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  Bryce is a naturally kinky hetero guy, but he's uncertain about sexual contact with men which isn't under the stern direction of chicks. His performance is a total revelation in how a straight man who enjoys arse play reacts when acting in our intensely sadistic all male scenes.  
Age 35, Security guard

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  Uniformed, caught, bound, gut punch, gagged, cock manipulated, flogged, electro shocks to his dick, sphincter stretched, fucked with a vibrator, nipples and foreskin clamped, arse filled with a massive butt plug.  
Added 15th August 2018

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Muscular bastard Bryce is a straight security man. All brawn and no brains. He's a prime specimen covered in dark manly hair and filled with testosterone, but he spends all his time sat on his juicy arse. What a fucking waste! Time to use this meat head properly and tie him up in our lair for a wicked session of discipline and queer slut training. Once he's bound in place with his arms stretched up Dave can grope and perv over his masculine naked body. The raunchy fucker is so easily stimulated it only takes a bit of cock manipulation to give him a raging stiff hard on. He's swiftly taught this isn't about his own selfish pleasure but about us getting our sadistic jollies off from his body. His arse is flogged and sharp electric shocks are given to his tender prick. But Bryce is the strong silent type and since he realizes there is no way out of this he refuses to give us the satisfaction of begging.

  Dave loves a challenge and ingeniously inflicts sadistic punishment that has him howling like a bitch under his ball gag!  


  Bound, cock restrained, CBT, power tool fucking, arse caned, bastinado, nipples and dick pegged, sore arse covered in hot wax.  
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We've got hetero Bryce trussed up like a turkey with his hairy arsehole and gonads perilously exposed. No amount of kicking or fighting can cover his precious bits. We want to drill into his thick skull that his genitals are now our possession to restrain or discipline as we please. Dave restrains his cock trapping and squeezing it till Bryan feels like it's going to pop off. Every clip added increases the tension until Bryce is trembling from the agonizing pain. A fat dildo is rammed up his arse and he's mechanically drilled till his sphincter is stretched wide open. As he's wickedly pounded notice how his hairy bum cheeks vibrate madly. Dave then subjects that bum to a vicious caning. When Bryce struggles to pull his feet down to protect his arse the only result is to get a wicked caning to the soles of his feet. With the increased pressure and discipline tight lipped Bryce starts grunting like the hulk.

  This angry hetero wants to rip me apart but all that muscle and fury is devilishly restrained while he's left in simmering rage.  


  Tied, gagged, fucked with a dildo, made to fuck himself, arse thrashed and caned, nipples pegged, CBT, wanked, balls drained.  
Added 12th September 2018

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Masculine Bryce is full of fiery anger and spunk now he's realized what filthy fuckers we are. He uses all the strength in his body to fight against his restraints but he's trapped in place while Dr Dave is determined to act out his pervy medical fantasy on him. This is a physical unlike any this proud fucker has experienced before. This straight security guard thinks his body is a temple, but it's ours to use in whatever sadistic way we please. His tight white pants are destroyed so his fat dick and hairy balls tumble out. His arse is rammed full with a thick dildo. Bryce is ordered to fuck himself with it but refuses and that means punishment. Dave rams the cock on a stick up him and thrashes his bum cheeks at the same time so his arse is punished inside and out. Then it's time to tame Bryce's thick unwieldy dong. Dave weighs down his tumescent prick with a heavy weight and simultaneously canes his arse cheeks.

  All Bryce's furious energy is leached out with this gruelling unrelenting treatment till he's left a grunting pleading bastard. Desperate for any relief, Bryce's cock is manipulated till he's achingly hard and releases a huge stream of semen. He's left totally drained with spunk slowly drying on his once proud face.