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  With his tight trousers and handsome bearded face straight boy Lukas is eager to see how far he can go with another man...

Playing a hotel porter it's time to get him in for a little personal room service where he'll be left with red cheeks, red buttocks and covered in cum.
Age 25, Student

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 ADDED 9 May 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 23:43 99 Pictures
Bound and gagged, flogged till his arse is burning red, arse fingered and fucked, made to suck cock, spitroasted, face rammed up male arse, mouth filled with cum

Checking into a top hotel the service should be nothing but sterling, so when the standard of the room isn't quite up to scratch Adrian and Dave call down for horny bellboy Lukas to come service them.

It's his job to do whatever he can to keep the customer satisfied. Lukas has his limits but the men are quick to pin him to the bed, bind his arms and get his trousers down.

First flogged, sweet hairy Lukas is then spit-roasted till he's moaning for mercy. Adrian shoots a load over Lukas' throbbing arse and Dave makes him open wide to shoot his spunk straight down the fucker's throat...


 ADDED 23 May 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 22:44 99 Pictures
Trained to suck cock, gagged and blindfolded, aroused and made to fuck a hoover, fingerfucked, wanked while being made to suck off and rim a stranger, given a mouthful of spunk and milked of his semen

Bellboy Lukas' training in the service industry isn't up to scratch. Luckily Adrian and Dave are willing to further his education by teaching hetero Lukas how to pleasure a man's cock.

Made to deep-throat hard dick until bucketfuls of thick pungent bile spills up to drench Adrian's cock and the pristine hotel bed sheets.

Reception send another member of staff, who is surprised to discover his colleague bound and being wanked off. Stripping naked he too is sucked off by the hairy bellboy who's made to kneel and open his mouth wide to receive a load of fresh cum down his gullet. Adrian uses his strong grip to milk the fucker dry.


 ADDED 6 June 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:36 99 Pictures
Tied and ballgagged, arsehole fingered, pants ripped off him, cock and balls bound, hairy arse flogged and caned, made to fuck himself with a vibrator on a stick, dick manipulated and drained of sperm, tied with his sore arse fully exposed.

Strip a guy like Lukas down to grope his genitals and his true manner emerges. He's a foul mouthed cunt that needs to be disciplined and taken to his limits.

Dave shuts him up by gagging him and positioning him on his back with full access to his arse, moistening a finger he feels out his warm tight hole. Planting a dildo firmly up his arse Lukas is made to fuck his own furry hole.

Lukas' cock is skilfully manipulated with a vibrator till it's throbbing hard, shooting his straight sperm all over himself the vibrator making him moan...


 ADDED 27 June 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:59 99 Pictures
Clothes ripped off, wrists tied, body flogged, dick groped, nipples clamped, balls pegged, arsehole fingered, fucked with a dildo on a stick

In the clean civilized hotel Lukas gives nothing but smiles and polite words, but once the pervy men drag him into the filthy basement he transforms into a mean bastard shouting homophobic insults.

It's essential to train this hairy brute how to submit and serve.

His remaining clothes are torn from his body and his body is flogged. His light European skin reacts amazingly with his arse blushing a deep red with angry welts. His tight hairy cunt is roughly fingered and fucked with a dildo till he's hollering at the top of his lungs. You can see how resistant his arsehole is by the way his red cheeks manically tremble at the deep penetration from which he's given no relief.


 ADDED 11 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:57 99 Pictures

Arms bound, ballgagged, made to jerk off other men while being wanked, arse and torso flogged, nipples clipped, leg tied and suspended to show off his genitals, viciously tickled, arsehole fingered, bastinado, fucked with a vibrator.

Flogged into submission he's so tender and compliant he'll do anything the pervy men command.

Tied up in a humiliating position to show off his separated balls and arsehole. The moaning lad is given another walloping and has his arsehole invaded with a good hard fingering.

Dave can't resist giving a sharp caning to Lukas' exposed sole. While this is happening Adrian goes for his exposed hole sliding a vibrating dildo up his butt. The thoroughly fucked guy is totally overwhelmed crying through his gag.