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  Strapped down, arsehole shaved, aggressively fingered, fucked with a power tool, cold water enema, arse caned, bastinado, fucked, arse covered in cum.  
Added 23rd March 2017

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Boyish straight Craig is secured down to the exam chair with his legs akimbo and only a pair of thin white pants between us and his most tender bits. This proud cunt only wants to be seen as a tough hard man, but we want him primed and ready to receive a huge gang of pervy men's stiff cocks. Craig doesn't even want anyone looking at his arse. Here his pants are ripped open to reveal his hairy arse crack. Dave shaves him down so his sphincter is slickly pink and fully on show! Now his puss is smooth as a gay whore's. Craig's sphincter is widened by Dave sliding his fingers in to stretch him out.

This angry boy needs to be prepped and ready for the real thing. Craig is fucked deep with a massive dildo power tool that pounds his insides and makes him leak streams of bum juice.

We clean out this filthy straight bastard's fuckhole filling him up with water. The entire bag is drained up inside him. Notice how his terrified willy trembles as his anal cavity is fully filled with icy water. We challenge him to hold it all in while whipping his arse and the sensitive soles of his feet with a promise that he'll be thrashed even more if he releases it. When he's fully clean and primed we sample the goods fucking him hard and deep, unleashing our semen onto his sore bum cheeks and anus. Adrian fucks Dave's semen deep into Craig's arse. This straight fucker is now fully prepared to be sold as a gay whore.


Young Craig is an eager fresh performer looking for new sexual experiences. We ask him about his expectations and desires while he's bound in place for his next scene.


  Chained naked to a discipline bench, spanked, made to gag on a massive dildo and suck cock, arse caned, fucked, spitroasted, face covered in two loads of cum.  
Added 15th March 2017

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Hetero Lee is a big strong scary fucker so it's necessary for him to be totally restrained at all times like a wild animal. His naked body bucks and his muscles strain against his restraints, but there's no escape for this straight cunt. We stroke his massive dick and fiddle with his hot arsehole all we want. Clutching that big shaft of his we give his bum cheeks continuous smacks until they grow red. He's warned we'll continue unless he goes down on a thick dildo. Once it's in Lee's mouth Dave takes the opportunity to ram it down his throat till his whole body is convulsing. Adrian screws his tight arse with the dildo his saliva has lubed up while Dave shoves his stiff dick in Lee's face. This dangerous angry hetero will learn to suck cock like the most desperate back alley whore or we will tear his arse up! Just when he thinks his punishment can't get any worse, Adrian fucks his sore arse so he's being plowed at both ends like a bitch.

  We tag team screwing Lee until we're so revved up we both shoot loads in his mouth and on his face. Lee gags as his tongue and throat are totally coated in sperm. The raging sorry cunt can barely look up at his tormenters with cum dripping in his eyes!  


Hetero Lee has come back to BreederFuckers because he's always desperate for more money and takes his acting work totally professionally.


  Tied, gagged, spanked, bum paddled, arsehole fingered, taught to beg to suck cock and rim a man, fucked, spitroasted, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 8th March 2017

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Aaron's battered and bruised arse cheeks are still burning hot from his discipline, but we're not done with him yet. The stupid fucker thinks he still has his liberty and can commandingly order us to stop. Dave grips his tight white pants and wrenches them up give him an almighty wedgie that slices against his sensitive sphincter. When that thin covering is cut away, his body is completely vulnerable to our prodding and probing of his fucking hot straight arsehole. Every whack from the wooden paddle to his sore behind causes Aaron unbearable pain which you can see registering in his trembling body. All this resistant hetero can do is tighten his fists and take the invasion of his anus which is leaking copious amounts of bum juice. His howls into his gag and struggles to breath through his nose.

  Only after a ferocious amount of punishment will Aaron freely admit to being a filthy cocksucker and beg to service our dicks. We've now got this straight fucker on film asking for it like a dirty whore and going down on our pricks. The stench of our groins fills his nostrils and his gag reflex quickly goes into overdrive. Every failure to keep a cock in his mouth earns him a harder paddling. When he can sufficiently keep his mouth around a dick, Dave plows into his arse fucking him hard. His sore sphincter is covered in our spunk and Adrian shoves a buttplug up his hole to keep all our semen inside Aaron's arse. It takes long gruelling sessions for this cunt to learn how to sexual serve men properly, but we're dedicated to our work.  


Adventurous young hetero Aaron is seeking more experience in porn and wants to test himself in our videos. He's an eager performer and great to work with.


  Bound spread-eagle, fucked with a dildo, made to taste his own arse juice, nipples clamped, glans and testicles tied, caned, bastinado, covered in piss.  
Added 1st March 2017

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It's pure agony for a straight boy to be rendered totally powerless and naked with his vulnerable arse totally exposed. Hot fucker Craig is bound with his arms and legs in the air. No matter how hard he struggles he can't stop Dave from sliding his hands over his hairy boy body and invading his tender arse. Craig gets a big fat dildo rammed so far up his arse that pure filth flows out of his hole. The disgusting cunt is made to swallow his own stinking muck as that dildo is then rammed in his mouth and secured to his bindings. He's now literally gagging on his own anal juice. Craig continues to thrash and resist us, but he's secured more expertly in place with his tender nips and the delicate head of his penis bound to his leg spreader as well. Now he can't move a centimetre without causing himself an agonizing shock to the most sensitive parts of his body. We produce involuntary reactions from the stupid hetero bastard by tickling his feet.

Every thrash of his leg makes him yank his own dick and nuts. We laugh at the humiliated dickhead while the slightest flick of our fingers causes him unbearable anguish. Just when he thinks he can't take any more he's fucked with another fat dildo so every nerve in his body is on a razor edge. He's totally overwhelmed and burning with shame. We cool the pathetic fucker down by bathing him in a stinky piss.



  Tied, nipples clamped, gagged, flogged, CBT, leashed and ordered to suck cock, fucked with a dildo.  
Added 22nd February 2017

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Our favourite big-dicked tough-talking hetero is back! Every inch of his hard masculine body strains against his ties emphasizing his hot muscular body. He's disgusted and enraged being mauled by a couple of pervs, but there's nothing the stupid fucker can do. We suckle those sexy nips of his and bite down on his areolas till he's howling with pain. That fat fucking cock of his is so sensitive it only takes a few tugs to get it thick and meaty. Once he's tumescent Adrian grips his dick so hard he feels like it's going to pop off. The special seatless chair allows us to flog his hairy arse and balls beneath the chair. His tender bits are whacked continuously until he's begging to suck cock to make it stop. When two stiff dicks are in his face he changes his mind but it's too late. We ram our pricks down Lee's throat and make him suck us continuously so he looks like nothing but a sorry cock hungry whore.

  While his mouth is full a fat dildo is rammed up at his hole. Penetrated at both ends Lee's totally overwhelmed. There's no end to Lee's torment. Gagging, red-faced with tears and snot streaming down his face we keep ramming our dicks down his throat.  



  Tied, gagged, CBT, electro shocks to genitals, ball crusher, cock pegged, continuously fucked with power tool, arse caned.  
Added 15th February 2017

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Thieving straight cunt Aaron is sick with tension as he's tied with his arse pointed up in the air. All that separates his virgin bum from the perverts that have tied him up is the thin fabric of his near transparent white pants. He futilely fights against his binds when Adrian approaches him and gags him to stop his fowl mouth. Aaron's pants are ripped apart leaving his cock and balls hanging out in the open and his sexy straight arse crack spread wide open! The terror is evident in his eyes when he realizes the full danger of his situation being fully exposed to our malice. Adrian binds his dick and nuts with chopsticks putting wicked pressure on the most sensitive bits of his body. He punishes Aaron's tender dick and anus delivering sharp electro shocks which makes him scream under his gag. Dave unleashes his cock and Aaron fiercely trembles as his battered genitals are released.

  He shows Aaron that his big luscious nuts full of sperm weren't made for fathering sprogs; they only exist for our own sadistic pleasure. As his cock and balls are given more shocks Aaron is desperate to do anything to stop the aggression against his genitals. An enormous dildo is shoved up his fuck hole and the bastard is mechanically fucked while Dave viciously canes his arse. Aaron is so overwhelmed by this relentless evil discipline he loses all self control flailing wildly and helpless to make it stop.  



  Tied naked, nipples pegged, CBT, sucked off till he's erect, arsehole aggressively fingered, flogged, gagged, ruined orgasm.  
Added 8th February 2017

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Hetero prick Aaron is used to calling the shots and expecting people to bow to his authority. Now we've strung him up stark bollock naked so he's incapable of resisting us. He feels more intensely vulnerable than he's ever been in his life. We can freely grope and perv all over his body as much as we want. He can shout and insult us all he wants but that only provokes us to be greedier and meaner mauling his sexy straight man's body. We own his body and his big eager dick. Dave goes down on him and Aaron can't stop himself from going a fat stonking hard on. We tie up his engorged cock and weigh it down. He can do nothing to stop his trapped tumescent prick and the searing level of pleasure/pain in his body. Dave sets upon his vulnerable bum ramming his fingers deep inside his anus till he's sloppy and loose. Aaron needs to learn that everything he experiences and feels is controlled by us now.

  Dave flogs him senseless and Adrian attaches a string of pegs down his body. Just when he's wanked till his juice is spraying all over, the pegs are cruelly torn off with one swift rip. This straight man will never experience an orgasm the same way again.  



  Entrapped, pinned to the floor, fucked, gagged, face fucked, spitroasted, mouth and arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 1st February 2017

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Aaron is one slick greedy bastard. This con-artist has been overcharging vulnerable people all over the city. The young cunt thinks that just because he's got the face of an angel and a confident attitude he can get away with emptying the pockets of any old pensioner. We're going to teach this sexy fucker the true cost of his dirty schemes. When we set him up not only does he try to charge an exorbitant amount for work that doesn't need doing, but the filthy bastard takes any opportunity to steal money from our wallets and piss in our plants. Just when he's mentally calculating how much money he'll have to blow later at the strip club we knock him to the floor and subdue him. He's so shocked he can do nothing to prevent his trousers being yanked down to show us his pale pristine straight arse. While Dave crushes him to the floor Adrian rams his cock into his untouched hole.

  He screams and howls, but Dave shuts him up soon enough thrusting his hard vengeful dick into the bastard's screaming gob. We pound him raw and slick up his sphincter with spunk. Aaron has got off on fucking people over for long enough – it's time that he learns what it feels like to be royally fucked!