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  Bound and gagged, pants ripped off, anal hook, battered arse spanked, genitals pegged, fucked with giant dildo, cock manipulated and milked, dick restrained, electro shocks to his sore genitals.  
Added 17th October 2018

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Enraged Marc is excruciatingly aware of his perilous situation. His arse has been beaten to fuck till its black and blue. He’s roped down to a platform with no way to stop a further invasion to his precious straight arse. There’s a ball gag shoved in his gob so he can’t even scream out his fury! Marc feels the agonizing tension of every second as Dave enacts his pervy desires on this hetero’s vulnerable body. Marc is shocked to be fixed in place with a hook inserted in his sphincter and tied to his head. Now he’s terrified that any quick movement may rip his hole to shreds. He strains with every fibre of his being to remain in place and not move as Dave viciously lashes his sore arse. His body shakes with the tension of having his gooch and balls pegged up. Marc’s spittle is used to slick up a fat rubber dick which is rammed in his burning sore bumhole. He braces every muscle in his body against the relentless onslaught.

  At the same time Adrian slicks him up with oil so he’s gleaming like a faggot whore while experiencing the most intense and cruel punishment of his life! Marc’s shame is ramped up even more when his dick is seized and manipulated till he’s got a stiff boner. His balls are drained as if he were a useless fucking animal. Marc stares with horror as his sperm is lapped up and regurgitated directly into his resistant gagged mouth. That plump red bell end and big drained balls are too tempting to leave alone. Electo shocks are cruelly administered to his plumped up restrained genitals. We’ve finally driven into this march prick’s thick skull that he is our permanent bitch now.  


We got an inkling that Marc is a downright pervy bastard from the moment he stepped onto our set to perform. He's driven to his limit as we tear into his arse and subject him to bondage more filthy and hardcore than anything he's dreamed. It was a proper test and he greedily takes everything we give him!


  Tied to a massage bench, gagged, CBT, balls crushed, cock pegged, sphincter stretched, arse drilled with a fat dildo, arse caned.  
Added 10th October 2018

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Proud hetero Marc is disgusted by the thought of a man touching his dick. It's his absolute pride and joy. Watching him squirm and fight at the anticipation of being perved over is as horny as actually seizing control of this bad boy's meaty bits. Adrian teases that fat fucking bulge through his thin white pants before destroying them and leaving his massive dick and balls hanging in the open. Marc rages, calls him a fucking poof and vows revenge but as soon as a ball gag is stuffed in his gob all he can do is moan like a bitch. His genitals are bound up so tightly it's fucking agony for the bastard. Next those meaty balls are crushed so that the slightest pressure causes him the most gut wrenching agonizing pain. After such an intense session of cock restraint Marc is broken and submissive, but we're only just begging. His legs are hiked up so we can plunder his arse and he has to watch our faces while we do it!

  Marc's arsehole and cock are both under such overwhelming pressure that when a cane is taken to his big hairy arse cheeks he howls like he's going to fucking explode.  



  Tied, gut punches, gagged, manipulated till his dick is hard, erection lashed, sphincter stretched, arse rammed with a dildo, made to fuck himself and ejaculate.  
Added 3rd October 2018

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Straight Austin is helpless to control his horniness and here Dave takes advantage of this weakness. The feisty fucker spits insults at his captor but he's roped up naked with his arms and legs akimbo. There's nothing he can do to cover himself and his enraged words only earn him swift punches to his stomach. Dave seizes his dick which infuriates Austin even more. He struggles to get away but this only makes him wiggle his arse back and forth against Dave's cock. There's no restraining this hetero's sex drive because it only takes the slightest stimulation to get his eager prick straining upward. Dave punishes him by whipping that big fat stiffy driving the shame of Austin's humiliation into him. He breaks in Austin's arse while the boy's dick flails uselessly about and saliva pours out from beneath his ball gag. Now his arsehole is stretched open Dave rams a big fat dildo up his bum.

  He demands the whinging hetero sit back on the big dick to screw himself like a bender. Austin painfully pushing his arse down on it while precum leaks from his dick. He's exhausted after this work out and is helpless craving the pleasure of having his sensitive cock stroked until he releases all that pent up cum. His ejaculation is swiftly followed with punishment to his aching prick. Dave leaves this hetero gasping for air with tears running down his face and his tumescent penis dripping sperm.  



  Sexy physical trainer restrained, arse belted, sphincter stretched and screwed with a vibrator, fucked by two men, poppers stuffed into both nostrils, arsehole covered in spunk.  
Added 26th September 2018

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Hetero Marc has always been a domineering bastard. He turned his alpha drive into a profession by becoming a personal trainer driving his subjects hard while flaunting his hard masculine body. We've spent so much time studying his bulge and shapely bum while doing press ups that we're determined to get a piece of this macho thug's arse. We lure him into conducting some private sessions and now we've got him to ourselves. Shackled and tied in place Dave speaks directly into Marc's face as he informs him the filthy perverted fucked up things we're going to do to his precious straight body. Marc is filled with alarm as we lay into his body spanking him and ripping his trousers down to reveal his shapely arse. He's filled with rage fighting against his restrains while Adrian plunges into his virgin hole, stretching his sphincter and making him cry.

  Not only is he furious at the painful feeling of his bum being broken into but he's terrified at the promise we're going to fuck him hard. As he's given some helpers to loosen him up even more Adrian drives into him. This is the fucking dream! Riding your fit straight personal trainer's arse and cumming all over his hole like he's a slutty bathhouse whore. The enraged dozzy cunt then feels the shock of a second man's cock plunging into his arsehole already lubed up with another man's sperm. All that man goo is fucked up inside him permanently ruining him.  



  Strapped naked to discipline bench, foreskin clamped, arse lashed, cock sucking training, fucked hard, mouth filled with cum and made to swallow a man's spunk.  
Added 19th September 2018

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Hetero Austin has been driven to the brink absolute desperation. Locked into an incredibly vulnerable position he uses every muscle in his body to fight against his restraints before the bad man gets back, but there's nothing he can do to escape our lair or all the pervy nasty plans we have for his fit manly body. We're determined to teach this straight cunt to sexually serve us of his own accord. Dave presents him with his dick, but Austin flat out refuses to suck it. With his already sore arse given an increasingly harsh beating Austin is broken and can't stand it any longer. He'll do absolutely anything to make it stop. The weeping lad struggles to lock his lips around the cock and suck it till Dave's got a raging hard on. Now he's taught the result of driving a man crazy with desire. That dick he just felt go stiff in his mouth is rammed up his arsehole.

  His entire body clenches against Dave's relentless onslaught but he can't do anything to prevent himself being aggressively fucked and split wide open. Dave ejaculates directly into Austin's trembling mouth. Austin sucks clean the dick that's covered in his own bum juice. He's left weeping with sperm dribbling out of his gob.  



  Tied, gagged, fucked with a dildo, made to fuck himself, arse thrashed and caned, nipples pegged, CBT, wanked, balls drained.  
Added 12th September 2018

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Masculine Bryce is full of fiery anger and spunk now he's realized what filthy fuckers we are. He uses all the strength in his body to fight against his restraints but he's trapped in place while Dr Dave is determined to act out his pervy medical fantasy on him. This is a physical unlike any this proud fucker has experienced before. This straight security guard thinks his body is a temple, but it's ours to use in whatever sadistic way we please. His tight white pants are destroyed so his fat dick and hairy balls tumble out. His arse is rammed full with a thick dildo. Bryce is ordered to fuck himself with it but refuses and that means punishment. Dave rams the cock on a stick up him and thrashes his bum cheeks at the same time so his arse is punished inside and out. Then it's time to tame Bryce's thick unwieldy dong. Dave weighs down his tumescent prick with a heavy weight and simultaneously canes his arse cheeks.

  All Bryce's furious energy is leached out with this gruelling unrelenting treatment till he's left a grunting pleading bastard. Desperate for any relief, Bryce's cock is manipulated till he's achingly hard and releases a huge stream of semen. He's left totally drained with spunk slowly drying on his once proud face.  



  Tied, arse belted, jock strap destroyed, balls roped, sphincter stretched, arse pounded with a dildo, made to rim a man's arse, covered in piss.  
Added 5th September 2018

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All summer we've been watching those cock teasing bastard footballers running up and down the field in their tight shorts, wiggling their bums and giving us aching hardons. Now it's time to get our own back using Austin's perfect sexy arse. He's kitted up in a jock strap and footy shorts and tied to the discipline bench. His round arse is perfectly highlighted in those thin white shorts. Dave lays into his bum like an angry daddy lashing his cheeks with a belt till Austin's muscular body is trembling uncontrollably. With his shorts destroyed it's revealed how burning sore his behind has become, but Dave mercilessly lays into Austin's arse driving the weeping lad to the edge of his endurance. The sport lad's gonads and prick are restrained so that any tiny movement Austin makes causes him the most intense agony.

  Now that he's locked in place Dave lays into his arsehole ramming his way in first aggressively fingering his hole and then ramming a thick dildo up him. Austin wails as his gaping sloppy hole is repeatedly slammed into. He'd do anything to make it stop even slide his trembling tongue up a man's rectum. Dave instructs him on how to properly rim a man, but the dumb bastard gives pathetic service so he's doused in stinking piss. With tears and urine running down his face this fucking hetero is made horrifically aware of his new status as a faggot whore.  



  Bound, cock restrained, CBT, power tool fucking, arse caned, bastinado, nipples and dick pegged, sore arse covered in hot wax.  
Added 29th August 2018

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We've got hetero Bryce trussed up like a turkey with his hairy arsehole and gonads perilously exposed. No amount of kicking or fighting can cover his precious bits. We want to drill into his thick skull that his genitals are now our possession to restrain or discipline as we please. Dave restrains his cock trapping and squeezing it till Bryan feels like it's going to pop off. Every clip added increases the tension until Bryce is trembling from the agonizing pain. A fat dildo is rammed up his arse and he's mechanically drilled till his sphincter is stretched wide open. As he's wickedly pounded notice how his hairy bum cheeks vibrate madly. Dave then subjects that bum to a vicious caning. When Bryce struggles to pull his feet down to protect his arse the only result is to get a wicked caning to the soles of his feet. With the increased pressure and discipline tight lipped Bryce starts grunting like the hulk.

  This angry hetero wants to rip me apart but all that muscle and fury is devilishly restrained while he's left in simmering rage.  



  Bound and gagged, shackled, induced erection, sphincter stretched, arsehole pounded with power tool, foreskin clamped, ice cold enema, butt plug, flogged, fucked.  
Added 22nd August 2018

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What could be more shameful for a proud young straight man to know a perverted man has manipulated his precious dick until he's sporting a big hard stiffy?! This slick city boy's suit has been stripped away and he's bound stark naked in place with his toned muscular body fully on show. A lad in his sexual prime can't control his unwieldy cock so under Dave's expert manipulation his prick grows pulsing hard. With his big stupid erection swinging from side to side Dave pries his way into Austin's backdoor and pounds him open with a massive mechanized dildo till his bum juice is leaking down his leg. The whining hetero thrashes about trying to evade his punishment. So Austin's dick is locked in place with a clip attached to his long silky foreskin. Dave pumps his anal cavity full with freezing water and demands he not squirt it out.

  With a butt plug inserted up his rectum Austin is in constant unremitting pain from the pressure built up inside him. Dave ramps up the agony thrashing his sorry arse till it's burning red and Austin feels like he's going to explode. With the boy howling Dave rams his hard dick up his washed arse turning this straight city boy into a proper bender.  



  Uniformed, caught, bound, gut punch, gagged, cock manipulated, flogged, electro shocks to his dick, sphincter stretched, fucked with a vibrator, nipples and foreskin clamped, arse filled with a massive butt plug.  
Added 15th August 2018

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Muscular bastard Bryce is a straight security man. All brawn and no brains. He's a prime specimen covered in dark manly hair and filled with testosterone, but he spends all his time sat on his juicy arse. What a fucking waste! Time to use this meat head properly and tie him up in our lair for a wicked session of discipline and queer slut training. Once he's bound in place with his arms stretched up Dave can grope and perv over his masculine naked body. The raunchy fucker is so easily stimulated it only takes a bit of cock manipulation to give him a raging stiff hard on. He's swiftly taught this isn't about his own selfish pleasure but about us getting our sadistic jollies off from his body. His arse is flogged and sharp electric shocks are given to his tender prick. But Bryce is the strong silent type and since he realizes there is no way out of this he refuses to give us the satisfaction of begging.

  Dave loves a challenge and ingeniously inflicts sadistic punishment that has him howling like a bitch under his ball gag!