Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Hetero Dale is new to performing and new to BDSM, but he takes on the challenge like a thorough professional and he's a pleasure to work with.  
Age 28, Chef

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  Pinned to the floor, cuffed, uniform destroyed, tied, nipples wrenched and clamped, gut punching, flogged, made to wank another man, arse fingered, genitals pegged.  
Added 3rd February 2016

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Isn't it always the way that right when you settle down to relax some pushy prick from the gas company comes nosing around? After a full day of working his baggy uniform is rich with his sweaty masculine scent. It's impossible to resist taking a pervy look, copping a feel and stealing a sniff of this sexy blue collar stud. But this uppity cunt is so ungenerous when it comes to his body he fends off the compliment of being lusted after. Dave and Derek team up to take their pleasure from his body by seizing him and pinning him to the floor. He's so overwhelmed he can't stop the men from binding him and shredding his uniform. Now exposed and vulnerable he's going to learn how much we get turned on when horny serviceman push their way through our doors.



Dale pathetically spouts homophobic insults while the men take control of his body. Dave buries his face between his arse cheeks to get a cock-stiffening scent of his virgin cunt. Those big luscious balls are so meaty and full they eagerly gobble them up trying to fit his whole package in their gobs. Tied to the ceiling there is nothing he can do to get away from the pervy groping and harsh discipline they give him. A vicious flogging convinces him to stroke Dave's cock over his jeans as if Dale were turning into a homo. He gets an angry fingering up the arse opening his tight, warm sphincter. His body is covered in pegs so Dale is made intensely aware of every inch of his most sensitive parts. He's left suspended and excruciating pain.



Hetero Dale is new to performing and new to BDSM, but he takes on the challenge like a thorough professional and he's a pleasure to work with.


  Flogged naked, trained to suck cock, arsehole fingered and fucked with a vibrator, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum.  
Added 17th February 2016

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Proud hetero Dale is one feisty fucker. He refuses to submit to becoming our cocksucking bitch fighting us at every step of the way. Rendered naked with his hands bound behind his back, there's little Dale can do battle against Derek's vicious flogging or Dave strong-arming the bastard to the floor. He's going to learn to obey or these pervy men will flay him raw! We want this straight cunt to suck dick like a professional. He's brought to his knees and presented with a cock in front of his face.

It's now Dale's job to deliver pleasure no matter how much the taste and smell of a man's dick makes him retch. Every time he wrenches himself away from sucking cock he's ferociously whipped. The more he sucks Dave's dick the harder it gets to go down on his excited erection. While Dale is prepping Dave's cock, Derek loosens up his arsehole stretching his sphincter open.



Once his virgin straight arse is prepared Dave energetically fucks him while Derek orders Dale to suck his cock at the same time. The men bang him hard from both ends leaving him trembling and sore on the floor drenched in sperm.



  Tied down naked, arse flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls restrained, bell end stimulated, caned, made to beg for cock, dick milked.  
Added 24th February 2016

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Discipline and training in submission is what this mouthy hetero cunt needs! Bound arse-up on the table, Dale is in a painfully vulnerable position. His tight white pants are split open to show his crack and the pale nut brown rim of his sphincter. His ruined underwear makes the perfect frame for his fuckhole. Dale continues swearing and fighting so Derek gives him a hard lashing that makes his arse cheeks flame red even through his pants. Now it's time to crack this cocksucker open by screwing his arse with a vibrator. Shoved straight up his cunt he feels his g-spot stimulated for the first time in his stupid straight life.

Dave binds his big dangly testicles and his shrunken sorry knob. While he continues being insistently fucked a vibrator is taken to his glans. Even through the pain of having his cherry popped he can't stop the pleasurable feeling that surges through him as his sensitive cock head gets pleasured.


The vulnerable soles of his feet are caned causing this sorry bastard the harshest pain yet. He's ordered to rhythmically sit back on the vibrator fucking him or he'll get even worse. Dale shamelessly fucks himself so hard snot pours from his nose. He's taught how to beg to suck cock like a filthy slut. Every time he lets up he's disciplined hard. He chows down on it like a mutt with a toy and his dick is manipulated till his prick is stiff. Now this hetero will never forget the sensation of cumming with a big fat dick in his mouth.



  Tied arse up, gagged, flogged, bastinado, arsehole fingered, electro shocks to his balls and glans, penetrated with a vibrator, fucked, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 2nd March 2016

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Dale is in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be in. Bound spread eagle with his big arse presented in tighty whities so sheer you can see the dark crease of his arse. Derek goes in for a kiss but the proud straight bastard refuses to cuddle. If he won't take man loving he's going to get a real man's punishment. Dale's arse is flogged wildly by his strong armed captor till his arse burns red. His arms desperately struggle to cover his burning sore bum, but he can't do anything to stop the assault.

Derek exposes the sensitive soles of Dale's feet to and goes at them to make the bastard wriggle wildly. It's absolutely agonising not being able to stop his ticklish feet being teased or the persisted spanking to his reddened arse. Dale must be gagged again because he so aggressively shouts and bites his way through his first gag.


Dale's fists pound and tighten in his fury. The worst is yet to come. Derek delivers short sharp shocks to Dale's genitals. After more gruelling punishment to his feet and arse, Dale feels a real stiff cock plunged into his arching arse. He's vigorously fucked with a fresh load of cum shot all over his battered hole. A buttplug is lubed up with his captor's sperm and rammed up him. This keeps his arsehole gaping and ready for more fucking.



  Bound in football kit, breath control, gagged, arse mercilessly flogged, arsehole fingered, ice water enema, made to rim a man and suck cock, bastinado.  
Added 20th April 2016

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Hetero Dale can't get it into his thick head that he won't be fucking anyone anymore. He's the one who will be fucked from now on. More than that we want this macho straight prick to work to turn us on. In sports gear with his muscular legs in a spread eagle we bury our faces in the masculine scent of his arse and hump him over his sheer footy shorts. Dale continues to swear at us not wanting us anywhere near his bum. We'll teach this fucker to allow us to take our pleasure! Derek lashes his arse causing the bastard to buck and ferociously cry out beneath his gag. Soon angry red welts rise up on that peachy bum.

Dave enters to play the good cop, rubbing his sore cheeks and cover him in oil. Now his rubbery arsehole looks like a proper sloppy cunt ready to be fucked. He rams his fingers into Dale's inviting arse.


We need to clean out this filthy hetero's insides. His sphincter is opened with a speculum and Dave fills him up with icy water. Now his guts are full to bursting and the water is held inside with a buttplug. Receiving more spanks to his already burning arse Dale feels himself taken to the brink like he can't take anymore. It's absolute agony for Dale and he whimpers pitifully willing to agree to anything to make this extreme punishment end.

Dave squats over Dale's face and orders him to stick his tongue out to clean his sphincter. The desperate hetero eagerly licks and sucks the man's arse. Next Derek takes his turn crouching over Dale's face presenting his hole for servicing. In his binds with his arse painfully filled, Dale struggles with every last ounce of strength left in his body to pleasure the man's stinking arsehole. Dale's sporty socks and cleats are removed to reveal his sensitive bare feet. A leather strap whacks his tender soles driving him to new heights of suffering. Now every nerve is sending shockwaves through his body as his feet are viciously lashed and the buttplug is removed to turn his arse into a dirty fountain. The snivelling wretched cunt screams naked on the floor covered in his own disgusting filth.