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  Hetero Daman has never had an experience like this before, but he's willing to stretch his limits to perform in his first film with us and the results are amazing.  
Age 23, Young professional

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  Cuffed, tied, nipples clamped, groped, humiliated, gagged, sphincter stretched, flogged.  
Added 24th October 2018

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Bright young professional Daman comes to us seeking to advance his career, but instead he gets a lesson in being a first rate slut. The na´ve boy submits to an exercise where he's restrained and finds himself increasingly desperate to escape as we pervily strip him down and take advantage of his exposed body. He's furious that he's been tricked into such a vulnerable position but there's nothing the sorry fucker can do about it now. By the time the thick fucker figures it out it's too late! We've got his cock and balls in our hands and if he doesn't comply there will be hell to pay. Daman is filled with shame as we strong arm him into bending over so we can shove our noses straight up his arsehole. We make him watch as we grope his dick and arse. Tied and vulnerable, he's burning with anger that his body now belongs to us!



Hetero Daman has never had an experience like this before, but he's willing to stretch his limits to perform in his first film with us and the results are amazing.

  Hogtied, gagged, suit trashed, rimmed, made to painfully fuck himself with a vibrator, caned, bastinado.  
Added 7th November 2018

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We get turned on hearing hetero Daman describe what a stud he is fucking as many chicks as possible. Since bums give him such a hard on, maybe this thick cunt can understand why we're so ravenous to tear into his manly arse! Here he has to brag about his conquests while getting restrained and roped up in preparation for us to screw his fucking brains out. He bought this sleek suit hoping to land himself a big boy's job in the world of business but we destroy it leaving him totally exposed and desperate to protect his virgin bum. Pinned to the floor with his wrists and legs bound behind him his arse is vulnerably pointed up so we can widen his sphincter with a vibrator. It's fixed up his tight arse and he's ordered to fuck himself like a slutty bitch. The dopey bastard is too slow so we mercilessly lash him with a cane till he breaks his own arse open!



  Tied, groped, dick manipulated till erect, cock flogged, sphincter stretched, gagged, nipples pegged, balls restrained, ruined orgasm.  
Added 28th November 2018

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Daman is strung up like a naked slave at auction. With his arms and legs spread and that big thick dong dangling between his legs, we can't resist sidling up to sample the goods groping him all over and making him cringe with the intimacy of our sexual hunger. Our tongues slide into every crevice licking his armpits and inhaling the rich manly scent emanating off his naked body. Daman can't resist Dave's expect stroking making his dick full engorge. We punish him for growing so aroused flogging his erection and bulging nut sack. The stupid fucker becomes so confused he doesn't know whether he's turned on or burning with anger. We order him to stick his arse out like a slag or he'll receive more punishment. Dave pries his arse open and rams his fingers deep inside him. Daman is so revolted by the sensations going through his body he spouts homophobic rubbish.

  We stuff a ball gag in his gob and restrain his genitals so the stupid bastard understands his body belongs completely to us. With his precious nads wrapped up so tight and his cock being yanked till he's hard again, Daman is desperate to come. Just at the second he spills his sperm Adrian delivers a swift punch to his guts. Now whenever Daman cums he'll associate the pleasure with pain.