Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  18 year old athletics champion Lee is at a very experimental time in his life and it doesn't get much more experimental than submitting to Breeder Fuckers.

The blonde & blue-eyed adonis is so used to having his pick of girls on any night out I'm sure you'll agree he needs to be taken down a peg or two. And we're just the deviants to do it.

Such perfect white skin shows up the agonising red welts so well and those blue eyes turn so red & angry he provokes quite the harshest treatment we have ever dished out.
Age 18, Personal Trainer

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 ADDED 1 June 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 28:29 99 Pictures
Right wing gang leader tricked into bondage, stripped, wedgied, extreme nipple pain, flogging on arse and chest, anal hook, humiliation, torso peg zipper

The White Power gang are in town, spouting their bullshit about stopping immigration and how whites are the superior race. But unlike most racist thugs, this gang has a sexy, charismatic leader. And Dave's making a 'documentary' about him.

Lee still thinks we're making a documentary about him, right up until I unbutton his shirt and begin groping his rock solid pectorals. Dave suspends a weight tied to Lee's neck, half-choking him, subduing his spitting rage. Having ripped off Lee's shirt, I slowly unzip his jeans and run my fingers over his firm cock.

After slicing off his pants, I can't resist penetrating the proud man's arsehole for the first time ever - with a cold, steel anal hook.


 ADDED 15 June 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 24:19 95 Pictures
Humiliating bondage, gagged, clothes sliced off, thrashed with heavy prison strap, fingerfucked, cock electrocuted, bastinado, fucked hard in the arse by two men

Legs trussed up and spread wide, his arse on display, Lee is in the most humiliating position of his life. I begin by thrashing Lee with a flogger, hitting him with my full strength as he feels his arse warm up under the jeans.

Corporal punishment is just an appetiser compared to the sexual torments we're about to inflict. I shove a finger up Lee's arse, smirking as his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Lee's hole is clenched tight, but he can't prevent me greedily cramming an extra finger up into his guts, and fingerfucking him until he's sobbing with rage and shame. I can't wait any longer. I whip out my rigid cock and plunge it into Lee's tight arse


 ADDED 29 June 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 16:36 62 Pictures
Strangled in agonising predicament bondage, foreskin clips, ball weight, fingerfucked, made to suck both cocks as he chokes himself, pissed on

Lee still hasn't come to terms with the fact that he's our fucktoy now. The rebellious little cunt needs to learn that he does what we say, when we say it.

Desperate to get out of this predicament Lee reluctantly opens his mouth and reaches for Adrians cock, choking himself in the process. Dave fingerbangs him in the arse while Adrian makes Lee choke and gag on his rock hard prick.

Adrian holds Lee's mouth open as Dave violently fucks his face before pissing all over his head. Perhaps now Lee will work out his new position in life - under the feet of two bastards even more sadistic than him.


 ADDED 6 July 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 13:56 99 Pictures
Tight bondage, ordered to give us both blowjobs, arsefucked with the fucksaw machine, made to rim Dave's dirty arsehole, spitroasted, face and dick covered in cum

Dave squats above Lee's face "Time to put that pretty mouth to work" the hard top smirks, before prying open Lee's lips with his dick and shoving it deep into his throat.

Lee chokes as the cock goes down but Dave doesn't care - he just leans over him and fucks his face without regard for his fucktoy's comfort or ability to breathe.

We spitroast the unhappy, tearful lad, Lee chokes and writhes in pain unbearably full of cock. There's no respite for Lee... only more humiliation. Pulling out of his arse Dave shoots a load of spunk all over Lee's naked dick, and I unload my full balls over his face


 ADDED 20 July 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:46 97 Pictures
Gagged, put in bondage, strapped, flogged, beaten with spanking machine, fingerfucked, buttplug, wanked to brink of orgasm, then denied...

Lee's eyes widen in terror as I brandish the heavy leather strap at him. THWACK! Lee almost collapses in agony; only the ropes binding his arms hold him up. WHAP! Lee's animal howls fill the dingy office as his own 'Discipline' posters mock him from the walls.

Lowering his head onto Lee's cock Adrian skilfully begins giving him a blowjob; Wails of dismay from Lee as he realises he's getting an erection from this unwelcome male attention. When he's fully hard, Adrian gleefully begins wanking him off, feeling his cock pulsate and grow fully turgid in his hand as the boy is on the verge of unwillingly blowing his load...

Then Adrian stops wanking him