Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  John is a 20 year old karate champion from Eastern Europe and that makes quite a paradox when it comes to being fucked over by Breeder Fuckers.

On the one hand he has been brought up in a strongly homophobic culture. On the other the muscular good-looking hetero is sure he can take whatever pain and torment we can dish out. That's quite a challenge!

It sounds like the green light to unleash the entire arsenal of filth and nastiness on this boy and make his head spin.

Will we break him? You know, I think we just might.
Age 20, Kickboxer

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 ADDED 11 May 2011 Topped By Adrian Video 16:50 95 Pictures
Gagged, bound and exposed, fingerfucked, fucked with dildo on fucking machine, nipples and foreskin clamped together, then face pissed on

Realising he's tied up, naked, John screams into his gag with rage, utterly helpless as I fondle his dick, the straight stud is absolutely livid. His red face contorts with fury around the gag as I gleefully shove a finger into his arse and fingerfuck his hole hard.

But the real torment begins when I show him the fucking machine. Without mercy, I jam the large plastic cock past John's resistant ringpiece, clamping nasty clips go on each nipple which I attach to his foreskin, stringing them all tightly together until John's wailing in pain.

My urine hits his face with a hot splash, eliciting sobs of humiliation as it runs down his face,John will never be able to forget this moment of total and utter shame.


 ADDED 18 May 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 17:35 90 Pictures
Tied & gagged, subjected to the spanking machine, made to suck cock before being fucked, spitroasted at both ends, cum on face

Bound hand and foot, bent over a table, my captured cage fighter is spitting with rage. I decide the foul mouthed hetero hardman needs a good old fashioned lesson in discipline, a dose of my new spanking machine.

After sucking my cock to a full erection I drive it into his clenched straight arse, taking his virginity in one glorious plunge, roasting him with Dave, laughing at the big hard boxer's misery. Our cocks ram in and out of his holes, choking him, ripping him open, destroying his body and his dignity.

Making John look up into Dave's eyes the sadistic top spurts a hot load in his face. John thinks it can't get any worse - He's wrong.


 ADDED 8 June 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:30 69 Pictures
Bound spread eagle and thrashed with a flogger till raw and screaming, bastinado, hot wax on whipped rear, cock and balls burnt with candle, fingerfucked and dildo fucked, made to piss himself

With John's sexy naked body tied spread eagle, he's completely at Dave's mercy. I pick up my flogger to punish him for his foul mouth and threats, he screams in pain and fury at the agony and humiliation of his predicament.

Adrian joins me, cane in hand making the fighter bellow in agony whenever the cane hits the sensitive sole of his foot.

Meanwhile, Dave amuses himself with a burning candle, splash the boiling hot wax all over john's tender back. The humiliated man manages to piss and put out the candle - the pain is gone for now... but the shame of this will stay forever.


 ADDED 22 June 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 17:41 74 Pictures
Made to submit to being fucked, trained in cocksucking, rimming, spitroasting, mouthfuls of piss, facial cumshots, and being made to cum while being fucked in the arse

We tell John that we'll let him go if he obeys every order, submitting to a thorough pounding like a good little fucktoy. Dave & Adrian shove their dicks into John's face, making him show off his newly learnt cocksucking prowess.

We take turns spitroasting the miserable straight breeder, ploughing into him hard and fast at both ends, playing with his cock as he's being fucked, wanking him off until he shoots his cum all over his own chest. He'll never be able to cum again without being reminded of this horrifying moment.

We treat the shellshocked straight boy to more piss and a load of cum from both Dave and I, before leaving him lying in a puddle of filth...


  Caught and restrained, tied, flogged, arse fingered in jock strap, made to give another man an erection, nipples and foreskin clamped, balls pegged, suspended from the ceiling.  
Added 10th June 2015

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We've been dreaming about handsome stallion John ever since we previously encountered him some time ago. In order to sneak up on this tough fucker we costume up and accost him in the gym locker room to nab the unsuspecting lad. Once we have him he knows what's coming and he's fucking terrified! It's amazing how a man's nervous perspiration can make his ripe masculine scent fill a room in no time at all. We get close and intimate stripping this hunk down to his jock strap. He's given a severe lashing so he knows to follow our every command or else he'll be severely punished. That nicely framed arse is just begging to be plundered! We take turns ramming our fingers up his tight anal passage and going down on his cock. John moans and cries beneath his gag. He's ordered to pleasure Adrian awkwardly using his tied hands to stroke his crotch and arouse him.

  Strung up from the ceiling with claps and pegs covering his most sensitive parts we have this sexy fucker exactly where we want him. His body belongs to us. We won't be letting him go anytime soon!  


This is the second time hetero John has come to perform with us. He's a professional who likes to pretend he's tougher than he actually is. That tension between putting on a hard-man masculine attitude and showing how he's really feeling is what makes us want to work with him more!


  Tied, showered in spit, foot torment, flogging, spanking, anus fingered, clothes torn away, electro shocks to his body, arsehole widened with a dildo, feet caned, fucked, genitals covered in cum.  
Added 24th June 2015

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Sporty John is tied in place. Now this handsome athletic fucker is ours to do whatever we want with. Working out has moistened that tight arse crack of his. His muscular limbs struggle against his restraints while we have our way. His face is bathed in saliva as Dave gobs over his burning angry face. Those track suit bottoms nicely outline the curve of his manly arse and the two mounds of his testicles. The perfect target for Adrian's flogging. Notice how the stricken lad desperately tries to cover his sore bum cheek while he's being worked over. Dave lightly brushes his fingers over the sensitive soles of John's feet causing him absolute excruciating agony.

John needs to have his heterosexual ways drilled out of him. We sufficiently punish him for every fuck he's had whacking his arse sore.

  His track suit bottoms are torn away revealing his burning red hairy cheeks. Seeing his package contained so tightly in his sexy jock strap it's impossible to resist groping and tearing it aside. When his body is fully revealed the smell of his masculine sweat fills the room. John's tight bumhole is plundered as Adrian slides a saliva-soaked finger up his rectum. Electro shocks are administered down the tender inside of his thighs and over his dick and nut sack. A vibrator is rammed up his hole. Those sensitive soles of his feet are tested further as they are given a sharp caning. John moans in torment rubbing his feet together desperately like a helpless animal. He will do anything to make this stop. Sweating and crying in pain his arse is insistently fucked. Dave cums all over his shrivelled pink balls and dick. Now we've left our mark. This proud hetero fuck has been turned into a pathetic submissive bitch boy.  


  Neck and wrists cuffed, tied down to a bench, boot worship, arsehole fingered and fucked with a dildo, made to gag on and suck cock, spitroasted, tongue covered in cum.  
Added 8th July 2015

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Big muscular stud John is secured down to a bench with no way to get free. He can buck and fight and swear at us all he wants, but this straight bastard's arse belongs to us now! It's not enough that he must physically submit; he needs to be mentally broken as well. His crack shows through his tight white pants invitingly. We can resist peeling them down to part his meaty cheeks and use that hole. When his sphincter is roughly widened and filled with a big fat dildo John's entire body goes beet-red from the strain. He'll do anything to make his fucking stop. He's drilled through his humbling in stages. First he must plant his lips on our filthy boots. Next he's presented with a hard cock in his face. When he's not quick enough in orally servicing a man he's skewered again. Totally captive John must suck cock while his arse is fucked. His hairy bum is filled with a man's stiff prick. Dave ejaculates on John's pink trembling tongue and wipes his cock over it so the angry athlete will never be able to forget the taste.



  Tied, ball-gagged, jock strap cut off, fucked with vibrator, sexually teased until he's erect, nipples wrenched and clamped, cock and balls suspended, CBT.  
Added 15th July 2015

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Who hasn't hung around the locker room waiting to get a glimpse of that hot athletic man coming out of the shower? Stolen glances aren't enough any more. We refuse want sporty John's body on display 24/7. Now that he's been humbled he's on his knees in nothing but his stinky jock strap. His arms are bound behind his back and his mouth is stuffed to silence him. We have full access to his hairy muscular body, stroking him and handling the hefty package tightly contained in his jock. The words ‘Straight cunt' are scrawled across his forehead so the world knows exactly what he is. His jock strap is destroyed so his big full nuts and cock hang free. John's anal passage is teased open and a vibrator is inserted up his bum to stimulate his prostate. The filthy straight fucker can't stop himself growing aroused as his cock is jerked.


  John is kicked over like a filthy slut so his fuckhole can be truly fucked. The sporty bastard trembles as his body and arse are thoroughly used. Adrian ties his legs up to restrict his movement completely. Those sensitive nipples and the fleshy foreskin are gripped hard. His proud daddy maker is strung up with rope making his arse even more vulnerable and exposed. When his gag is tied to his restricted arms the bastard well and truly can't move an inch without our say so. He's truly captive to our every whim, his naked body fully at our mercy. All he can do is kneel on the floor waiting in agony until we want to use him again.  


  Bound naked on the floor, nipple clamps, caned, made to humiliate himself crawling over the floor, fucked with vibrator, trussed up and displayed for slave auction  
Added 29th July 2015

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Handsome blue-eyed jock John needs to be humbled. Being roped naked while kneeling on the floor is a start. His body, cock and arse should be on display at all times. However, to really drive into his thick hetero skull what a lowly slutty worm he is he must be brought to the floor. Magnetic clamps are attached to his nipples and metal is scattered over the floor. Under threat of caning he's ordered to collect them all up. In his binds it's incredibly difficult to lower himself to the point where he can reach them. John must grind his burning face into the carpet while straining his body down desperate to get them all before the sting of the cane gets him. He flails across the floor showing off his tight anus while bending over and his cock and balls swing uselessly between his legs. When he fails he's kicked over and given a fucking with a vibrator. John is flushed red and weeping. He's never felt so low in his entire life. Being physically taken to the ground has burned into his mind that he is nothing but a male whore which can be bought and sold like a piece of meat.