Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Tough hetero thug Anton agrees to perform with us because he wants a challenge. We take him to the brink giving him a mind-blowingly hard fucking work out!    
Age 27, Scaffolder

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  • Restrained
  • clothes destroyed
  • persistently groped
  • we shove our tongues down his throat
  • breath control
  • cock manipulated
  • arse flogged
  • fixed in position with an anal hook
    Added 11th November 2020

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    Young hetero Anton arrives wanting to work out. But we're going to give this sexy fucker a harder workout then he ever imagined. He's the type of shy straight bastard who refuses to strip in front of other men because he doesn't want them perving over him. But we have a way of making him display his body to turn us on. We cuff him and restrain his ankles with a leg spreader. Now there's no way he can stop us from groping his big dangly cock through his trackie bottoms. He's a hard man that refuses to show emotion but if he doesn't comply and turn us on the punishment will be severe. We restrain him so he's gasping for air. Struggling to catch his breath makes him more compliant and he can't control his body's reaction when we stimulate his dick so he grows a big fat hardon. To remind the smug bastard that this isn't about his pleasure Dave wallops his arse so hard it burns.

      Anton is completely overwhelmed as we slide an anal hook up his sphincter. Now we've got him completely restrained and exposed. This is exactly how all straight thugs should be treated!  


  • Restrained
  • gagged
  • foreskin clamped
  • genitals manipulated with cock pump
  • supervised erection
  • nipples pegged
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • arse belted
    Added 24th November 2020

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    The way to break this hard hetero man is to thoroughly humble him. Anton expects the world to move for him but here he's tied on all fours in nothing but his tight white pants awaiting the attention of any passing gentlemen. Fixed in place with a bit in his mouth he's like a caught wild stallion who can't prevent us from unleashing all our revenge upon him and using his arse for our own perverted pleasure. That big straight arse is so tempting we take our time groping and manipulating his genitals. We seize complete control of his cock clipping his foreskin to his toes so he's unable to move. Anton can't control his dick's reaction as it's stroked. While it hardens his bright shiny glans emerge. We've sussed out that this dumb bastard is turned on by being controlled and humiliated! We fix that throbbing member inside a cock pump so Anton is trapped in exquisite agony with his pleasure being kept completely under our supervision.

      He's gagging for it so much that precum is dripping! We're so hungry to use that arse Dave rams a big fat dildo up his virgin hole ramming him while simultaneously whacking his round pale bum cheeks with a belt. This is the thrashing this hetero cunt deserves for being such a filthy slut!  


  • Bound
  • CBT
  • dick cruelly restrained
  • gagged
  • fucked with a powertool
  • nipples pegged
  • bastinado
    Added 9th December 2020

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    Hetero Anton is seething with rage bound as he is in such a vulnerable position with his legs akimbo and nothing but a thin pair of shorts covering his genitals. But there's nothing this feisty bastard can do to escape his predicament or resist Adrian's insistent groping. With just a few snips his protective shorts fall away revealing his sexy hairy arsehole and great big bollocks. The only way to teach this smug fucker a lesson is to bind up his precious jewels so he's in constant agonizing pain. His proud dick is flattened with a series of chopsticks binding it and his plump bollocks are roped up like plums about to pop. This tough bastard shows what a whimpering pussy he is hollering for help, but all this earns him is a gag fastened over his mouth. That arse is so tempting we use a fat dildo attached to a power tool to bust his hole open and relentlessly fuck him. Dave administers a cruel caning to the sensitive soles of his feet. Now every nerve ending in his body is screaming in agony. It's exactly what this straight fucker deserves!



  • Cuffed naked
  • sphincter spread with a speculum
  • used as a human urinal
  • arse filled with piss
  • ordered to humiliatingly crawl across the floor
  • dog training
  • arse belted
  • made to swallow the urine that was up his bum
    Added 30th December 2020

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    Now that Anton has felt the vicious sting of our severe punishment he knows to obey! We keep him stark naked and handcuffed. As soon as he hears Dave's thunderous command he's instantly on his knees with his arse in the air. All we have to do is mechanically spread his bumhole and secure a funnel inside him to turn him into a straight boy human urinal! Anton feels the crushing humiliation as we both piss directly into his arse. All that warm stinking urine sloshing around inside him is secured in his anal cavity with a butt plug. The pressure of having it trapped inside is unbearably excruciating. It takes every last drop of his willpower to resist yanking out that plug to release it, but Anton knows that if he does the backlash will be SEVERE! We turn him into a pup and make him fetch by crawling across the floor stark naked desperately trying to please us. Every hesitation earns him a sharp lashing to his bum.

      Anton is in such agonizing pain and he's so demoralized that tears run down his cheeks as he struggles to obey. When Anton is finally allowed to release the pressure in his arse he must squat over a bowl to let it all out. It's such a relief to let it all out that he doesn't realise he will have to lap up every drop of piss that shoots out of his arse. This is a whole new level of humiliation that this hetero will never forget!  


  • Tied down
  • gagged
  • pants destroyed
  • bum paddled and spanked
  • arsehole slicked up with spit
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • CBT
    Added 20th January 2021

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    Sexy hetero bastard Anton plays innocent. As if getting tattoos, sporting a sexy beard and wearing trousers that emphasise his arse aren't meant to tease and turn men like us on?! It's entirely his fault that we're driven to entrapping straight cunts like this and giving him exactly what he deserves: relentless discipline and anal punishment. Now that he's trussed up in nothing but a skimpy pair of pants and can do nothing to protect his rear, this fucker is reduced to spouting homophobic insults. We teach Anton who is really the boss by tearing that fabric away and spanking his arse till he can't stand it any longer. Dave pries apart the lad's sore bum cheeks to expose the target of Anton's pink arsehole. He spits directly on it and the hetero squirms in disgust as he feels his hole being lubed up for a pounding! But there is nothing he can do to prevent us driving into his arse by first prying open that sphincter and then fucking him with a fat fucking dildo.

      His fulsome genitals are cruelly weighed down to breaking point while we relentlessly invade his hole. This is exactly what Anton had coming to him!