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  Tied, gobbed on, arse flogged, bastinado, caned, arsehole fingered, electro shocks to his cock, screwed with a vibrator and fucked, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 18th October 2017

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Jack is roped on his back in such a way that his arse is spread wide open to show his hetero sphincter, big balls and thick floppy cock all at once. Every time he wriggles to try to escape he only succeeds in temptingly shaking his arsehole at us like a slut. He's like a chained furious beast. As we physically punish him every muscle in his body strains to break free and clobber us. Notice how his big powerful thighs tremble fiercely after repeated flogging and how his face gets completely slick with sweat! When his feet are whipped with a leather strap he frantically rubs them together to try to sooth himself. And every lash he gets from the cane makes his body jolt as if he's receiving an electric shock.

Jack never imagined there was such a variety of punishments that could cause him different kinds of excruciating pain!

  We give him a wicked choice to decide which of the three forms of discipline he's going to receive again. It means this proud straight man must accept one form of overwhelming suffering. After such physical straining exercises the hetero is broken and willing to accept having his arsehole plundered over more vicious kinds of pain. While Aaron rams multiple fingers up his butt, Dave delivers electro shocks to his tender prick making his sphincter close up over Aaron's digits like he's trying to chop them off. He goes about widening Jack's hole by ramming a vibrator up him and fucking him deep. Even after his arse is covered in Aaron's spunk, Dave uses his cum as a lubricant to fuck Jack even more. This is how we train this stupid straight punk to be grateful to receive cock!  


Horny young Jack likes to be in control at all times and it’s so fucking hot seeing him take on the challenge of being turned into a total sluttish bottom by performing in our video!


  Tied down naked, gagged, anal hook, nipples clamped, arse flogged, sphincter stretched, wanked, electro shocks, cock manipulated, drained of cum.  
Added 11th October 2017

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Hetero Mark didn't think his punishment could get any worse. But, now that his arse has been viciously tenderized, any slap to his sore bum cheeks is absolute agony! We teach him just how bad his pain and humiliation can get. By the time we're through with him he's going to be tamed like a humble pup begging to suck our dicks and receive a cock up his arse. Aaron lashes his arse with a leather strap making him thrash and howl like a madman. Mark's pink straight arsehole is filled with a big fat dildo while Aaron tugs on his ginger willie. While the big bound strong man gets his arse continuously pounded, Dave administers shock to his nipples and teases his todger with a vibrator so Mark's most sensitive parts are sensitized to an agonizing degree. Trembling all over he loses all control of his bodily functions so his arse is leaking bum juice and his big bull balls can be fully drained. Aaron laps up his hetero spunk and feeds it back into his howling mouth. That's this ginger fucker permanently wrecked and shamed!



When Mark is at home he practices BDSM with his girlfriend where he's the top, but performing in our videos the tables are turned and he's turned into a groveling cock sucking submissive bitch. It's a big challenge, but Mark acts like a trooper taking everything we dealt him.


  Tied, gagged, nipples clamped, CBT, arse flogged, sphincter stretched with dildo, fucked by two men, arse covered in cum.  
Added 4th October 2017

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It makes tough hetero punk Steve's stomach churn to think of men perving over him. Well here he is fully naked strung up to the ceiling with each limb tied in place. His skin crawls as we slide our hands over every surface getting our jollies off from his taut muscular body and his dangling nut sack. We can use his body in any way we please and the more he jerks his body away from us the more excited we are to have our way with him. With his nipples trapped in vicious clamps we order him to fuck Dave's hand. It's so hot seeing him go through the motions of how he fucks chicks with his bum clenching and his hips thrusting. But now we've seen him display how straights fuck we demonstrate how gays want to use his arse. His rump is tenderized with a good thrashing before one leg is strung up giving us full access to his hole.

  We pound into his sphincter and stretch it open with a fat dildo. With his tight virgin hole widened Adrian fucks him letting the bastard feel what it's like to have a hard dick pushing into his guts. Dave takes his turn next giving him a taste of what his life is going to be like from now on. He's been reduced to a back alley slut covered in spunk and men will line up around the block to bang his hot arse.  


This lean sexy arsed fucker is the perfect candidate to help us realize our pervy workman fantasies! He's dabbled in BDSM before but never anything as intense as this, but he's a raunchy performer looking for the new challenges that we are thrilled to give him.


  Arms & legs tied, cock manipulated, CBT, sphincter stretched, nipples pegged, flogged, fucked with a dildo, balls drained and fed his own cum.  
Added 27th September 2017

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This proud young straight punk is tied with his arms and legs akimbo so his naked body is totally vulnerable. His mouth may say no, but when his dick gets expertly sucked he can't stop it from growing hotly engorged. There's nothing like seeing a stupid hetero shouting how he's not gay while his big uncontrollable hard on bobs up and down! We own his fucking cock and we control it roping a heavy weight to his package. Now his balls and stiff dick are wrenched down so that with the lightest kick we can send an intense wave of pain travelling throughout Jack's body. His arsehole is aggressively fingered so his tight man hole gets pried open. Jack can shout and scream homophobic things all he wants. But we show him who the bender is manipulating his dick till it's aching hard while his arse is filled with a fat dildo. He ejaculates directly into Aaron's mouth and while Jack howls in protest his gob is filled with his own spunk.

  Jack may protest he's not gay but he's the one standing there with cum dribbling down his face, a leaking tumescent cock and a loosened arsehole.  



  Strapped down, arse thrashed, caned, verbal humiliation, mouth spreader, made to suck cock, fucked, mouth filled with cum.  
Added 20th September 2017

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Stupid hetero Mark may be utterly incapable of breaking out of the bonds which chain him to the discipline bench, but that doesn't stop him thrashing like a bucking bronco. He's one stubborn fucking animal. Even after destroying his arse he still hasn't learned that his existence is only for our sexual gratification. His battered bum has been so viciously tenderized that even a light spank causes him horrific pain. But Dave doesn't know how to tap it. He gives Mark's round sporty arse an almighty lashing that makes him manically howl. Even though he vowed never to beg for cock, after this severe treatment he's pleading for Aaron's big fat erection. The thick cunt thinks he can get away with just suckling the tip of Aaron's dick, but we have ways of ensuring our cocks can penetrate to the back of his throat.

  His mouth is fixed open in a permanent horrific scream while Aaron climbs Mark's rear to straddle and fuck him like a dumb beast in need of inseminating. Mark's wide open gob is filled with sperm which he has no choice but to gag on.  



  Tied, clothes ripped off, gut punches, pervily groped, wanked, arse fingered, fucked with a fat dildo, cock flogged, CBT.  
Added 13th September 2017

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Don't mess with a man when he's in the middle of a really good wank! Dave is revved up and furious when he's interrupted mid stroke but he soon finds an outlet for all that sexual frustration when hot fucking workman Steve turns up to tempt us with his bum crack. When he's been subdued Dave and Adrian set to work tasting this delicious one's flesh right on the rooftop. Nothing tastes quite so sweet as a straight man's forbidden sweaty cock and arse crack. When he's strung up and aware what's happening to him he's fucking livid. As a recently married man he believes his body is a sacred object that should only belong to his wife. Well now we've got our filthy hands all over him and we're going to use his hot body in ways it's never been before. For starters we stretch that virgin sphincter till he's howling in pain. At the same time he's given tender kisses and his dick is stroked and we alternate that with vicious thrashing.

  Top that off with a pounding to his rear with a thick dildo and Steve is overwhelmed and thrumming with anger. Soon the room reeks of his sweat and bum as we train this workman into being our new arse slave.  



  Tied spread-eagled on grubby mattress in tighty whities, ball-gagged, groped, given wedgie, rimmed, spat on, finger-fucked, all clothing ripped off, viciously caned, cock shoved down his throat, powertool anal assault, made to rim his captor, mouthful of warm sperm, hand over mouth and made to swallow semen.  
Added 6th September 2017

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Straight little tough Jack was hoping to sell his motor for an inflated price but instead has been grabbed and stripped. Tied on his front to a filthy mattress in the breeder fuckers' lair he is vulnerable to anal assault and he knows it. Gagged to muffle his cries, he can do nothing as the tops grope and play with his sexy body. His tighty whities offer no protection from intrusive hands…and tongues! Jack grunts his threats but they fall on deaf ears. His tight anus is spat on and licked with Jack feeling every degrading touch unable to stop it. Aaron is first to take his cherry, finger fucking the lad angrily and threatening him with his first anal cock pounding. That hairy brown starfish is lubed-up good and proper. Dave rips off Jack's undies rendering him totally nude. Dave and Aaron take the cane and carve welts into Jack's bare arse. The fiendish tops play noughts and crosses on his botty!

  Pain and humiliation in one merciless session. The tops playfully cane the boy's arse, casually inflicting pain without a care for Jack's palpable distress. The winner gets first go at shoving their cock down Jack's throat. The feeling of a man's cock bashing his tonsils is supremely horrifying for this proud straight man but he is tied naked with arms and legs splayed wide. Would Jack rather defile his own mouth by sucking cock or receive the stick again? Whilst sucking cock Jack's legs are parted by Dave who stretches Jack's arsehole wide with his rough fingers. Without warning Dave shoves a powertool fucking machine up Jack and wrecks his arse. The dildo is turned up to maximum and stretches Jack's hole wide as it pounds away relentlessly. The powertool virtually breaks from overuse but there is no let up for Jack. Dave sits his arse right over Jack's mouth and makes him rim him while Aaron fucks Jack with the dildo-saw. Jack screams in abject terror but his cries are muffled by Dave's wet anus pressed heavily onto his face. Jack can barely breathe but he knows there isn't any part of his body that isn't being tormented. Dave is so turned on Jack gets a mouthful of fresh semen and he must swallow it. Watch this straight have a belly filled with sperm for the first time.  



  Viciously spanking his bruised arse, gagged, CBT, sphincter stretching, arse pounded with a power tool, anal hook, bastinado.  
Added 30th August 2017

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When you get a hetero as fucking stupid as Mark, it takes a lot more than punishment to drill into his thick skull that he only exists to sexually serve cock. All those rounds in the ring must have knocked this boxer's brains out. We've destroyed his arse leaving his big rump bruised and hot to the touch. Still he believes he's in a position of power, insulting us and demanding his release. We're going to drill some understanding into this massive red-headed cunt. Dave beats Mark's already stinging sore arse making him howl the house down. We shut him up stuffing a ball gag in his gob. His big cock and balls are tied up till they are bulging purple. His arsehole is wrenched open so it will be constantly gaping and ready to receive a stiff fucking. A thick dildo attached to a power tool is rammed up his hole giving him a rigorous pounding that makes his burning sore arse cheeks vibrate.

  He's secured in place with a hook in his arse. Now any movement is painfully difficult. That means when Dave lashes the soles of Mark's feet it's fucking agony for him. He can't stop himself from kicking his feet away from the painful caning even though it nearly tears his nuts and anus. This is what it takes to teach this stupid cunt some manners.