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  Will is due to marry his sweetheart Tracy soon and the couple have been looking around for a flat to call their own. Unfortunately for them the apartment they have their heart set on is owned by Adrian, who has designs on Will. Adrian and Dave make it their mission to trap the straight lad and use him for their sadistic and deviant sexual thrills. The 2 perv ALWAYS get their man, no matter how good looking, straight and angry he is.  
Age 21, Young professional

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  Recorded fucking his girlfriend on hidden CCTV, bound spread-eagled, stripped naked, hard belted on the bare arse, fucked anally by 2 men, cum on bum hole.  
Added 22nd July 2015

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When not capturing and tormenting straight men Adrian lets out one bedroom flats to young couples. Today he is checking in an innocent pair, Will and Tracy. Will is particularly easy on the eye with his big brown eyes, athletic young body and bashful demeanour. Contract signed, Adrian collects the cash deposit and hands over the keys. He then leaves the couple to enjoy their new abode.

Late evening and Adrian retreats to his lair and a bank of monitors. It turns out that the flat is rigged with cameras. Unbeknownst Will takes a dump in the toilet with Adrian watching his every move. Adrian settles down to enjoy the rest of the night's entertainment - the young straight Will fucking his fiancé like a beast. Dave joins Adrian leering over the innocent lad's naked body and the couple's most intimate moments laid bare and exposed in the most sordid of ways. Streamed live in breath-taking close-up on several cameras.

  The low debauchery of Adrian and Dave doesn't end there. With Tracy off to work all night Will is left to rest off his coitus without a care in the world. The 2 pervs take the opportunity to let themselves into the flat and hungrily set upon Will. Bleary-eyed Will doesn't know what's happening when Dave binds him spread eagled. The bedclothes are torn off revealing a totally naked young lad- easy prey to 2 older sadists. Adrian pulls his belt off and tears into the boy's peachy backside carving bright red lash marks into his skin. Will is gagged to muffle his screams or else risk waking the neighbours for what comes next. Dave unleashes his hard thick cock and inserts it into Will's tight sweet rectum, fucking the lad thoroughly. Adrian jumps on and too fucks the terrified straight boy. Both tops spurt hot cum over the boy's red ruined hole, thoroughly enjoying all they have taken from him...  


Will is an incredible find. 100% straight, Will is keen and ambitious to get on in the industry, to make money and have a good time whilst working hard to give producers exactly what they need. Incredibly handsome he is not the least bit starry and will go the extra yard to perfect a scene.

  Tied down, gagged, tighty whities destroyed, finger fucked, spanked with paddle, made to suck cock, arse fucked, spitroasted, mouth filled with cum.  
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We've been coveting Will for so long it's overwhelmingly exciting finally having him all to ourselves. Dave is going to enjoy every minute with this hetero boy's body. Will comes to disorientated and angry. He can't accept the situation he's in, but there is nothing he can do about being tied down while stripped naked except for his enticing tight white pants. They show off his curved lily arse beautifully. His pants are totally trashed so he will now be totally and permanently exposed. Will's virgin arse is broken as Dave vigorously shoves his finger in and out of his sphincter. The straight boy has never experienced having his prostate stimulated before and is disgusted to feel his cock stiffening. Will needs to learn what punishment he'll receive if he keeps struggling against us. He's delivered a harsh paddling which leaves his pristine bum all glowing red.

  After watching this cocky boy being serviced by his girlfriend we want to experience being serviced by him. Adrian enters and demands that his cock be sucked while Dave hovers the paddle over his arse promising to give him more hard whacks if he disobeys. Will is taught how to suck a cock learning that this has nothing to do with his pleasure. While he's distracted gagging on a stiffy, Dave shoves his cock into Will's sore arse. The men spit roast the fucker building to such a frenzy that a torrent of spunk is unleashed into Will's wet gob. Every stage of his degradation is recorded on Dave's camera phone so the whole world will know about his humiliating downfall.  


  Bound on his hands and knees, gagged, anal hook, spanked, balls and cock pegged, fucked with a dildo lubed up with his own spit, made to ejaculate, fed his own cum, CBT, bum and balls electro shocked.  
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Proud hetero Will was only just recently in the comfort and security of his home. Now he's been reduced to a beast displayed naked on all fours. His arms and legs are secured to the bench and his mouth is stuffed with a gag making him drool pathetically. Dave inserts a sadistic anal hook into his sphincter and ties it to his head. This keeps the fucker's face pointing forward and his arse in the air. Just the way we want him. When he's given a lashing with a leather strap Will can't protectively move his bum away from the onslaught without ripping his insides out. Clips are attached to his genitals so he can feel the sharpened pinch as Dave tears each one off. His arse and face glow red from the punishment with copious amounts of spit spilling down his face. It'd be a shame to let all that slick hetero spit go to waste so Dave uses it to lube up the big nasty dildo. He inserts it up his throbbing rectum and orders the boy to fuck himself on it like a proper slut.

  It's an integral part of Will's training as a new gay whore that he learn how to fuck his own hole. He sits back, but when he doesn't penetrate himself deep enough Dave rams the dildo in and out of his hole. Adrian greases him up with baby oil so his peach-pale skin glistens all over. If his girlfriend were to see him now she'd think he was just an insatiable gay slut boy who likes to be fucked relentlessly in seedy nightclubs. Adrian demandingly strokes his cock while his g-spot is continuously hit with Dave's fucking him. He can't stop himself growing a big hard on and ejaculating. Adrian laps up all his creamy straight goo and feeds it back to the whining fucker. Will trembles all over with the power of his orgasm and the fucking he's just received. To secure his genitals up for later use his emptied balls and sore cock are secured with rubber bands and chopsticks. He's delivered a final punishment where his sensitive arsehole, balls and piss slit are given shocks. Will is rendered utterly exhausted and helpless. His straight cunt now totally belongs to us.  


  Bound wearing jock strap, made to worship two cocks, deep throat dick sucking, two cocks pushed in his mouth, arse caned, bastinado, ballgagged, flogged, fucked, balls clamped in a humbler, arse filled with a dildo.  
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Will was recently such a proud hetero dude and now look what he's been reduced to! A submissive slut on his knees wearing only a tight little jock strap that can barely control his bulging cock and balls. Two cocks are presented in front of his face and he must service them both. His innocent pink lips rub over the men's purple helmets, the bum fluff on his chin gently teasing their shafts. Adrian and Dave demand more and more sucking and make him go deeper. The heady stink of men's genitals fills his nostrils. Will is overwhelmed till his saliva is dripping down the men's erections. They ram both their dicks into his gob stretching his lips wide open.

  This pathetic boy's oral abilities aren't up to scratch. He's pushed on his back and strung up to the ceiling. Will is silenced as a ball gag is stuffed in his mouth. That perfect tight arsehole is so temptingly presented between the straps of his jock. He's given an old-fashioned caning making his perfect pale bum cheeks glow with red stripes. The tender soles of his feet are whacked making him squirm in agony. Dave delivers a vicious blow flogging his arse making him nearly bite through his gag. With his arse being fully done over his sphincter has closed up so tightly! Now this boy's pristine hole make such a tight fuck as Adrian plunges his cock into him. Will's proud heavy balls are secured in a humbler so tightly they bulge red and purple. A dildo is inserted up his bum, but he has such a wet sloppy hole now it pops right out. The sign of a proper slag!  


  Tied to a medical exam table, cock sucked, genitals secured in chopsticks, balls crushed, cock pegged, arsehole fingered and drilled with a dildo, arse cheeks caned.  
Added 16th September 2015

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Will is a perfect male specimen at his sexual peak. If ever there was a pervy doctor's dream subject, this boy is it! Fit trim body, tantalizing armpit and pubic hair, long excitable cock, big bulging balls and tight pristine anus. Spread out on the exam table his perfect dick is taken in the doctor's mouth and sucked till he can feel it thickening excitedly. The boy is at his prime and can’t stop his cock growing at the least bit of stimulation. Taking his genitals under their control chopsticks are fitted over his balls, his shaft and the sensitive delicate glans of his penis. Will squirms and moans in absolute agony. His testicles really are bulging and full of sperm. To get a better view of them a Perspex ball crusher is fixed over his testicles. Pressed flat any little touch sends the lad into hysterical fits of pain. That naughty cock of his fitted with pegs so every nerve ending in his dick sends waves of pain throughout his body. Will is under suck strain sweat pours from his hairy armpits.

  With his ankles secured up by his head, Will’s perfect arsehole is fully on display. The doctors want to test the depth of this boy’s anal cavity. The most effect method of doing this is sliding their bare fingers up his arsehole and gradually widening the muscular ring of sphincter. Next a dildo attached to a power tool is rammed up his hole and pounds mercilessly up into the boy’s guts. The doctors note how the patient’s body flushes red and moans in excruciating agony. To add to the subject’s stress his pale arse cheeks are whacked relentlessly with a switch. Only through rigorous testing like this can we medical professionals truly test the sexual nature of straight men by straining him to his absolute limit. It’s all for the good of science!