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  Experienced performer Drew is hungry to expand his horizons and we are willing to oblige. This eager fresh man took on every challenge we gave him and wed be thrilled to work with him again!  
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  Cuffed and subdued, clothes destroyed, breath control, cock manipulated, flogged, gut punching, arsehole fingered and fucked with a fat dildo, genitals pegged, electro shocks to his cock.  
Added 3rd January 2018

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Nothing catches our eye like a sexy gruff workman in a jumpsuit and high vis jacket. We lure him into our lair and trap this feisty straight electrician into submission. The sneering bastard panics as he feels his arse exposed and his cheeks wrenched open so we can smell his hot virgin hole! His muscular body gets covered in rug burn as we pin him down and he writhes as we shred his clothes leaving him totally exposed. Dave shuts him up by looping a rope around his neck. When hes strung up struggling his dick is so sensitive that he cant help growing a big stonking erection. Hes fucking furious and filled with shame as we wank him till his glans are gleaming wet with precum. Drew bucks against us like an enraged bronco so we subdue him with a thrashing and punching that makes his torso blaze red. Notice how this highlights his ripped six pack!

  We lay into his tight filthy arse and the hetero bastard is so shocked by this invasive penetration he’s trembling all over from the shock. More degrading for this hetero is having to smell the thick dildo that’s just been lodged up his stinking hole. Even more sadistic we deliver electro shocks to his moist cockhead. This prick is full of fight but we are going to tame him like a new pet.  


  Tied to a bench, cock worship, fucked, spitroasted, verbal humiliation, made to rim a man, arse filled with a dildo, caned, face covered in spit and cum, mouth filled with piss.  
Added 17th January 2018

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For hetero Drew the term cocksucker is an insult. Well were going to teach him that cock sucking is all his hot mouth is good for. Hes tied down naked with nowhere to go when Adrian sits in front of him presenting a hard dick right in front of his face. He is going nowhere until he learns how to worship a mans stinking cock! Drew is ordered to smooch that cockhead and piss slit like its his girlfriend on prom night. Drews head is pushed down all the way on his shaft and while he scrunches his eyes tightly shut, Dave surprises him from the back ramming his dick into Drews unused straight arsehole. He moans in pain but Adrian continues to order him to suck like a trooper or else there will be consequences. They take turns using this fuckers mouth and arsehole. Hes useless at serving dick so Dave presents his filthy bumhole for Drew to clean with his tongue.

  We get severe on Drew’s arse stretching his sphincter with a dildo and caning his rump till he’s so desperate for us to stop he’ll suck cock with every last ounce of his strength. But when he’s worn and breathless we fill his gob with spunk and piss. Now he’s not so fucking mouthy!