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  David has a hardcore kinky side but he’s eager to try out the pervy new things we’ve devised for him. We gave him some incredible new experiences and we’re thrilled with his performance and the result!  
Age 22, Student

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  Caught, stripped, tied, nipples clamped, cock manipulated, CBT, arse flogged, cherry popped, sphincter stretched, used as a human urinal.  
Added 6th June 2018

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Young uni students are rightly worried about the rising costs of education and are taking to the streets in protest, but really there's a very simple solution especially if they are as sexy as earnest student David here! But this proud hetero would never even consider the notion of selling his arse to fund his school books. Surely swallowing a few men's loads and taking stiff ones up his bum would give him enough to pay off his debt as well as pocket change for the weekend! If he's not enterprising enough to use his assets we'll teach him exactly how his fucking fit body can give men so much sadistic pleasure they'll be lining up to open their wallets. We rope his body while he's stark naked and David is consumed with terror as he realizes how vulnerable he is to our pervy intentions. We don't just grope his body all over and fiddle with his excitable cock, but play sadistic games with him like tying his bollocks to his feet so every time we lash his arse he comes close to tearing his nads off!

  Adrian stretches David's virgin sphincter and rams a fat dildo up his hole making the boy howl. David is suspended in the air with his mouth pried open with a stretcher so we can piss directly into it. If he's not going to use what he's got to pay his own fees we'll use him in the only way he's good for.  


  Bound, gagged, arse paddled, balls flogged, nipples and foreskin clamped, butt plug, cock wanked till the brink of orgasm.  
Added 27th June 2018

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Imagine all those pervy professors that have lusted after David at his university when he arrives late to class wiggling his bum. And picture David in his dorm room stripping off in front of his roommate driving him wild with lust. It's time we used this teasing student's body in all the ways people have feverishly dreamed about. Well now we have the chance to viciously take control of his body in every wicked way we can imagine. His arse is given a mean paddling while we steadily restrain and control the most sensitive parts of his body from his nipples to the head of his cock. His nuts are rapidly lashed while his dick is restrained. David's body is so tensed from our vicious and unrelenting punishment that he trembles uncontrollably. We take total possession of his cock stroking and teasing him till he's helplessly close to spilling his semen, but at the last second we deny him leaving this boy feeling like he's going to explode.



  Gagged, cock manipulated till erect, dick bound, nipples pegged, sphincter stretched, arse caned, fucked with a power tool, made to cum.  
Added 11th July 2018

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Sporty young hetero students like this are dumb, full of cum and arenít good for anything other than satiating our horny desires. Student David is strapped naked in a gyno chair so his legs are spread fully exposing his anus while giving total access to his cock and balls. This makes him feel a constant overwhelming sense of shame as well as being totally vulnerable to our perverted whims. David feels an even more crushing sense of embarrassment when his dick is skilfully teased till itís aching hard. His engorged genitals are roped up so even while receiving excruciating punishment his cock is still ripe and stiff. Even though his nipples are squeezed and Dave screws his bumhole with a vibrator, David is consumed with an all encompassing desire to cum. Davidís glans are wickedly teased even though that plump cockhead is agonizingly sensitive. And, just when his straight manís bum takes a battering so vicious

  David doesn’t think he can take it anymore, he releases a stream of jizz so his fit youthful body is covered in his own cum. He’ll never be able to ejaculate again without recalling this fucking evil induced ejaculation.  


David has a hardcore kinky side but he's eager to try out the pervy new things we've devised for him. We gave him some incredible new experiences and we're thrilled with his performance and the result!