Breeder Fuckers - because they fucking deserve it!

Breeders - 2008



Age: 22
Occupation: Unemployed
Body type: Slim, muscular

Topped by: Adrian, Terry and Stan

Arrogant homophobic Scottish lad Mo thinks he's got what it takes to be a stuntman... but when he can't even escape a simple rope tie, he is plunged into a world of pain...

Age: 28
Occupation: Army
Body type: Slim, hairy

Topped by: Adrian and Jake, Terry and Stan (with audience)

We tell army squaddie Dave it's a hooker touching him up - but it's us!

He gets flogged, stripped, groped, given the strap, spitroasted and gagged on my dick, anal hooked, tied up, cock clipped, humiliated and pissed on. And he fights back all the way.

NEW DAVE SERIES - Dave is installed into a urinal in a packed straight nightclub...

Age: 27
Occupation: Truck driver
Body type: Stocky

Topped by: Terry and Stan

After luring this horny trucker into our van using a hired hooker, we hood him, strip him, finger his arse and cram both our cocks down his throat.

Then it's back to ours for a nasty spanking session and some humiliating human pony hard exercise before we hold him down and fuck him hard, one after the other.

Age: 19
Occupation: Pizza boy
Body type: Lanky, smooth

Topped by: Terry and Stan

When Harry sees us flashing cash about, he agrees to let us spank him for money. He has no idea what he's letting himself in for.

We beat him till he bawls, turn him into a dog and make him lick Stan's feet and eat dog food, drill his arse, order him to rim Stan until he pukes, then he takes a good hard fucking.

Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Body type: Slim, hairy

Topped by: Colin

Posh student Charlton is scared out of his wits buying chems for the first time. So when I tie him up and ram my dick down his throat, he's in no position to fight.

Fucking machine, bondage humiliation, caning, fucking, suspension, whipping and a faceful of piss.


Age: 25
Occupation: Mechanic
Body type: Slim, defined

Topped by: Terry and Colin

We knock out this dumb mechanic with a swift injection, to sexually enjoy his fine naked body at our leisure - especially his delicious sweaty feet.

Then we pound his arse with a fucking machine, cane him, spitroast him in suspension bondage, give him some strict blowjob training, and tickle him to screaming.


Age: 19
Occupation: Unemployed
Body type: Lean

Topped by: Terry and Colin

Kevin's lost his money on the horses and we've offered him a private game of poker to win some cash back.

But the scrawny lad is no match for our brutish strength - and after opening up his arse, we drill it, whip his tender feet, and turn him into a human puppy, making him sip our piss.

Age: 29
Occupation: Bouncer
Body type: Slim, muscular

Topped by: Adrian

Leon thinks we're talking business over a whisky. I letch over every inch of his glorious ebony body.

Then I chain him up in the stocks and beat the crap out of him.

Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Body type: Slim, smooth

Topped by: Adrian

Carl thinks he's about to meet his internet girlfriend and get laid for the first time. But the only sex this boy's getting is my dick in his arse.

I systematically tease every part of his body - including drilling him with a fucking machine, jerking him off and making him eat every drop of his own spunk.

Age: 26
Occupation: Builder
Body type: Lean, defined

Topped by: Colin

Posing as a store security guard, I nick Darren in front of his wife and take him off to 'search him'.

Within minutes he's bound, gagged and being clamped and flogged - followed by dog training, a beating, cock and ball shaving, foot caning, and a good long fucking.

Age: 23
Occupation: Sales
Body type: Slim, defined

Topped by: Adrian and Derek

After losing money gambling, Sergei's looking for a new career as a model. But this pretty boy doesn't stay pristine for long.

Stripped naked, anal whipping, sucking cock in the stocks, vibro-torment and cbt, and a mouthful of hot piss.


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