Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Tough as nails, Alex has left his home country to make some money and express himself in a place which is relatively free. Appearing in Breeder Fuckers is a two fingered salute to those who would try to stop him.  
Age 23, Porter

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  Taken from a building site, tied, clothes shredded, flogged, disciplined, cock and balls roped, dick manipulated till erect, electro shocks to his cock, arse fucked with a dildo, face covered in piss.  
Added 16th May 2018

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Sexy construction worker Alex can't see a good opportunity when it's staring him directly in the face! Here we are offering him a fuckload of pleasure and money much more than the pennies he earns from the hard sweaty labour he does all day on a building site. But this hetero bastard can't get past his pride and turns us down cold. Well we're going to have our way with his hot masculine body. We make him submit and wrangle him down into our lair to destroy his clothes, squeeze his balls and sniff every inch of his naked body. Now that Alex's body is restrained and spread on display we teach him whose the fucking boss by lashing his arse till he's pleading for us to stop. His cock and balls are roped up so he understand that his precious jewels belong to us now. With our expert stimulation his prick becomes engorged and some sharp electro shocks to his piss slit make him crumble and weep while we laugh wickedly in his face.

Alex is bent over so we can pound his hairy virgin arsehole making this thick fucker groan and clench every muscle in his body. At the same time a big fat dildo is shoved in his gob. Now this straight fucker is primed to be spitroasted! We humiliate him pissing all over his proud face so he stinks and is covered in shame!


Alex must be our most excited performer yet! This pervy lad can't wait to be dominated and controlled while also testing out some new filthy action. His dick is nearly bursting out of his pants he's so eager to start.

  Discipline bench, bondage, gagged, arse belted, flogged, balls restrained, caned, bastinado, mouth used as urinal.  
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Alex is like an enraged fucking beast strapped to the bench as he is. Dave mocks his predicament and yanks his tight pants so hard the fabric wedges deep up in his arse crack and against his arsehole. His pants are destroyed giving full access to his hairy bum. The panicked boy fights against his restraints feel his arse parted and spanked. He's absolutely helpless to prevent any discipline that's going to be inflicted upon his bum. Alex weeps in pain and frustration. It raises an incredible ire in a man if he wants to fight and defend himself but if he can't. His cock and balls are roped and attached to the wall. Dave lashes his bum cheeks with a cane and orders him to present the sensitive soles of his feet for a whipping. It's a trait of stupid straight men that they feel sorry for themselves when they're so powerless. But we're not going to show any pity to this sad cunt. Dave yanks his head up and pisses directly into his mouth. So now tears and piss are running down his sorry fucking face!



  Tied, cock manipulated till erect, CBT, balls flogged, gagged, fucked with vibrator and fucking tool, arse cheeks caned, nipples pegged, milked dry, face covered in piss.  
Added 20th June 2018

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Alex is a proud silent fucker, but even if he refuses to say anything Dr Dave is going to make his body say it all. He ties this hairy bastard while Alex is stark naked so his legs are splayed and his package is totally exposed. With some expect strokes and stimulation to his cock it grows to a thick hard erection with precum seeping out of the head. Alex can't stop himself from growing excited by this persistent manipulation, but now that his dick is throbbing it's tied to trap it in place. Dave lashes his balls with a flogger which finally extracts some sound from this stoic cunt. Alex can feel his jewels being bashed to the point he feels like he's driven crazy. His arsehole is widened and stretched open till his hairy sphincter is sloppy wet. Notice how as his arsehole is being mechanically fucked his dick vibrators in time with his g-spot being pounded.

  Alex is totally overcome with sensation of being rammed so hard and persistently and he thrashes against his binding when his arse cheeks are caned to the point he can't stand it. His body has been totally worked over and Dave pumps his cock while ramming his hole. Alex has totally lost control of his body and can't stop himself from ejaculating all over his hairy torso. Now that Dr Dave has used Alex's body in every perverted way he pleases he covers the sorry fucker in shame giving him a golden shower.