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  Hetero Cal comes to perform in our videos because heís proud of his impressive muscular body, but the lesson in humility he receives will permanently change his macho ego. We had an excellent time working with this feisty stud!  
Age 38, Personal Trainer

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  • Seized and restrained
  • groped
  • humiliated
  • virgin arsehole stretched
  • flogged
  • nipples and genitals pegged
  • CBT
    Added 2nd March 2022

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    Big strong hetero Cal fancies himself as a model who can make lots of demands about how heís photographed and who can be in the room while heís posing. This arrogant straight bastard needs to be taken down a few notches! We give him a false sense of security before grabbing him and roping his arms and legs to the wall. Now this cunt has no control and weíre going to give him the rigorous and humiliating punishment he deserves! Notice how his face and chest go very red as we strip and feel him up! Cal is not only fucking furious but heís very embarrassed. This muscular beastís masculine ego canít take it! Once Dave parts his arse cheeks to ram his saliva slicked finger deep inside his anus Cal is consumed with rage. What makes it even more excruciating for him is the shame of being photographed so heís aware that he will never be able to live down being trussed up like a kinky whore.


    He’s not even as tough as he thinks because just a few lashes and pegs attached to the most sensitive areas of his body make him whine and weep like a bitch. This thick skulled ape has plenty of fight left in him so we’re going to savour making him completely submit to our sadistic pervy desires.



  • Gagged
  • cuffed
  • cock manipulated till he's erect
  • arse paddled
  • supervised enema
  • butt plug inserted in his arse
  • nipples and genitals pegged
    Added 16th March 2022

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    Hetero Cal has such a hairy masculine body he deserves to be treated more like a beast than a man. As such he needs to be trained and disciplined to do what we desire. This sporty bastard is suspended from the ceiling so we can grope and intrusively take our pleasure from the most intimate parts of his body. Look at that immense muscular arse framed by his jock strap! And feeling that pouch at the front reveals how this fucker's sensitive cock is semi hard. He's got such a vigorous sex drive he can't stop himself growing an erection with our persistent tugging. We whip his shorts down and lead him around by his dick. That round arse deserves a spanking and Dave whacks it till his cheeks are burning pink.


    If we're going to fuck that arse we first want to clean it out. Cal moans in pain and embarrassment as a tube is inserted up his arse and we fill his anal cavity with ice cold water. All that liquid is secured up inside him with a butt plug. Tears stream down his face from the humiliation. The pressure is immense and any punch to his hair stomach causes him absolute anguish. We peg the most sensitive parts of his body so Cal is overwhelmed by an agony he never imagined possible. He'll do anything to make it stop and as the plug is ripped from his anus he desperately squirts out all the filthy water. Cal is burning with shame as we've utterly and irretrievably trashed his manly pride!



  • Tied to an exam table
  • groped
  • humiliated
  • CBT
  • balls crushed
  • cock and nipples pegged
  • fucked with a power tool
  • arse caned
    Added 30th March 2022

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    Hairy hetero beast Cal needs to be restrained at all times because he's a mean angry fucker. We've got him tied down so we can pervily grope every inch of his meaty body and punish him more cruelly than he ever imagined possible. All he can do is grunt and grapple against his bindings. He refuses to be sexually pleasured by men so we need to use a special means to relax him and attach mini bottles directly beneath his nostrils. We take ownership of his dick and balls restraining and crushing them. He feels an intense constant pain in his nuts and shaft. The dumb cunt isn't so proud of his jewels now. He'll do anything to make us stop but little does he know we're about to make him feel absolute agony. We suspend his legs in the air giving us total access to his tender virgin arsehole. That hole is incredibly tight despite the sniff we've given him and we break straight into it pounding his arse full with a giant dildo.


    We viciously fuck him with the tool so Cal goes red and trembles from the overwhelming sensation. This is the most excruciating feeling he's ever experienced. He's not such a tough bastard anymore!



  • Gagged
  • pony training
  • arse spanked
  • ruthlessly beaten
  • worked to physical exhaustion
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • face covered in piss
    Added 13th April 2022

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    When masculine sportsman Cal is stark naked he looks like a great big stupid muscular beast. So why not treat him like an animal?! Dave is rearing to train this new stallion. He fits a bit and leash in Cal's mouth before making him get down on his hands and knees. From this lowly position hetero Cal is painfully aware of how far he's fallen and he can only submissively stare up at us while we tower over him. Dave sits his full weight on this bastard's bare back and orders him to crawl around the room. The sight of his big pale buttocks pumping up and down while he struggles to comply is fucking hilarious. The effort is so great that within seconds this proud straight man is panting and red faced. All that brawn and might and he can barely make it across the room! Our stern verbal demands and sharp smacks to his arse from the riding crop spur him on to continue beyond his limits.


    His shrivelled dick and balls dangle uselessly between his strong legs that are being worked overtime. We properly turn him into a bitch filling Cal's arse with a big dildo and pounding him till he's moaning in desperation. He's so worn out he can barely hold himself up anymore but Dave generously gives him sustenance straight from his dick. The fucker's overheated face is drenched in stinking hot piss while we laugh uproariously. Cal isn't only trembling from such a massive exertion; he's also filled with shame!



  • Tied
  • gagged
  • bare arse paddled
  • sphincter stretched
  • arsehole fucked with a giant dildo
  • genitals weighed down
  • CBT
    Added 4th May 2022

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    Cal is a typical narcissistic straight bodybuilding arsehole. Part of the excitement and pleasure of disciplining and fucking with twats like him is hearing them squealing in torment when they know exactly what's about to be done to their precious bodies. Cal refuses to admit his arse and genitals are being fondled by a man so I need to silence him. With a gag stuffed in his gob his frantic cries are muffled while I go angry schoolmaster on his arse paddling those massive round cheeks until they blaze pink. This ENRAGES the cunt and he nearly tears apart the bench he's tied to in his absolute desperation to escape and wreak his revenge. We humiliate him further ordering him to stick his arse out to display the hole to us or his bum will receive a harder beating. Now that we get a look at his virgin cunt we can't resist stretching and tearing into it.


    We pound that hole open with a fat dildo and Cal is furious but all he can do is slam his fists down into the padding of the metal massage bench. To remind him we haven't forgotten about his dick and balls, we freely fondle them before heavily weighing his package down so he's in constant agony while getting his arse rammed open at the same time. What a horny rush delivering this arrogant piece of shit the discipline he deserves!