Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  You can always trust MMA fighters to push their limits, but Nicholas takes things to the absolute max by approaching Breeder Fuckers for treatment.

This guy has scars on his body from street scraps over girls. He is such a sex addict the poor guy's only resort is to now put himself through several days of torment at BF!

Perhaps being tied up, beaten, pissed on, covered in nettles, his holes stretched by multiple cocks and made to swallow cum from several men may finally dampen his lust for sex and physical anguish. We shall see LOL.
Age 22, Barman / MMA Fighter

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 ADDED 2nd June 2010 Topped By Dave & Reuben Video 14:31 99 Pictures
Dragged into field, hogtied on his back, sockgagged with duct tape, clothes sliced off, nipples clamped, nose clamped painfully to balls, flogged, fingerfucked and anal virginity roughly taken with dildo on stick

Nicholas is so shocked at being bundled out of the theme park, that we've thrown him onto the ground and restrained him before he knows what's happening. As Reuben swiftly ties him up, Nicholas screams and cries, terrified at this horrifying turn to his idyllic day. 30 seconds ago, he was with his girlfriend - now she's on the other side of the fence... so close, yet completely out of earshot, in the busy theme park. It's time for us to get down to business.


 ADDED 16th June 2010 Topped By Dave & Reuben Video 12:30 108 Pictures
Arrogant straight lad breaks down in tears as we tie him, peg his cock up, drop a heavy brick from his nuts, electrocute him, then mercilessly spitroast him, fucking his tight arse and unwilling mouth, then making him swallow cum

Nicholas is one of the hottest young men we've ever got our hands on. And our rampant cocks are aching in our jeans, getting stiffer by the second as we tie up the struggling straight boy, making him utterly helpless. His ankles spread, his legs tied apart and his wrists bound together, Nicholas soon realises it's futile to spit and swear at us, and a few well timed slaps and threats drum the message home.


 ADDED 30th June 2010 Topped By Dave & Rueben Video 16:20 120 Pictures
Hobbled with cock clamps and cuffs, buttplugged, ordered to eat handfuls of piss covered grass, ridden like a horse, thrashed with crops, and made to gag and choke on Reuben's cock

With weighted clamps dangling from his nipples, and his foreskin clamped to his wrist cuffs, Nicholas is in a severe amount of discomfort. I press his face into my crotch and ram a horse-tail metal buttplug into his sore arsehole, enjoying his moan of agony vibrating my crotch. He's now our own


 ADDED 14th July 2010 Topped By Dave, Reuben and pervy strangers Video 12:36 120 Pictures
Spitroasted in front of perverts in the woods, made to give blowjobs to whoever wants one, beaten when he disobeys, ordered to lick a stranger's smelly arsehole, then covered in all our cum

Just when Nicholas thinks his situation couldn't get any worse for him, it does. With him tied up and helpless, we're slamming away at his arse and mouth in the woods, when we hear the approach of a stranger. More and more lecherous men arrive to watch and wank, until we're surrounded by an audience. Word has spread about the naked fuck-whore we've been abusing in public, and these men want a piece of the action.


 ADDED 21st July 2010 Topped By Dave and Reuben Video 11:47 92 Pictures
Phobias exploited using massive millipede, terrified to utter panic as insect is used in gag, nipple clamped and lashed with floggers and crop, then stung with nettles all over his cock and anus

We enjoy nothing more than making the most of our environment when abusing our boys... and what better way to torment Nicholas than using his phobia of insects against him? Even after all the pain and humiliation he's been through, the sight of the giant millipede has him screaming at the top of his lungs in sheer uncontrolled terror. I wave it threateningly near his face, slowly hovering it near his horrified mouth, right up near his eyes, wet with tears and wide with panic. He almost suffocates on his own panting fear as I describe how this creature could bite him.

 ADDED 8th September 2010 Topped By Dave and Reuben Video 15:06 110 Pictures
Roughly fingerfucked and slapped around as he's made to suck our dicks and balls, covered in humiliating graffiti, ordered to rim my hairy arse and lick my filthy feet and sweaty pits clean, then made to drink our piss. Absolute degradation.

Dragged through the field with his wrists bound, beaten and cowed by our treatment of him, Nicholas sobs in fear as we shove him into a barn and throw him to his knees. I waste no time in shoving my rigid cock into his mouth, while Reuben plunders the boy's sore arsehole. Penetrated at both ends, Nicholas howls in pain as Reuben's rough fingers find their way deep into his guts. The harder Nicholas gets fingered, the more his moans pleasure my cock, so we fuck both his holes harder and harder until he can barely breathe between gagging on my cock and snottily crying his eyes out.


 ADDED 31 Aug 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 26:48 99 Pictures
Rope bondage, nipples and foreskin clamped, stomach punching, arse flogging, jock strap torture, made to give men erections, finger fucked

Nicholas has been training hard for boxing competitions and it shows with his arm and chest muscles growing. But with his enlarged body he's also developed a cocky attitude. It's time for this randy young athlete to learn his place.

Adrian and Dave tie him up and mercilessly bully him twisting his nipples and punching him in the gut. Adrian rams his finger up Nick's arsehole till he's howling in pain. His long dangling foreskin is perfect for being clamped and connected to his nipples for some cruel torture.

Nicholas knows better than most what these men are capable of and that they won't stop until he's been thoroughly trashed.


 ADDED 14 Sept 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 11:09 74 Pictures
Restrained in stocks, caned on his bare arse with a chrome-hooked butt plug inserted, made to drink his own sub's piss, power fucked.

Locked in wooden stocks, his bare naked arse pointing skyward, Nicholas is looking humiliated and vulnerable, unsure as to which cruel torments Adrian and Dave will use to punish him for his disloyalty.

Dave starts Nicholas's 'attitude' adjustment by ramming home a chrome hooked butt plug into his anus. The pathetic mess now obediently kisses Adrian and Dave's boots as stinging lashes of the cane draw angry looking red welts criss-crossing his buttocks. Kicking a dog bowl in front of his face Adrian makes Nicholas lap a sub's lovely nectar mid-stream. Fucked by Adrian while drinking piss from the dog bowl, a destroyed Nicholas must be thinking things couldn't get much worse...


 ADDED 2 Nov 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 17:34 84 Pictures
Tied naked and ballgagged, arse flogged, bastinado, hazed, verbally and psychologically tortured, fucked with a dildo lubed up with his own gob

Nicholas is a straight dominant man who likes to be in control. So being bound by the wrists and ankles to the wall fully naked without being able to fight back is pure psychological torture.

Dave viciously teases him and flogs him till angry red welts appear on his pristine skin. He thrashes about like a wild animal until his hard muscular body is dripping with sweat and saliva pours down his chin.

When he's fully broken and staring at us with pleading glistening eyes we drive a dildo up his arse while Adrian cuddles and kisses him like the tenderest of lovers.


 ADDED 30 Nov 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 19:38 98 Pictures
Grovelling for forgiveness, balls clamped, submission training, made to crawl with hands tied behind his back, arse flogged, made to drag a bowling ball attached to his balls across the room, deep throat cock until he gags and vomits

Disrespect is a serious offense. Nicholas needs to be humbled. Straight men need to be continuously trained and beaten to remind them of their submissive position to us.

We make Nicholas painfully crawl on his knees to fetch us beer while we gaze at his big full balls clamped tight and his arsehole on show. We shove our hard dicks down his throat so far that he upchucks into our pubes.

It feels so right seeing this masculine hetero man staring sorrowfully up at us with tears and snot dripping down his face.


 ADDED 4 Jan 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 25:16 89 Pictures
Legs and arms trussed, dog training, leashed, made to chase his tail, play fetch, beaten, fed dog biscuits, sucks cock, licks balls, arse fucked, spitroasted, arse and face covered in cum, made to suck dick clean

Dave binds Nicholas' legs and arms to teach him the ultimate form of submission: dog training.

Exhibiting himself as a strong muscular beast, Nick crawls across the floor wiggling his arse like a slut. Begging and barking he's ordered around while being given strong whacks.

As a special treat he's given the honour of chowing down on Adrian's hard dick. He must present his tight arsehole for the cock he's just hardened and then he's vigorously fucked while Dave shoves his hard dick down his throat. Bathed in cum, he lays flat out on the floor covered in sweat and shame.