Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Adventurous performer Joe is a young professional who looks exactly like the kind of straight laced bastard who sneers at queers surreptitiously geting off with each other. We unleash our revenge on him and use his tight arse like it was meant to be screwing him while in our suits in the gents.  
Age 34, Management consultant

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  • Cottaging
  • restrained in a public toilet
  • gagged
  • face shoved in urinal
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arse covered in spunk
  • cum used as lube to fuck him
    Added 18th December 2019

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    There's a great tradition of cottaging where businessmen get off with each other at the urinals during their lunch break or before catching the train home to the wife. But some uptight hetero pricks spoil everyone's fun taking it upon themselves to police the loos and rat out anyone stealing a sneaky look at his colleague's dick. Joe here is a right bastard telling off perving queers in the toilet. It's time this proud fucker learns what gays really get up to in the bog. We seize him, restrain his arms and rip his pants off. His proud face is plunged into the piss stained urinal while we pry apart his smooth arse cheeks to get a view of that pristine hole. Joe is bent over the sink and gets his arse rammed. While Joe is burning with shame Dave shoves his stiff dick in his mouth. The smug straight bastard is totally overwhelmed as he's pounded in both ends. His humiliation is deepened as the spunk sprayed all over his arse is used as lube to fuck him again. Who's the pervert now that Joe stinks of urine and men's sweat with cum dribbling out of his sore bum hole?!




  • Tied
  • gagged
  • spanked
  • flogged
  • anal hook
  • CBT
  • screwed with a vibrator
  • fucked
  • arse covered in cum
    Added 1st January 2020

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    Joe is a hard arsed hetero accustomed to using his power and macho bravado to get what he wants and assert his dominance over everyone. Well now the tables are turned on this smug bastard who has been stripped stark naked and lashed down so we can teach him a fucking lesson. While he spouts homophobic insults Dave delivers sharp smacks to his bare arse. This is like a corrective spanking from daddy but what Joe gets next is Dave full fucking revenge as his arse is mercilessly lashed till it's burning red and trembling against his will. Joe learns right quick to comply with every order that's given to him or he will receive more of his captor's wrath. But he needs to be taught the full meaning of compliance and obedience. Dave binds Joe in an ingenious restraint which fixes his arse with an anal hook and clamps his foreskin and balls. Now he can't move an inch without causing himself intense pain so when he receives the flogger again it's fucking agony. Dave makes Joe pull the clamps off his own dick which is mind blowingly painful. And his only reward is to get a hard fucking where Joe's precious straight hole is royally pounded and his sore arse sprayed with fresh semen. That'll teach this cunt to show some respect!




  • Bound
  • gagged
  • arse spanked with a leather belt
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse filled with piss and secured with a butt plug
  • made to rim a man
    Added 15th January 2020

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    Wearing nothing but a pair of footy shorts and sporty cleats, Joe is securely tied with his arse in the air. There's nothing this terrified straight man can do to protect his arse from being exposed as the shorts are slid up his legs. In this position Joe can't turn away from Dave who gobs into the crevice of his arse so his spit pools over his sphincter. This resistant fucker needs to learn his place. He's given a severe belting which leaves his bum burning red. Dave plunges multiple fingers into Joe's arsehole till his cunt is sloppy wet and loose. Joe sneers at men cottaging in toilets so here he becomes a human urinal as a funnel is inserted in his arse and Dave fills his anal cavity with piss. With a plug inserted in his anus, the pressure of all that piss sloshing around inside him is agonizing! Joe will do anything to make it stop.


      Dave plants his arse cheeks over Joe's proud face and makes him slide his tongue up inside his stinking hole. At the same time Dave punches down Joe's torso making the pressure even more unbearable. The dumb straight fuck can barely breath with a man's arse planted firmly over his face and he feels on the brink of explosion with his piss filled guts being pressed. When the butt plug is released Joe turns into a human fountain as a shower of urine shoots from his arse. Hetero Joe has been reduced to a weeping mess with piss leaking from his anus!  


  • Tied to a medical exam table
  • gagged
  • cock manipulated till engorged
  • CBT
  • balls crushed and dick pegged
  • arsehold fucked with a power tool
  • bum caned
    Added 22nd January 2020

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    Proud straight bastard Joe is disgusted by pervy homo hands groping him all over. The only time another man has seen his body naked is at the doctors so here Adrian straps him down to a medical table and gives him a exam like none he's experienced before! As Joe thrashes angrily about he can't do anything to stop the bad doctor from stroking his masculine body and cupping his bulge. To turn him into a proper gay slut two bottles are tied to his nostrils which will loosen him right up. Adrian destroys Joe's pants leaving his dick exposed to his wicked manipulation sucking it till he can't help but get excited. But his engorged dick is cruelly disciplined with restraints which make Joe howl in agony. Every second of his nuts being held in the vice is unendurable! His body trembles against his will from the pressure. His arse is simultaneously trained as the wicked doctor tears his fuckhole open with a giant dildo and then whips his bum cheeks till they're striped red. This hetero cunt is totally overwhelmed as this vicious training is agonizingly cruel and unrelenting!



  • Arms and legs bound
  • butt plug
  • CBT
  • electro shocks to his balls
  • humiliation
  • boot worship
  • cock sucking training
  • made to swallow spunk and lap up piss
    Added 12th February 2020

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    As a straight laced businessman Joe believes he rules the fucking world. What he needs is a hard core lesson in humiliation to teach him what a lowly pathetic animal he is. With his limbs firmly tied, this stark naked bastard can barely move. Adrian rams a dog tail butt plug up his arse so his already sore bum is in constant pain and he looks like a stupid fool. With an electro cock cage secured around his bits all it takes is the press of a button to cause his dick and testicles intense agonizing pain. Now he must obey every humiliating command he’s given or his balls will be zapped. Joe struggles to obey but just crawling across the floor takes a monumental effort. His body trembles from the pain of receiving shocks when he falls short so it takes all his willpower to kiss his new owner’s boots and service his cock. Joe gags as he must swallow another man’s sperm and slurp up a bowl full of fresh piss. If only the other lads from Joe’s office could see how far he’s fallen!