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Hetero Joel stops us on the street looking for a bit of cash. Instead we entice him and his buddy back to our lair for a bigger payout. Heís restrained and bound naked to his straight friend while receiving a vicious flogging. We order this proud hetero to lick his mateís arsehole or else heíll receive an even crueller punishment. Watch this young innocent go beet red with shame as we systematically degrade and cruelly control every inch of his fit naked masculine body!

Age 23, Footballer

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 ADDED 25 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:01 99 Pictures
Buddies strung up by their wrists, made to kiss and press their naked bodies together, nipples clamped, arses flogged, foreskins and testicles pegged, dick flogged till all the pegs are removed, head tied to his friendís arse so he has to lick out his hole, anal hook, arsecrack filled with urine while heís rimming.

Enticed by the prospect of paid work charity mugger Joel comes to an isolated dingy room where heís given a first hand lesson in S&M.

Tied naked with his hands in the air his friend is dragged into the room. The two proud young straight lads are positioned facing each other and bound so their stark naked bodies are almost touching.

They recoil as they are pressed together but under stern orders they indulge in some French kissing.


 ADDED 8 Aug 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 21:02 99 Pictures
Bound and gagged spread eagle, face covered in spit, arse flogged and spanked, feet tickled, arsehole fingered, electro shocks to genitals, fucked with a vibrator, soles of his feet caned, screwed by two men, arsehole covered in cum.

Displaying Joel's buttocks while still in his tight trousers, Dave hocks a few loogies on his face and Adrian whacks his shapely arse cheeks. Dave claims his bare feet tickling them mercilessly. Made to confess how many women he's screwed Joel takes a spanking for every single one.

Trousers cut off, his tight arsehole gets a long digit shoved up it. Adrian can feel Joel's sphincter tightening up when Dave delivers electric shocks to his gonads and the tip of his penis. He howls in pain as the men take turns plowing into his fuckhole, blowing their loads over his exposed arsehole.


 ADDED 22 Aug 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 21:12 99 Pictures
Tied up, taught how to sell himself like a rent boy, groped, arse flogged, ball-gagged, fucked with a dildo, cruelly tickled, feet caned, ankles clamped in legs spreader, vigorously wanked.

Joel is keen to hustle for money on the street by appealing to people's charitable nature, so why not flog his wares like a rent boy?

Dave plays the customer and he wants a good sampling of the goods before he pays a penny. Joel's naked body is flattened on the icy cold floor and his arse is spread wide to get a good fucking with a dildo on a stick, the sensitive soles of his feet, caned. In his new state as a rent boy any pleasure doesn't belong to him. It's all about the customer. Even though his arsehole and feet are smarting from his punishment he must beg to be wanked off by his owner. Adrian ruthlessly wanks his dick until his precious semen is spilt all over the dirty floor and wiped over his red face.


 ADDED 5 Sept 2012 Topped By Adrian Video 18:11 99 Pictures
Extreme bondage, testicles and dick pegged, arsehole fingered, feet and inner thighs caned, cock and balls bound, fucked with a vibrator on a stick, foreskin clamped, hot wax dripped onto his body, mouth washed out with soap

Tied with his arms and legs suspended and a ballgag stifling his pathetic moaning and angry curses, proud fucker Joel is incapable of doing anything but taking whatever punishment is administered. Pegs are attached to his ball sack and the silky skin of his knob. Tenderized by a sharp swift caning to the bottom of his feet and the hairy expanse of his thighs and arse cheeks, Adrian rams a vibrating dildo up his hole and sets it humming. Joel's foreskin is clamped in place, drips of hot wax causing searing agony. Tears begin to roll as this straight fucker learns what it really means to work for his money. A torrent of filthy language floods from his angel lips when his gag is removed.


 ADDED 19 Sept 2012 Topped By Adrian & Dave Video 17:17 90 Pictures
Dick sucking training, gags on an erection till he vomits, made to orally service the cock and arse of another naked man, nipples pegged, tied by the throat, cock and balls manipulated with a vibrator till he cums, mouth filled with sperm

Mouthy boy Joel is well shut up with a big hard cock filling his mouth. Taught that servicing a man's erection is hard work, his throat closes up in resistance and causes him to upchuck.

Joel's naked chugger friend kneels above him so he can feast on his package like ripe fruit, sucking his dick till it grows firm. Joel is tied and his nipples are pegged, as he sucks away his tender prick and balls are cruelly stimulated with a vibrator. With skilful manipulation he can't help getting an erection and ejaculating. Soon his body will learn to get off on being a submissive little dick slut.


Joel is a young father looking to make some extra money by performing in porn. He's eager to push himself to excel and hopes to find some new kinds of sexual stimulation. He is straight and becomes physically closer with a man than he's ever been before in these videos. He consented to all the action and was a pleasure to work with.