperate that he actually believes if he just complies he'll be released. But now we've humiliated the twat we screw him at both ends. It takes many firm lessons to teach this stupid bitch how to be a proper cock slut.  


  Strong armed into submission, CBT, gagged, gut punches, flogged, nipples pegged, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum.  
Added 15th November 2017

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Ropes and gags work well in commanding total submission, but there's nothing quite like feeling a stark naked enraged straight man trying to muscle away as you lock him in place against your body. Lee's arse rubs against Adrian's crotch as he struggles and Dave suspends his dick and balls to the ceiling. Now that he's fixed in place we lay into his vulnerable muscular body driving our fists into his gut and flogging his body and meaty package. Lee whimpers pathetically and collapses onto the filthy mattress. To make his beating stop he bends over and offers up his arsehole to our insatiable rage. We fuck his mouth and arse at the same time making him gag. Every muscle in his body strains in resistance but he daren't move because he knows the punishment he'll receive if he doesn't obey. Once he's been bathed in our cum he hopes he'll be left alone, but his lot in life is to remain on this mattress with his arse up ready to take any cock that wants to fuck him.




  Leashed, gagged with his own pants, roughed up, rimmed, sphincter stretched, hogtied, fucked with a vibrator, electro shocks, mercilessly tickled, foot worship.  
Added 8th November 2017

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Jack can't get over his masculine pride and fully submit. When he's leashed and lead around like a dog he still resists. This stupid fucking hetero needs to learn to fall into line and serve with every part of his body. To do that he needs to be completely immobilized. Aaron gives him a series of smacks and throws him down on the filthy mattress to plunder his tight arsehole. With Dave's assistance they rope Jack up till he can barely move a muscle. With his pants wrapped over his face he must constantly breath in the smell of his own gooch while being worked over by his sadistic captor. Jack's arse is stretched open with a vibrator while Aaron shocks him with electro zaps. The worst thing about this is the sorry straight fucker has no idea where or when the next shock is going to happen! He trembles all over fearful of each new sting that comes to his balls and cock.

  The pressure is ramped up as Aaron then uses a feather to tickle all his most tender parts. Given that Jack can't do anything to fend off this torment the moaning straight boy is in absolute agony. The only thing to make it stop is for him to stick out his tongue and lick our filthy trainers like a proper slave. Once proud Jack has turned into a whimpering, snivelling mess. Now that he's fully broken he will do nothing but worship us from now on!  


Horny young Jack likes to be in control at all times and it's so fucking hot seeing him take on the challenge of being turned into a total sluttish bottom by performing in our video!


  Tied, shorts destroyed, mouth spreader, nipples clamped, CBT, flogged, verbal humiliation, made to gag on cock, electro shocks to his dick, mouth filled with piss.  
Added 1st November 2017

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We've got our favourite big-dicked scally tied and only wearing a pair of sheer white shorts so we can perv over his hefty package. His lithe muscular body is like a live wire thrashing about against his restraints while we grab our fill and grind against his body. He is radiating with hot anger and disgust. This only turns us on more and get off from disciplining Lee for being such a nasty hetero cunt. We hold him in place attaching clamps to his nips and weighing a massively heavy bowling ball around his nuts and todger. Lee's arse is thrashed till he's bending at the knees and we spit into his gaping mouth. The humiliation, pain and fear is written all over Lee's stupid face. All that macho pride has been whipped out of him as all his snot and spit drips down his face. Lee's real horror is ramped up as a stiff dick is shoved in his mouth. With his gob wrenched constantly open with the gag restraint he can't do anything to stop the cocks from being rammed down his throat or prevent his mouth being filled with men's stinking piss. If he's not going to suck dick properly he'll have to live as a human urinal!




  Bound, gagged, caned, bastinado, flogged, sphincter widened with a vibrator, fucked, arsehole covered in cum, balls clamped.  
Added 25th October 2017

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Every straight bastard like Steve should be permanently tied in this position! Legs spread, cock and nuts on show, arse opened. And the good thing is you can stare directly into his angry red face while fucking him and filling him full of cum. Steve gets increasingly distressed every second as Dave makes his body even more vulnerable and he must struggle to even breathe. His panic rises as he receives lashes from a cane on his peachy bottom and the sensitive soles of his feet. When his already sore arse gets a vicious flogging the pain becomes so wickedly excruciating Steve will do anything to make it stop. His arsehole is prepped to receive an army of cocks with a firm fingering and fucking from a vibrator. Adrian plows into his arse screwing him with the vigour of a jackhammer and unleashes a load of sperm onto his sore anus. Those swimmers are rammed right up his hole with a thick buttplug. To keep the foul mouthed hetero fucker in check, Dave tightens his nuts in a vice and leaves him totally wrecked.




  Tied, gobbed on, arse flogged, bastinado, caned, arsehole fingered, electro shocks to his cock, screwed with a vibrator and fucked, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 18th October 2017

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Jack is roped on his back in such a way that his arse is spread wide open to show his hetero sphincter, big balls and thick floppy cock all at once. Every time he wriggles to try to escape he only succeeds in temptingly shaking his arsehole at us like a slut. He's like a chained furious beast. As we physically punish him every muscle in his body strains to break free and clobber us. Notice how his big powerful thighs tremble fiercely after repeated flogging and how his face gets completely slick with sweat! When his feet are whipped with a leather strap he frantically rubs them together to try to sooth himself. And every lash he gets from the cane makes his body jolt as if he's receiving an electric shock.

Jack never imagined there was such a variety of punishments that could cause him different kinds of excruciating pain!

  We give him a wicked choice to decide which of the three forms of discipline he's going to receive again. It means this proud straight man must accept one form of overwhelming suffering. After such physical straining exercises the hetero is broken and willing to accept having his arsehole plundered over more vicious kinds of pain. While Aaron rams multiple fingers up his butt, Dave delivers electro shocks to his tender prick making his sphincter close up over Aaron's digits like he's trying to chop them off. He goes about widening Jack's hole by ramming a vibrator up him and fucking him deep. Even after his arse is covered in Aaron's spunk, Dave uses his cum as a lubricant to fuck Jack even more. This is how we train this stupid straight punk to be grateful to receive cock!