Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  At 18 years old Kristjan is making his way in the big bad world and one thing he wants to try is acting. Which is how he finds his way to Breeder Fuckers.

A young rugby player with the muscular arse, big legs, and fit body to match, Kristjan puts on the air of being completely unshockable. Those rugby tours can be pretty hairy, know what I mean?

So despite his young years we are going to go hell for leather at this young straight tough and I can honestly say that tearing into that tight hairy hole and making his face contort will be a fucking pleasure.
Age 18, Student / Paperboy

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Put through dog training by pervy punter, vibrating buttplug, facefucked till he chokes while being thrashed hard with prison strap, made to eat every drop of cum

Kristjan hasn't been allowed more than a couple of hours of sleep since I invited paying customers to come and have a piece of him, in between abusing him myself. The knock on the door signals the beginning of yet another relentless session prostituting himself to satisfy the lust of some pervy old man. What nasty little fetish will Kristjan have to degrade himself for today?

The punter demands doggy training. This fat old perv wants to watch a beautiful young boy tied on all fours and paraded around the room, before being given a big meaty 'bone'. With pleasure. I drag Kristjan into 'display' position and let the lecherous man run his hands all up and down the shaking lad's smooth, firm body.
  Kristjan glares sulkily at the wall while his cock is groped, his nipples painfully tweaked, his arse inspected, his pants pulled roughly down. I make Kristjan open his mouth, slide my tongue in and kiss him, making him look utterly unhappy and ashamed. It's delicious.

After tying Kristjan's arms and legs into stumpy little dog legs, trapping the hapless teenager on all fours, the sleazy punter watches in approval as I ram a vibrating dildo up the boy's arse, making him grunt in pain. The grinning punter fastens a collar aroung Kristjan's neck and begins putting his new pet through its paces.

In full bondage, his arse painfully stimulated, and being dragged around by his neck, Kristjan has no choice but to miserably hobble round the room on his knees and elbows, at the punter's heels. Kristjan's arse waggles seductively as he tries to keep up with his master, and I hover nearby with a punishment strap, ready to provide stinging motivation if the little dog boy doesn't obey every command.

But I'm a harsh taskmaster, and I demand no less than 100% customer satisfaction. Kristjan lets the butt-tail slip out slightly... this boy clearly needs to be taught a lesson. I shove the dildo viciously deep into his guts, eliciting a howl of pain, and then unleash my rampant hard cock. The punter watches in approval as I order Kristjan to get his tongue out and lick my erection, the vibrator still buzzing away in his arse. Kristjan cringes in disgust as he tastes my bitter pre-cum, but I don't care - I continue to bark orders for his reluctant mouth to serve me, and the punter grabs the strap and thrashes Kristjan when he fails to suck my dick properly.

It's all Kristjan can do to keep the cock in his mouth and not pull away to squeal in agony. The punter rains down blow after blow of the heavy strap, as Kristjan desperately tries to please me. I order the boy to gag on my dick, to get his own head deep on my cock and sink his lips all the way down to my pubes. A few agonisingly hard blows from the leather soon have Kristjan swallowing my erection to the hilt, his eyes full of tears from the pain and choking.

With the brutal beating and his throat fucked raw, it's probably a relief for Kristjan to have his mouth wrenched open and a slimy load of hot cum deposited inside. From now on, this is the most he can ever hope for.