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  Rob Chance is a sexy young English hetero whose polite well educated exterior crumbles when we strip him down and breed him. With his cock painfully restrained and his arse being systematically fucked a furious fighting beast emerges. But as heís fully tied up and canít escape the relentless sadistic punishment inflicted upon his hairy manly body.  
Age 27, Student doctor

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 ADDED 4 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 19:41 99 Pictures
Tied up with bandages and ballgagged. Pants cut off, arse fingered, wanked and flogged. Cock and balls tied tight til they're blue, whilst fucked with a dildo on a crutch. Made to cum all over himself and abandoned to top off the shame.

Student doctor Rob gets a full on body check by evil doctors Adrian and Dave. They cut the constrained patient's pants from his cock and vigorously examine his arse hole with a lubed up finger, flogging his already tender bum, leaving him shrieking in agony.

Not following Doctor Dave's strict orders Rob's tight red arse gets a servere fucking from an unforgiving dildo, strapped to a crutch. His floppy cock and ball sack get tied and stretched before being brought to an embarrassing climax with a vibrator and good hard wank, shooting his warm spunk all over his own hairy chest and chin.


 ADDED 18 July 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:25 99 Pictures
Tied and gagged, arsehole shaved and filled with water, flogged while being made to hold it in, feet caned, arse fingered and screwed with a fucking machine, foreskin and nipples clamped, made to watch himself be fucked by two men.

Bound on a special examination chair so his hairy body is fully exposed, it's time young doctor Rob is given a taste of his own medicine.

His tight arsehole is shaved, his anal cavity pumped full of water and he is told to hold it in. Letting out the pungent stream his anus is vigorously fingered and introduced to a mechanical dildo, shown no mercy; his agonized groans are ignored as his arse is relentlessly ploughed open. Having driven the men into a frenzy of excitement, his eyelids are peeled back so he has to watch their red hot erections inserted into his arse.


 ADDED 1 Aug 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 18:09 99 Pictures
Spanked till his cheeks burn red, fucked with a vibrator, nuts tied, penis head taunted with a vibrator, feet caned, made to screw himself, suck dick and lick male arsehole, fed mouthfuls of urine and face washed in urine.

Tied arse-up on the exam table doctor Rob's knackers look very tempting peeking out from under his hospital gown and dangling between his muscular thighs.

Given a good hard fucking with a vibrator, Doctor Dave ties Rob's nuts to the table and teases the underside of his glans with a vibrator wand.

Ordered to chow down on cock or get another lashing from the cane, Rob needs watering.

Dave orders him to swallow as he unleashes streams of urine into Rob's mouth totally overwhelming the slutty bastard.


 ADDED 15 Aug 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 20:06 99 Pictures
Bound naked, dog training, buttplug tail inserted into his arsehole, collared and made to walk on all fours, taught to fetch and eat dog biscuits, made to gag himself on hard dicks, two cocks inserted in his mouth, given a mouthful of cum.

No matter how hard it's drilled into Rob that he's nothing but a cocksucking slut, he still thinks very highly of himself. Dave subjects him to a session of thorough de-humanization turning the proud doctor into a lowly grovelling pet, made to walk on all fours, bark like a pooch and a buttplug tail inserted up his rectum.

After all his hard training Rob is given a treat. He's allowed to rise up on his hind legs and chow down on Adrian and Dave's erections. Rob's mouth is stretched wide open as both dicks are rammed into his gob, then back of his throat is thoroughly coated with spunk.


  Tied and stripped, gagged, spanked, hard cock disciplined with lashing, foreskin and nipples clamped, arsehole fingered, fucked with dildo on a stick, arse flogged till it burns red.  
Added 25th June 2014

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Scrubbed clean and suited, Rob arrives for his initial interview for a job at Walker Swallow Money Management. This bright young straight man is eager to get a steady job so he can settle down to start a family. But we have other plans for him. Adrian and Dave get chummy with him talking about his sporting interests and how he likes to get dirty with his girlfriend. Rob feels confident about his prospects relating to the guys on such a friendly level. The mood quickly changes when Rob is restrained. Groping his horny bulge over his tight trousers really gets the pervy men excited. His arms are bound tightly and his clean suit is ruined as his clothes are roughly stripped away to reveal his warm hairy body. Rob's eager cock is gently stroked till the horny bugger can't help but get a big stiffy. But this isn't about his pleasure.


  His erection stinks of nasty cunt so he is given a firm lashing with a belt as discipline. He's trained in how to be a submissive office slave with his sensitive nipples and long silky foreskin clamped. This keeps him in place so Adrian and Dave can use his tight warm arsehole. His sphincter is opened with their bare fingers sliding in and out of his arse. His hole is then stretched wide with a fat dildo shoved up him. He moans pathetically, but he's given firm orders by his new supervisor Dave to keep sticking his arse out for use. At the same time his pale bum cheeks are given a vicious lashing. Rob will need to spend his full 8 hour workday in this position from now on. The work will be long and hard, but we see this young professional having a bright future!  


  Tied to chair, nipples twisted and clamped, CBT, balls bound and separated, glans lassoed, breath control, fucked in the arse and mouth with dildo, severe humiliation.  
Added 16th July 2014

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Naked hetero Rob is wrestled into the room and onto a chair where he's tied firmly in place. This snivelling hairy fucker pities himself too much and needs to learn how to show enthusiasm for his new job sexually serving men. He's going to feel hyper aware of his genitals every second as the men control his most intimate parts. With his big dangling cock and full balls hanging out in the open they are totally vulnerable for whatever wicked pain his captors want to inflict upon him. His nuts are bound and squeezed to the point where it feels like they'll burst. Those fertile twin globes are the property of his male owners now. That tender plump head of his cock is tied up and attached to the rope around his neck to stretch his todger. A weighted bucket attached to the rope around his neck tightens as more and more heavy cylinders are added. Every desperate breath he takes becomes precious.

  While gasping for air, a big thick dildo is shoved up his hairy cunt and locked in place so his arsehole is constantly stretched. Another dildo is rammed down his throat making the desperate hetero splutter as gastric juice rise up his throat and dribble out of his mouth. Rob goes red in the face totally overwhelmed with the intense and persist invasion of his mouth. Every sensation in his body is heightened and edged to breaking point so that he feels like he can't take another second. But this is what his life is now that this straight fucker has been made to submit. Now he really has something to cry about.  


  Tied and gagged, CBT, arse flogged and caned, arse viciously fingered, vibrator rammed up his arsehole, electro shocks to his balls, penis, gooch and arsehole.  
Added 30th July 2014

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Every young business should be stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants ready to receive full-on relentless arse punishment by his superiors. With his hairy body on show, Rob is tied in place so he's totally helpless to prevent the invasive hands from wandering over the warm contours of his bulge and the hot spot between his arse cheeks. Tape is wrapped around his face to gag the fucker from moaning too much. After feeling Rob's tightly contained genitals his pants are torn off to leave him totally exposed. Rob is horrified at having his bum hole so vulnerable. His cock and balls are knotted and attached to his ankles so his arsehole is permanently on show. With that moist warm sphincter on diplay, suited Adrian enters to administer severe punishment to his arse lashing him viciously till his bum burns red. Dave widens his ring shoving his fingers deep up into his arse.

  His sperm-filled balls go purple as his legs kick up and tighten the noose. The men ram a vibrating dildo on a stick up his arse. They fuck his arse with the vibrator humming angrily away and loosening up his insides till bum juice spills out copiously to make a shameful puddle. Adrian administers quick shocks to his genitals, making sparks as his tender skin is zapped. Rob thrashes out and cries in misery which only makes him inadvertently stretch his bound cock and balls more. The trapped hetero has no idea when or if this unceasing punishment will ever end.  


  Tied with battered arse on show, gagged, arse paddled, made to swallow piss straight from a cock, dick sucking and rimming training, fucked, spit-roasted, fed two loads of cum.  
Added 13th August 2014

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Rob is one hard straight bastard. He still believes he deserves respect and his big businessman's salary for doing nothing but sitting in a high rise office looking important all day. Well now he's tied in a grimy basement with his sore arse pointed up for any man to use or discipline as they like. He demands to be let loose and for the big bad men to stop touching his arsehole. Well, he's going to feel the men's wicked cruelty till he learns to love his new submissive role to men's cocks! A gag is shoved in his filthy mouth and his bum is given a whacking till his cheeks burn bright red. Now any lash from the paddle is agonizing. He's ordered to open his mouth so Dave can feed him his piss. He must swallow every drop of the man's stinking urine or else his aching bum will get another paddling. Rob is one sloppy fucker because the piss keeps dribbling out of his ungrateful mouth. He gets an arse beating till he learns to want anything but one more whack.

  Breathless and in pain he's presented with Dave's cock to chow down on. The men order him to suck him good or they'll vent their anger out on his bum. Just when Rob gets down so hard he can feel Dave's cock at the back of his throat, Adrian invades Rob's arse fucking him hard. The man ram the hetero at both ends till he's completely overwhelmed and doing everything he can to serve the demanding men. His hairy manly body is penetrated so much he would collapse if it weren't for the ropes holding his arms. Since he's so useless at sucking cock Dave presents his arse for Rob to lick out. This straight bastard must get used to orally servicing man pussy. Near-weeping and exhausted, Rob must open his mouth to receive the men's sperm. Fresh loads of cum will be this hopeful young professional's only payment from now on.  


  Tied, made to kiss and tongue two men, breath control, cock teased till he grows an erection, arsehole fingered, flogged, body and foreskin are pegged and torn away.  
Added 27th August 2014

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If Rob is going to be a sex toy for men he has to cater to whatever fantasy we desire. This mean straight lad looks very hot kitted up in army gear. He's tied up like a new recruit going through the hardest initiation ritual of his life. Rob angrily resists and insults his new owners every chance he gets so needs to be taught to obey. For this straight lad there is no worse hurdle to overcome than the mental anguish of kissing another man. They restrain the hot man and make him open his mouth to theirs while they slather him with their tongues. The most effective way to keep him in check is make it so every breath he takes is given to him by his captors. They tie a rope around his neck and attach it to a weight. There is no mouthing back now. With his hot hairy chest exposed they stroke his bulge till he can't help developing a big stiffy. His underwear is pulled down to reveal his burning erection and big loose balls. It's not about his pleasure.

  They rub up against his tight arse while smacking his stiffy down. That hairy hole of his is so tempting Adrian can't resist plunging his finger inside to invade his warm anus. The men discipline him by flogging the bastard's body and arse. Pegs are attached up and down his body so that every nerve ending is being stimulated. While getting a beating they are then torn off him so his whole body is aflame with agonizing sensation. Now giving a kiss doesn't seem so bad.  


Rob Chance is a sexy young English hetero. Well educated and polite you would never think that he has recently decided he wants to test himself in extreme bdsm being totally dominated by other men. Breeder Fuckers is the perfect outlet for curious breeders like Rob. His fit young body is so tempting it would be easy to go overboard on the innocent young lad. Do we go too far? You be the judge.