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  Young Craig is an eager fresh performer looking for new sexual experiences. We ask him about his expectations and desires while he's bound in place for his next scene.  
Age 20, Decorator

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  Grabbed and tied, gagged, breath control, groped, arse flogged, wanked, arsehole fingered, anal hook.  
Added 24th August 2016

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Cocky young Craig thinks because he's kitted out in a cheap suit and works pulling in punters to a gentlemen's club he's a proper lad. He tries to lure us into his sleaze hole but we're more interested in what he's packing in his pants. We want the goods that this fucker thinks he's too much of a big man to offer. We're going to turn him into a real slut like the sluts who slide up and down the poles of his club. We stuff him into our car boot and take him into our lair where he's bound and gagged.

Now he's in a very precarious position tied up and grunting like a pig. A rope attached to a weight is lassoed around his neck so the sorry fucker can barely move while we strip him down pervily groping him all over. Sliding his tighty whities to the side his big luscious cock and balls flops out. Those pants are wedged up tight to slide against his virgin arsehole. His tight hairy arse cheeks are lashed while his large floppy cock is tugged till his penis is throbbing. Craig is locked into place with an anal hook slid up his rectum making him terrified to move even though we've got his big cock in hand.

There may be rules about no touching in the clubs Craig draws punters into. But here we can grope and use his body however we please. Those cock and balls are leashed while Dave flogs him relentlessly. He may have dismissed us as just a couple of queers but we're going to make him work for our attention. Now he's made to feel the hell of total and absolute subjugation.


Young Craig is an eager fresh performer looking for new sexual experiences. We ask him about his expectations and desires while he's bound in place for his next scene.

  Bound to discipline bench, gagged, caned, bare arse whipped till he begs to suck cock, spitroasted, mercilessly fucked, face drenched in cum.  
Added 31st August 2016

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Feisty hetero Craig has realised what a hellishly vulnerable position he's in strapped down stark naked to our discipline bench. Just when he begins begging for mercy we silence him with a gag. There's no greater suffering for a straight man than the wicked tension of having his exposed arse pointed up with vicious salivating perverts circling it. Pain is more acute when it's stretched out over a long period of time. Adrian whacks his arse continuously for so long that every slice of the cane hitting his sore red bottom is absolute agony for him.

Craig will do anything to make it stop even beg for his gob to be filled with a fat angry dick. Dave fucks his mouth while Adrian spreads his sore arse cheeks. He rubs the head of his cock against Craig's tight warm sphincter drawing out the tension. He plunges inside and fucks him hard.

Notice how Craig helplessly kicks his legs unable to do anything to stop being mercilessly rammed. Adrian unleashes a stream of cum onto Craig's face. While it's dripping down his pretty features Dave plunges into his arse. Craig is shocked feeling a second man tearing into his arse and then he receives a second load on his ruined face. This straight boy has now learned what it means to be a submissive bitch for randy men.


  Tied and gagged, flogged, arse fingered, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls suspended, CBT.  
Added 14th September 2016

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Craig needs to be initiated into becoming a 24/7 cock slave for horny men. Bound on his knees in nothing but his tight white pants, Craig uselessly struggles. His thick dick and balls bulge so enticingly Dave pervily gropes the straight boy feeling his package's full weight through the thin fabric. Craig's face is shoved in Dave's stinking crotch so he can rub the boy's proud features with his cock and balls. He must wriggle out of his pants which is painfully difficult with his arms tied behind his back. Dave encourages him along lashing him for his reluctance and slovenliness.

The sorry fucker moans pathetically as Dave rams his fingers up his arse using the boy's body however he wishes. He goes even deeper sliding a vibrator up inside him hitting Craig's g-spot while Dave strokes his cock. Now this straight boy will forever associate having his cock stroked with his arse being insistently rammed.

Craig's legs and cock are bound making him almost entirely immobile and helpless to stop whatever Dave wishes to do to him. Craig's package are roped to a heavy weight causing him the most intense, excruciating pain while Dave continues to invade his sore arsehole. Every second of this agonizing BDSM feels like years to this straight boy burning with anger.


  Cock sucking training, fucked, humiliated, spitroasted, fucked with a thick dildo, flogged, face covered in piss.  
Added 28th September 2016

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From the moment we saw sexy young Craig we knew we had to have him. Now here he is just like we imagined him in our filthiest pervy fantasies: stark naked and strapped down arse up on a discipline bench. This proud cunt's mouth and arse have been left unused his whole life. We make up for that by ramming his hole full with our hard cocks! He needs assertive instructions about how to go down on a man's eager dick. When he clamps his jaw shut and jerks his head away, Dave corrects Craig by grabbing his ears hard and pushing his head down on Adrian's erection. He thrusts in so deep Craig is gagging and feels he can barely breathe.

All Craig's protestations are answered with aggression and verbal humiliation driving into him what a thick straight bastard he really is. Adrian rams his arse while Dave has a go at fucking his mouth.

We spitroast the moaning fucker till he's sore and begging us to stop. A big dildo is rammed up Craig's arse so Adrian can spank his arse while Dave continues to facefuck him. Craig thinks he's still too good to satisfy men's cocks. Dave drives in how low he's sunk by pissing all over his face that's burning red with shame. That'll make the stupid cunt understand that he's nothing more than a sorry hetero whore.


  Tied naked, gagged, arse flogged, caned, bastinado, glans teased with a vibrator, arsehole fingered, fucked, arsehole covered in cum and filled with a butt plug.  
Added 2nd November 2016

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Hetero Craig thinks he's a big man, but we see what he's really made of when he's buck naked with his arsehole exposed. Tied in this vulnerable position he's reduced to the humiliating state of pathetically begging for his freedom. We slide our fingers over his furry arse crack feeling the warm pulse of his exposed sphincter. Craig's arse is viciously flogged till its rosy red and Dave takes a cane to the soles of his feet. This produces pain so intense you can see his feet and toes twitching in fear. Adrian takes Craig's cock in hand and presses a vibrator against the most sensitive part of his body. He feels his glans being stimulated producing feelings this straight boy doesn't want to feel in the hands of another man. At the same time his arsehole is fingered and then filled with the vibrator. Now Craig is all warmed up and turned on he's ready to be filled with real meat.

Adrian blows a load all over his sore arse so Dave can use it as lube to screw Craig next. This straight fucker is humiliated knowing another man's semen is being fucked into his arse. His entire body tenses as a second man's cum is sprayed all over his hole. Craig will now have to live forever more with the knowledge that he's a bona fide gay whore.


  Bound spread-eagle, fucked with a dildo, made to taste his own arse juice, nipples clamped, glans and testicles tied, caned, bastinado, covered in piss.  
Added 1st March 2017

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It's pure agony for a straight boy to be rendered totally powerless and naked with his vulnerable arse totally exposed. Hot fucker Craig is bound with his arms and legs in the air. No matter how hard he struggles he can't stop Dave from sliding his hands over his hairy boy body and invading his tender arse. Craig gets a big fat dildo rammed so far up his arse that pure filth flows out of his hole. The disgusting cunt is made to swallow his own stinking muck as that dildo is then rammed in his mouth and secured to his bindings. He's now literally gagging on his own anal juice. Craig continues to thrash and resist us, but he's secured more expertly in place with his tender nips and the delicate head of his penis bound to his leg spreader as well. Now he can't move a centimetre without causing himself an agonizing shock to the most sensitive parts of his body. We produce involuntary reactions from the stupid hetero bastard by tickling his feet.

Every thrash of his leg makes him yank his own dick and nuts. We laugh at the humiliated dickhead while the slightest flick of our fingers causes him unbearable anguish. Just when he thinks he can't take any more he's fucked with another fat dildo so every nerve in his body is on a razor edge. He's totally overwhelmed and burning with shame. We cool the pathetic fucker down by bathing him in a stinky piss.


  Strapped down, arsehole shaved, aggressively fingered, fucked with a power tool, cold water anal cleaning, arse caned, bastinado, fucked, arse covered in cum.  
Added 23rd March 2017

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Boyish straight Craig is secured down to the exam chair with his legs akimbo and only a pair of thin white pants between us and his most tender bits. This proud cunt only wants to be seen as a tough hard man, but we want him primed and ready to receive a huge gang of pervy men's stiff cocks. Craig doesn't even want anyone looking at his arse. Here his pants are ripped open to reveal his hairy arse crack. Dave shaves him down so his sphincter is slickly pink and fully on show! Now his puss is smooth as a gay whore's. Craig's sphincter is widened by Dave sliding his fingers in to stretch him out.

This angry boy needs to be prepped and ready for the real thing. Craig is fucked deep with a massive dildo power tool that pounds his insides and makes him leak streams of bum juice.

We clean out this filthy straight bastard's fuckhole filling him up with water. The entire bag is drained up inside him. Notice how his terrified willy trembles as his anal cavity is fully filled with icy water. We challenge him to hold it all in while whipping his arse and the sensitive soles of his feet with a promise that he'll be thrashed even more if he releases it. When he's fully clean and primed we sample the goods fucking him hard and deep, unleashing our semen onto his sore bum cheeks and anus. Adrian fucks Dave's semen deep into Craig's arse. This straight fucker is now fully prepared to be sold as a gay whore.