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  Suited businessman nabbed, restrained, tied, rimming, sphincter stretched, punching, mouth spreader gag, fucked, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum  
Added 16th January 2019

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It's back to business this month and there are a whole slew of sexy city workers in their freshly tailored suits roaming the streets. Adrian spies the firm arse and promising bulge of a new hot corporate fucker and finagles his way into his office. Once he's in the corridors this straight bastard is easy pickings! Back in their lair, Adrian and Dave revel in peeling off his suit and inhaling the rich scent of this city gent's manly body. It's time to train this cunt into being a submissive bitch and we want him hyper aware of what's happening to him every step of the way. Suspended in place he wakes to his new living nightmare as we perv over his body spreading his virgin arse and making him think longingly of his girlfriend. That locked arse yields after insistent prodding from our tongues and fingers which stretch him open. With a spider gag fitted Jozef can't do anything to stop our big hard cocks from being rammed into his gob repeatedly while he's simultaneously fucked from behind. This hetero feels our full fury and insatiable dicks as we relentlessly pound him and cover him in our spunk!





We’ve been aching to work with actor Jozef who has a dark kinky side and we were very impressed with his hot performance!


  Tied, gut punching, nipples clamped, flogged, sphincter stretched, piss, CBT, buttplug.  
Added 9th January 2019

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This is a BreederFuckers exclusive! Ever wonder how Dave was transformed into the most vicious pervy bastard we've ever seen? In this never before seen video watch the moment we discovered Dave at the pub and lured him to our lair after plying him with a few pints. He's bound stark naked and thoroughly disciplined by ginger tyrant Colin. Hard hairy man Dave is angry as fuck and taught how to submit with persistent merciless lashing which leaves his back and arse flaming red. His tight arsehole must also be trained! Colin pries open his butthole and sadistically rams his digits deep inside him till Dave moans like a banshee. His dick and balls are roped tight with a bucket attached which Colin pisses directly into. While he's adding pressure to bucket by filling it with his stinking piss Colin's dick taps against Dave's restrained cock.

  Dave howls in agony as Colin stretches his dick and balls further before bending Dave over and jamming a butt plug up his sore arsehole. Now this angry beast has been brought to his knees you can see how we permanently transformed him into a deviant bender!  



  Roped naked, cock sucked till erect, genitals restrained, oiled up, sphincter stretched, nipples pegged, ruined orgasm.  
Added 2nd January 2019

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We've turned sexy hetero Danny into our whore and now he's suspended in space while stark naked ready for whenever we want to use him. All he can do is pathetically shout “fuck off” in his hot Irish accent while Adrian suckles his precious straight dick. Danny can't stop himself from growing aroused and his face goes bright red in humiliation at being so stimulated by another man. Dave binds his dick and balls, then weighs them down with a bowling ball so they are stretched to breaking point. Every second of this suspension is absolute agony. We enjoy the intensity of his face and pretty him up more by covering him in oil so his masculine body gleams like a roadhouse stripper. Adrian breaks open his resistant hole stretching that rubbery sphincter and making his arse cheeks bounce. Pegs are attached all up his torso and his dick is released so it can be stimulated again making him very erect.

  Dave expertly brings him off but at the moment he cums the pegs are torn off making Danny feel the most agonizing mixture of pleasure and pain ever. Watch how his sexy body trembles all over with the intensity of this shock!  


Fresh new performer Danny is eager to find out what this is all about as we initiate him into hardcore action he's never tried before. He embraces the challenge and we enjoyed working with this sexy new lad.


  Tied to exam bench, gagged, CBT, balls crushed, dick pegged, electro shocks to his cock, manipulated until he ejaculates.  
Added 26th December 2018

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Sporty straight stud Aaron is locked in place in nothing but a tiny pair of speedos. Just a little fumbling from us makes his willy peek out of that sheer fabric. The insubordinate bastard hurls insults at us so we fill his mouth with a gag as if he were nothing more than a rebellious farm animal. He's going to learn respect by our humiliating and punishing his pride and joy. That big fat dick of his falls right out when Dave shreds his little shorts. Dave cruelly squeezes his dick until Aaron feels like it's going to pop off and stomps on it with his thick boots. His genitals are fixed in a ball crusher so every slight turn of the screw tightens it further flattening his big manly balls. Aaron is so desperate from the excruciatingly wicked punishment we deliver to his dick and nads Tears roll down his cheeks and he's driven to a state of panic as we zap his cock. His genitals are so sensitized his body doesn't know how to resister sensation anymore.

  We manipulate his dick so he's driven into a frenzy and unleashes a load of pent up sperm. Aaron hates gays but now he can't deny that two benders tossed him off!  


Adventurous young hetero Aaron is seeking more experience in porn and wants to test himself in our videos. He's an eager performer and great to work with.


  Tied, gagged, pants shredded, arse flogged and caned, sphincter stretched, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls pegged, suspended with his arse in the air.  
Added 19th December 2018

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Straight man Danny is much hotter now that he's bound on the bench in nothing but his skimpy white pants. He's gagged and secured in place giving us the best access to his genitals and arse. How fucking tempting is his bumhole showing through the sheer fabric of his underwear. Danny can do nothing to fight us off except clench his toes in panic. We grope and fondle him while Danny must watch us. We shred his pants and tickle all his sensitive bits. Since he can't do anything to stop us except wriggle and fight with every muscle in his body this is agony. We suspend his cock and balls so we have clear access to his arsehole like it's a runway. That pristine hetero bum needs tenderizing. We both inflict discipline on it bashing his arse till it's stripped and burning red. Now we get to crack open that nut stretching his virgin hole and pummelling it till it's good and loose for us. He helplessly watches as we plunder his arse. Now that he's been fully worked over he's suspended and secured in place ready to be gang fucked!




  Bound in rugby kit, arse viciously paddled and lashed, clothes shredded, made to tongue a man's arsehole and suck his cock, fucked, mouth filled with spunk, ordered to swallow sperm and clean the cock that screwed him  
Added 12th December 2018

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Mouthy fucker Aaron is repulsed we treat him like a sexual object for our pervy fetishes, but that's what his manly body was built for! This thick cunt doesn't realize how fucking sexy his pale round bum cheeks look framed in a jock strap. Now we can discipline his arse in the way we've always fantasized about staring at every big rugby man's bum. Bound to the table by his wrists and ankles all he can do is thrash about and shout at us while we lay into him, destroying his clothes and beating his arse. Aaron fights so hard he nearly tears the table apart. His backside is paddled so hard it turns angry red. He feels the most excruciating tension as he has no idea when the next smack will come to his throbbing arse. Even though Aaron is sweating and exhausted we put him to work licking Dave's stinking arsehole. We demand he stick his tongue out to penetrate Dave's hole or Aaron's arse will get another nasty lashing.

  Aaron desperately rims him till he can barely breath. While he's gasping for breath Dave shoves his cock in Aaron's mouth and he's ordered to make him hard. Aaron is angrily fucked by the dick he's just made erect. Dave feeds him a mouth full of spunk which he's ordered to swallow or we'll destroy his burning sore arse. What a sorry cum guzzling whore we've turned him into!  



  Bound, nipples pegged, drool used as lube, fucked, spitroasted, made to deep throat, bearded face and arse covered in cum  
Added 5th December 2018

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Hetero Danny needs to understand that the only reason for his existence is for our pleasure. He's bound in a way where he's painfully bent over giving easy access to his arse. But he can't move an inch because his genitals are tied to his feet. So when Dave spreads his arse cheeks apart to fiddle with his bumhole Danny can do nothing to protect it. His face goes bright red with the knowledge that his arse will soon be invaded by cock and drool pools around his gag dribbling down. What a disgusting sorry sight this proud hetero has become. All that saliva makes a convenient lube point for Adrian who lines up to slick his dick ready to be thrust into Danny's arse. He weeps in frustration, pain and humiliation as he's viciously screwed from behind. Dave jumps in on the action and both his holes are screwed simultaneously so Danny is totally overwhelmed. He hollers as he's pounded from all sides. That sexy Irish beard on his face is covered in jizz and he's ordered to clean the dick that's fucked him even while his arse is being covered in another load of cum!




  Tied, groped, dick manipulated till erect, cock flogged, sphincter stretched, gagged, nipples pegged, balls restrained, ruined orgasm.  
Added 28th November 2018

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Daman is strung up like a naked slave at auction. With his arms and legs spread and that big thick dong dangling between his legs, we can't resist sidling up to sample the goods groping him all over and making him cringe with the intimacy of our sexual hunger. Our tongues slide into every crevice licking his armpits and inhaling the rich manly scent emanating off his naked body. Daman can't resist Dave's expect stroking making his dick full engorge. We punish him for growing so aroused flogging his erection and bulging nut sack. The stupid fucker becomes so confused he doesn't know whether he's turned on or burning with anger. We order him to stick his arse out like a slag or he'll receive more punishment. Dave pries his arse open and rams his fingers deep inside him. Daman is so revolted by the sensations going through his body he spouts homophobic rubbish.

  We stuff a ball gag in his gob and restrain his genitals so the stupid bastard understands his body belongs completely to us. With his precious nads wrapped up so tight and his cock being yanked till he's hard again, Daman is desperate to come. Just at the second he spills his sperm Adrian delivers a swift punch to his guts. Now whenever Daman cums he'll associate the pleasure with pain.  


Hetero Daman has never had an experience like this before, but he's willing to stretch his limits to perform in his first film with us and the results are amazing.


  Tied, CBT, balls and body flogged, humiliated, foot worship, gagged, fucked with a vibrator, restrained and subjected to agonizing tickling, bastinado, caning, legs shackled, dick manipulated till he's hard.  
Added 21st November 2018

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Marc has been sufficiently disciplined to know that he should stand in place like an obedient pup and let us grope him and tie him up however we wish. It's got our pricks stirring seeing his muscles bound and his prominent bulge pushing out of his red shorts. We demand he arduously shimmies out of his clothes while in his binds. It's desperately hard without the use of his arms, but he struggles to comply with every ounce of strength he has yet because he knows the consequences will be severe if he fails. We want this hetero to know how he arouses us so order him to stroke Dave's hard dick or he'll get it in the nuts! Crawling naked on the floor he kisses and worships our feet, constantly aware of how low he's fallen as we tower over him. Marc's straight body belongs to us and we get a thrill squeezing his dick and feeling it pulse in our hands.

  Since we're kind we allow Marc to decide his punishment to be tickled or hit with a vicious cane. Dave mercilessly lashes the sensitive soles of his feet till he's crying in agony. Sprawled naked on the floor we tug on his cock and make him grow a fat stonking erection against his will. There's no greater shame for a straight man than to know pervy men can make him hard!  


We got an inkling that Marc is a downright pervy bastard from the moment he stepped onto our set to perform. He's driven to his limit as we tear into his arse and subject him to bondage more filthy and hardcore than anything he's dreamed. It was a proper test and he greedily takes everything we give him!


  Roped, clothes shredded, groped, sphincter stretched, flogged, CBT, arse drilled with a power tool.  
Added 14th November 2018

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We spy Irishman Danny hanging around the pub and he's a prospect too tempting to pass over. It doesn't take much to earn the trust of a dumb straight cunt like this. Liquid bribes and chat about sports is all it takes to convince him that Adrian is a mate looking out for his best interest when in reality all he wants to do is dive into his precious tight arse. As soon as he's bundled into the back of our special Uber he belongs to us! We string the sexy fucker up and destroy his clothes while the sorry bastard snivels and begs for release. Danny is disgusted as we fondle his heavy Irish balls, squeeze his todger and ram multiple fingers up his clenched resistant arsehole. We rile him up lashing him repeatedly till his torso blazes red and he screams up a storm. We promise him even harsher punishment if he doesn't comply and submit. We want to feel what it's like when he fucks his whores so Adrian clasps his dick and orders him to thrust into his tight fist. The useless straight bastard is pathetic so we ram his arse, mechanically fucking him so deep that he howls as if he's about to be split apart!