Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Irish Danny is taken for a ride to Adrian & Dave's lair where he is set upon. Stripped naked and tied down for hours on end, there only to serve his new masters.  
Age 27, Accountant

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  Roped, clothes shredded, groped, sphincter stretched, flogged, CBT, arse drilled with a power tool.  
Added 14th November 2018

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We spy Irishman Danny hanging around the pub and he's a prospect too tempting to pass over. It doesn't take much to earn the trust of a dumb straight cunt like this. Liquid bribes and chat about sports is all it takes to convince him that Adrian is a mate looking out for his best interest when in reality all he wants to do is dive into his precious tight arse. As soon as he's bundled into the back of our special Uber he belongs to us! We string the sexy fucker up and destroy his clothes while the sorry bastard snivels and begs for release. Danny is disgusted as we fondle his heavy Irish balls, squeeze his todger and ram multiple fingers up his clenched resistant arsehole. We rile him up lashing him repeatedly till his torso blazes red and he screams up a storm. We promise him even harsher punishment if he doesn't comply and submit. We want to feel what it's like when he fucks his whores so Adrian clasps his dick and orders him to thrust into his tight fist. The useless straight bastard is pathetic so we ram his arse, mechanically fucking him so deep that he howls as if he's about to be split apart!



  Bound, nipples pegged, drool used as lube, fucked, spitroasted, made to deep throat, bearded face and arse covered in cum  
Added 5th December 2018

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Hetero Danny needs to understand that the only reason for his existence is for our pleasure. He's bound in a way where he's painfully bent over giving easy access to his arse. But he can't move an inch because his genitals are tied to his feet. So when Dave spreads his arse cheeks apart to fiddle with his bumhole Danny can do nothing to protect it. His face goes bright red with the knowledge that his arse will soon be invaded by cock and drool pools around his gag dribbling down. What a disgusting sorry sight this proud hetero has become. All that saliva makes a convenient lube point for Adrian who lines up to slick his dick ready to be thrust into Danny's arse. He weeps in frustration, pain and humiliation as he's viciously screwed from behind. Dave jumps in on the action and both his holes are screwed simultaneously so Danny is totally overwhelmed. He hollers as he's pounded from all sides. That sexy Irish beard on his face is covered in jizz and he's ordered to clean the dick that's fucked him even while his arse is being covered in another load of cum!



  Tied, gagged, pants shredded, arse flogged and caned, sphincter stretched, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls pegged, suspended with his arse in the air.  
Added 19th December 2018

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Straight man Danny is much hotter now that he's bound on the bench in nothing but his skimpy white pants. He's gagged and secured in place giving us the best access to his genitals and arse. How fucking tempting is his bumhole showing through the sheer fabric of his underwear. Danny can do nothing to fight us off except clench his toes in panic. We grope and fondle him while Danny must watch us. We shred his pants and tickle all his sensitive bits. Since he can't do anything to stop us except wriggle and fight with every muscle in his body this is agony. We suspend his cock and balls so we have clear access to his arsehole like it's a runway. That pristine hetero bum needs tenderizing. We both inflict discipline on it bashing his arse till it's stripped and burning red. Now we get to crack open that nut stretching his virgin hole and pummelling it till it's good and loose for us. He helplessly watches as we plunder his arse. Now that he's been fully worked over he's suspended and secured in place ready to be gang fucked!



  Roped naked, cock sucked till erect, genitals restrained, oiled up, sphincter stretched, nipples pegged, ruined orgasm.  
Added 2nd January 2019

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We've turned sexy hetero Danny into our whore and now he's suspended in space while stark naked ready for whenever we want to use him. All he can do is pathetically shout “fuck off” in his hot Irish accent while Adrian suckles his precious straight dick. Danny can't stop himself from growing aroused and his face goes bright red in humiliation at being so stimulated by another man. Dave binds his dick and balls, then weighs them down with a bowling ball so they are stretched to breaking point. Every second of this suspension is absolute agony. We enjoy the intensity of his face and pretty him up more by covering him in oil so his masculine body gleams like a roadhouse stripper. Adrian breaks open his resistant hole stretching that rubbery sphincter and making his arse cheeks bounce. Pegs are attached all up his torso and his dick is released so it can be stimulated again making him very erect.

  Dave expertly brings him off but at the moment he cums the pegs are torn off making Danny feel the most agonizing mixture of pleasure and pain ever. Watch how his sexy body trembles all over with the intensity of this shock!  


  Restrained, arse flogged, blindfolded, dick restrained, cock sucking training, screwed with a dildo, fucked, arsehole covered in cum, made to rim a man, creampie.  
Added 23rd January 2019

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Proud Irish hetero Danny is strapped naked to the discipline bench and his anger has reached volcanic levels because he's so vulnerable. His manly body is entirely at the mercy of dirty faggot pervs and it's making him burn with rage. To be sure, he's a fiery bastard and a mouthy cunt. Maybe some vicious and unrelenting whacks to his arse will sort him out. His bum is beaten persistently till it goes red and all he can do is desperately wriggle his feet up trying to protect it. The only thing worse at being at our mercy is not knowing where his punishment is coming from. He's blindfolded so has no idea what's happening around him or that an anonymous stiff dick is being waved in front of his straight face. He's ordered to pleasure it or he'll get another vicious walloping. With the right amount of pressure applied, he turns into a greedy eager cock sucker servicing Dave stiffy while Adrian pound's Danny tight pucker with a fat dildo.

  Once his sphincter is widened that rubber dong is switched out for a real cock. He's pounded persistently while his precious foreskin is spread wide. His sore bumhole is covered in Dave's sperm and Adrian uses it as lube to further screw the raging Irishman. Meanwhile Dave bends over to release a stinking gaseous cloud from his arse directly into Danny's burning shame covered face. He moans in misery as his arse is filled with two loads which leak from his throbbing anus.  


Fresh new performer Danny is eager to find out what this is all about as we initiate him into hardcore action he's never tried before. He embraces the challenge and we enjoyed working with this sexy new lad.