Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Bankers in the City strut around with their fat wallets and fat cocks, thinking they own the World. With their expensive gym memberships, tight suits and girlfriends they delude themselves that the rest of us can look, lust but not touch. Kasper epitomises that arrogance and we are overjoyed to capture this fit 25 year old straight stud and give this breeder the full going over he deserves.  
Age 29, Banker

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  City Banker: Done over, tied spreadeagled, stripped naked, flogged red all over including arse & cock and balls, gagged, nipples tormented with weighted crocodile clips, finger fucked, hanged with rope and bowling ball, anally fucked for the first time.  
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City Banker Kasper has the tables turned on him good and proper. Adrian convinces him to come to his lair for a chat about insurance. Unbeknown to Kasper a hoodlum is waiting to do him over. Kasper is grabbed and later opens his eyes to find himself tied spread eagled unable to move or fight off Adrian's lusty advances. The sexy stud's arms and legs are tied apart so he can only spit his anger while Adrian undresses him. His shirt is opened revealing perfect chest and stomach. His trousers and pants are pulled right down exposing his precious straight cock and balls and his perfect muscular backside and legs. Kasper complains, claiming that when he is late returning to his office the alarm will be raised. He swears and curses so much that Adrian wraps heavy tape around his mouth several times to gag his moans. To punish him Adrian takes a flogger and whacks Kasper's totally nude body all over, making the poor straight boy tense, buck and scream into his gag.

  Adrian belts the straight stud right between the legs several times giving his nuts and cock a stinging flogging. His bum is then belted red raw. Then a couple of weighted crocodile clips on the nipples gives the Banker the punishment he truly deserves. If the straight bastard wants relief from the torment of his nipples there is only one thing he can do. Swing his naked body about sexily, but painfully, until the sharp clips fling off from his nipples. It gets worse for the straight cunt as Adrian ties a rope noose around his neck and suspends Kasper from a high beam. With oxygen becoming a little lacking, Kasper isn't able to fight back as Adrian begins to plunder the straight's hole, firstly with relentless pervy fingers. Penetrating and defiling the lad. Unable to resist the appeal of straight pussy, Adrian drops his trousers and penetrates Kasper's arsehole with his own stiff cock. Kasper finds himself on the receiving end of the height of humiliation and degradation. Tied naked, virtually hanged and fucked right up his tight arse for the first time. His prolonged anal defilement puts Kasper in the depths of despair. But his systematic degradation is far from over...


  Tied in his suit, clothes cut to shreds, nipples clamped, sniffing men's crotches, made to beg men to play with his cock & balls, arsehole fingered, made to suck and wank two men at the same time, bound with his leg in the air, vibrator shoved up his rectum, penetrated at both ends, electro shocks, mouth filled with cum.  
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It's so horny seeing this ambitious young city boy bound in ropes while still in his full suit. You can just imagine him being led around to all the bankers' bars to have his arse pimped out and fucked while the high-powered men crowd around him swirling their martinis. Once he's tied up good and proper his suit is cut off him to reveal his muscular smooth chest. Adrian isn't going to help him with the rest. He orders Kasper to shimmy out of his trousers and pants. With his arms bound behind his back, this is difficult to accomplish and further humiliates the lad. His sensitive nipples are clamped and he's led around the room painfully crawling on his knees to prevent his nips from being wrenched off. It's important to train the head-strong young man in this way so he understands that he no longer has free will. If his head is led to a man's crotch he must sniff and worship the bulge he finds there until he gets his master good and hard. Now he needs to learn to offer up his own genitals as a gentleman's plaything.

  With the danger of his aching nipples being yanked even harder Kasper is taught to vocalize how he wants his cock yanked, his balls jangled and his tight arsehole fingered. Kasper is ordered on his knees and made to wank the men towering over him. Even with his arms constricted at his sides he must concentrate hard stroking them men till they are fully erect. His dexterity is further tested as he alternates between sucking each man's cock while still stroking the other one. Kasper is completely overwhelmed as he's ordered back and forth driving the men wild with a desire to cum. His neck and leg are bound to the wall so he's sprawled on the floor with his legs uncomfortably spread open. Kasper is made into a proper slut sucking cock and getting a vibrator rammed up his hole. He must suck that dick properly or he receives sharp shocks to the tender insides of his thighs. Soon enough he's moaning like a whore. Dave orders him to open his gob wide as he unleashes a fresh load of spunk. His load coats Kasper's tongue and the tamed boy is ordered to lick every drop off Dave's shaft. This cum covered slut is now ready for the board room.



At 25 years old, fitness fanatic Kasper is young enough to be drop-dead handsome and mature enough to know what fetishists want from him.
He performs his role exceptionally well and always goes the extra mile, in spite of the physical discomfort and pain, to give you what you want.

  Strapped naked to a spanking bench, anus fingered, arse flogged and paddled, obedience training, taught to beg for cock, fucked, made to lick cum off cock, covered in sperm.  
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It's a straight man's worst nightmare. Strapped naked on a spanking bench with two perverted guys hovering around him capable of doing anything they want to his hot masculine form. He bucks and fights against his shackles, but there is nothing he can do to escape their invasive groping hands sliding over his firm buttocks and hard body. Adrian teasingly slides a finger up his anus making Kasper buck and try to escape. He unwittingly only drives the man's finger further up his tight rectum. Unable to break free, he spits in his captor's face. This boy needs to be taught some manners. His arse is given a vicious flogging. Next he objects to Adrian's cock coming close to entering his arse. It's not enough for him to let these men fuck him. He needs to beg to be screwed up the arse! His already sore bottom is given a firm paddling so that Kasper will do anything to stop his red cheeks from getting a further beating. As if chewing on tar, he painfully asks the man to stick his erect cock up him.

  Kasper grunts and tenses every muscle in his body experiencing the sensation of hot hard flesh sliding up his arsehole. The men takes turns screwing him till his anus is a sloppy wet mess. Dave orders Kasper to keep his mouth open while he deposits a creamy load onto his tongue. He then orders his cock cleaned while Adrian jizzes all over his burning sore arse. Kasper collapses on the bench covered in sweat and sperm.



At 25 years old, fitness fanatic Kasper is young enough to be drop-dead handsome and mature enough to know what fetishists want from him.
He performs his role exceptionally well and always goes the extra mile, in spite of the physical discomfort and pain, to give you what you want.

  Tied to mattress, gagged, arse caned, spanking discipline, cock sucking training, arsehole widened, fucked with a powertool, made to rim a man, mouth filled with cum.  
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Handsome hetero stud Kasper's toned muscular body displays our marks beautifully. The fucker needs to be roped onto a mattress and spread on display because he still doesn't understand that he's now a fuck toy for men. His curvaceous arse is pointed in the air and his nuts and todger are pinned between his powerful thighs. His captors play a wicked game on that bum spanking and caning him till it blazes scarlet. A hard dose of discipline is what this straight fucker needs. He's flipped over on his front so that precious mouth and anus can be used. With Dave's big hard cock shoved in Kasper's face he whips his head from side to side at the thought of sucking man meat. But the erection is rammed down his throat till he splutters and moans. Kasper is so overwhelmed by the dick being slid down his throat he doesn't realize what's happening to arse till he feels his sphincter being viciously stretched open. His hole is widened to make room for a massive dildo on a power tool.

  Kasper is penetrated at both ends so vigorously the tough bastard will never forget this. Pounded till he can barely breathe, he's ordered to open his gob to receive his reward of a fresh load of spunk. The sticky cum coats his tongue and back of his throat. He swallows his medicine like a good boy.



At 25 years old, fitness fanatic Kasper is young enough to be drop-dead handsome and mature enough to know what fetishists want from him.
He performs his role exceptionally well and always goes the extra mile, in spite of the physical discomfort and pain, to give you what you want.

  Tied, gagged and bound in leg-spreader, balls pegged, arsehole fingered, bastinado, caned, constantly fucked with a vibrator, foreskin clipped, hot wax dripped on his lashed thighs and bound genitals, bar of soap jammed in his mouth.  
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Toned and muscular Kasper has been bound and put on exhibition. Those big powerful legs and arms are rendered useless as they are spread in the air. His arsehole is diplayed and genitals hanging vulnerable. Adrian feels the circumference of his tight rubbery sphincter muscle and then slides his fingers up his arse. He finger fucks him till his hole goes sloppy. Pegs are attached to his balls to make them go extremely sensitive. Then they are tied up and attached to the leg-spreader so they look tight and plump. Kasper seizes up with fear as a cane is trailed around his body giving him lashing here and there making red stripes on his muscular form. The sensitive soles of his feet are caned causing him unimaginable agony. With his arsehole nicely widened a vibrator is inserted up his bum and jammed in place so he has the sensation of being constantly fucked. That fleshy foreskin of Kasperís is too tempting to not enjoy.

  Itís clipped and attached to his feet so his glans are exposed. This makes it all the more terrifying for this fucker when a burning candle is hovered over his body. Searing hot wax spills down onto his punished thighs, his big plump balls and onto the sensitive flesh of his dick. The wax slowly cools to form a mold over his bulbous testicles and shrunken terrified cock. Adrian kindly begins loosening his binds and takes the gag out. Rather than thank his superior Kasper unleashes a torrent of nasty words. Boys with filthy mouths need to learn respect. A bar of soap is jammed in the fuckerís gob as a final act of humiliation.



At 25 years old, fitness fanatic Kasper is young enough to be drop-dead handsome and mature enough to know what fetishists want from him.
He performs his role exceptionally well and always goes the extra mile, in spite of the physical discomfort and pain, to give you what you want.