Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Jozef's got that clean cut highflying businessman look that means he's accustomed to fancy cars and first class air travel. So it's quite a shock to him to find himself in our dingy lair where we use his virgin hetero arse and resistant mouth to satisfy our hard dicks!  
Age 31, Engineer

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  Suited businessman nabbed, restrained, tied, rimming, sphincter stretched, punching, mouth spreader gag, fucked, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum  
Added 16th January 2019

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It's back to business this month and there are a whole slew of sexy city workers in their freshly tailored suits roaming the streets. Adrian spies the firm arse and promising bulge of a new hot corporate fucker and finagles his way into his office. Once he's in the corridors this straight bastard is easy pickings! Back in their lair, Adrian and Dave revel in peeling off his suit and inhaling the rich scent of this city gent's manly body. It's time to train this cunt into being a submissive bitch and we want him hyper aware of what's happening to him every step of the way. Suspended in place he wakes to his new living nightmare as we perv over his body spreading his virgin arse and making him think longingly of his girlfriend. That locked arse yields after insistent prodding from our tongues and fingers which stretch him open. With a spider gag fitted Jozef can't do anything to stop our big hard cocks from being rammed into his gob repeatedly while he's simultaneously fucked from behind. This hetero feels our full fury and insatiable dicks as we relentlessly pound him and cover him in our spunk!





We've been aching to work with actor Jozef who has a dark kinky side and we were very impressed with his hot performance!

  Tied, spanking, degraded, gagged, flogged, nipples clamped, anal hook, screwed with a vibrator, foot worship.  
Added 30th January 2019

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We've got sexy city boy Jozef tied and bent over so his arse is completely exposed. It's absolute hell for a hetero to know his bum is vulnerable to two bent perverts aching to bugger him. He fights and curses us with every breath in his body but we've got him fixed in place so we can tenderise that pert arse of his. We drive the terror in him even further plunging an anal hook up his arsehole so he's completely immobilised and any tiny movement might cause his fuckhole to be torn wide open. Jozef's already sore bum and the sensitive soles of his feet receive a merciless lashing so the stupid straight boy has to desperately stop himself from lashing out. We break into his very tight arse by screwing him long and hard with a vibrator and Dave shoves his stinking feet in Jozef's gob. This businessman has only ever been treated with grovelling respect so it's a total shock for him to be completely and utterly degraded. His body is left buzzing with pain as his dick and arse have been so cruelly treated, but what's been wounded beyond repair is his stupid fucking masculine pride.





  Bound, pants destroyed, CBT, nipples pegged, SPH, spanked, sphincter stretched, fucked with a fat dildo and a powertool, arse caned, bastinado.  
Added 13th February 2019

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Imagine sexy businessman Jozef getting showered and ready for a day at the office, slipping on his tight white underwear and buttoning up his suit. Ready to set out and earn another million then go out to a club to flash his cash. Well now he's fallen hard! Tied up in our lair with his legs spread eagle and the only thing between his precious jewels and us pervs are a thin pair of pants. Enraged Jozef struggles while Adrian slices up the only thing covering him so his dick and balls come tumbling out and his spread arse is fully exposed! Now that his nads are out Adrian teases his dick giving him a semi against his will. Jozef may strut around the city like he has the biggest dick in the bank but we teach him how pathetic his knob is roping his cock up and humiliating him. With his willy firmly tied and suspended we wrench open his tight bumhole till it's a gaping sloppy cunt. Now that we've manually widened him we vicious pound his arse with a thick dildo, slamming him so hard while whacking him with a wicked cane till Jozef's exploding with fury.





  Tied to a bench, flogged, caned, bastinado, cock sucking training, arse broken open with a fat dildo, fucked, spitroasted, arsehole covered in cum, made to rim a man, face pissed on.  
Added 27th February 2019

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This fucking hetero banker thinks he rules the world and is in dire need of a lesson in humility. We tie the bastard down so his exposed arse is pointed out. He's going to learn to be our cock sucking slave whore or we will fucking destroy him! Dave loves wielding the lash and Jozef's pale pert banker's bum is a horny target. He beats Jozef's bum but the stubborn cunt still won't open his gob to the stiff dick that's presented in front of his face. It takes a much sterner promise to get him to finally wrench his mouth open and close his precious lips over that cock. Adrian pounds his skull while Dave tears open Jozef's tight arsehole with a thick dildo. Jozef is moaning and crying for mercy but now that we're hard and horny we fuck him from both ends pinning him between us. His torn hetero arsehole is anointed in sperm. Dave demands Jozef lick his arse out, but the selfish bastard is fucking lazy. So he covers Jozef's burning humiliated face in piss!





  Tied, arse flogged, nipples pegged, cockwanked, sphincter stretched, arse pounded with a fat dildo, fucked, sucked off, balls drained of cum.  
Added 20th March 2019

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Proud businessman Jozef is accustomed to striding down the street in his suit and having all the world fall at his feet. How the mighty have fallen! Now this straight bastard is stripped stark bollock naked with his arms and legs akimbo with his pathetic fucking dick flapping between his legs. He's been reduced to nothing but a figure of ridiculous and scorn. And Jozef is angry as fuck about it! He rages and struggles while Dave circles around him laughing and degrading him. Jozef is humbled with a flogger cutting into his buttock, turning them bright red and making his scream in pain. Dave wants Jozef to beg to be bummed, but the arrogant bastard still fights him off from touching his dick with every last ounce of strength in his body. Jozef can't do anything to prevent Dave from plunging his fingers into his arse and spreading his hole wide open ready to receive a dozen clients' cocks. He pounds his hole with a dildo and then slaps him in the face with it so he can inhale the odour of his own arsehole. Jozef is now our whore to be bought and sold! His first client Adrian comes in to plunge his dick up Jozef's arse while Dave sucks and manipulates his dick till he's raging hard. Dave robs him off his cum and dumps his seed all over the floor proving that Jozef is now a bona fide queer!





  • Trapped in the locker room
  • tied
  • rugby kit destroyed
  • arse viciously thrashed with a riding crop
  • supervised enema
  • nipples pegged
  • arse cheeks paddled
  • humiliated
    Added 5th February 2020

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    Fit rugby fucker Josef thinks he can turn us on bending over on the field and then go home to wifey. When we catch him alone in the locker room there's no way we'll let this sexy straight bastard get away. We grab him, gag him and suspend him from the ceiling. Now Josef is ours and Adrian can take pleasure in destroying his rugby kit, revealing his horny jock strap and round arse! We spent so much time staring at him playing rugby with his arse in the air Adrian can't resist severely disciplining his bum now that it's totally exposed. He seizes this straight man's cock to keep him firmly in place while whacking his arse till it burns red. These rugby players are filthy fuckers so Adrian cleans him out pumping his anal cavity full of water. He orders him to hold it in while viciously beating his arse till the cunt can't clench his sphincter any longer. Josef has no choice but to humiliate himself letting out a thick stream of water in front of everyone! This straight man can only dream about the comforts of home because his arse belongs to us and now his life is a living hell.



  • Bound to the discipline bench
  • flogged
  • blindfolded
  • CBT
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • cock sucking training
  • viciously fucked and arse filled with cum
  • creampie
    Added 19th February 2020

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    Stupid hetero Josef doesn't realize what his best asset is. This man's muscular sporty bum has gone to waste his entire life. Now Dave is going to make up for it by punishing Josef's arse and taking his pervy sexual pleasure using it! His rump is tenderised with a flogger till it's burning red. His dick and balls are bound and attached to his feet so he can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. It's a straight man's worst nightmare to have his arse up in the air without any idea what's coming at him and having no way to protect it. Josef is blindfolded so that he has no way of knowing a massive dildo is about to penetrate him until he can feel it tearing open his fucking arsehole. Next thing Josef knows he can smell the pungent fumes of raw angry dick in front of his face. He has no choice but to suck it or he's going to get another vicious flogging. Josef painfully obeys till he's caused Dave to grow a massive stiffy.

      Little does he know he's just excited the dick which is about to fuck him! Dave furiously rams Josef's beaten arse and shoots his load deep inside him. Josef moans in shame as all that sperm comes oozing out of his sore wrecked sphincter.  


  • Bound and tied
  • breath control
  • gagged
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • sphincter stretched
  • flogged
  • cock bound and testicles pegged
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • made to ejaculate
    Added 26th February 2020

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    Hetero Josef is stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants with his big meaty bulge on show! The resistant fucker is still full of fight and mouths off. This sporty cunt needs to be trained to not only comply but eagerly serve us from now! Bound on the floor in a humiliating position Dave drives home who is in charge by tightening the rope around his throat until he must submit. As Dave pervily gropes his package he feels the bastard getting hard and a hole cut in his pants reveals his big stonking erection. Josef cringes in shame because he can't control how his dick reacts to being so manipulated. Now we know his dirty little secret Dave is going to take it out on his arse. He mercilessly flogs his arse and restrains his dick so he has entire control of Josef's body. There's no way Josef can escape the massive dildo which Dave rams up his arse and persistently fucks him with.

      Josef reels in excruciating embarrassment and pain having his arse ripped open. Dave holds his hole open inserting a butt plug up his hole and returns to working on his dick. Straight men's dicks are so easy to control. All it takes is the right sensation from a vibrator to his glans and his dick is throbbing hard again. Without Josef being able to control it his dick it spontaneously gushes with creamy white jizz. He's now covered with semen and Dave laughs triumphantly as he continues to stimulate the achingly sensitive head of his dick. Josef now looks like a cum stained gay slut on a bathhouse floor!  


  • Tied
  • jockstrap
  • sphincter stretched
  • electro shocks to his arsehole
  • screwed with a dildo
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked and arse covered in cum
    Added 4th March 2020

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    Sporty straight Josef if fuming that he's tied in such a humiliating and vulnerable position! Stripped down to nothing but his skimpy sweaty jock strap his arse is pointed up in the air. He's bent over just enough so you can see a tempting glimpse of the rim of his arsehole as if he were a teasing whore. When Adrian comes to mock and grope him, Josef's struggle to get away only results in him wiggling his big round rump to inadvertently turn us on even more! If he's going to be trained to be a proper world class prostitute he needs to be compliant and loose. Adrian slides his fingers into Josef's arse to prepare that fuckhole for bigger dick. But Josef is so disgusted he swears furiously at his captor. A few sharp electro zaps to his tender sphincter will sort him out. The excruciating pain to his sensitive hole will make this dumb hetero agree to anything! We've now got him on camera begging to suck a dick!

      He gets his wish and receives an expert lesson in how to pleasure the shaft and head of a man's rod. He's so good at getting Adrian hot and bothered he samples the goods by shafting this newly training whore long and hard! He anoints Josef's arse with a fresh load of semen and Josef weeps in humiliation as the cum drips down his crack!  


  • Bound
  • collared and leashed
  • breath control
  • SPH
  • ball busting
  • humiliation
  • made to worship and suck a man's cock
  • mouth filled with cum
    Added 18th March 2020

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    Like all captive hetero slaves, Josef is presented on his knees in nothing but his tighty whities for us to humiliate and examine. This feisty bastard dangerously lashes out so it's necessary to teach him a fucking lesson! A leash and collar is fitted around his neck so he can barely move without cutting off his own breath. It means he's utterly helpless as we uncover his pathetic little prick. A straight man's biggest pride is the size of his dick and we've uncovered how laughably small his cock is! Instead of being worshipped we shame and bash this sorry slut's dick by swiftly kicking him in the nuts. As Josef thrashes about his face goes deep purple and he reels from the gut wrenching pain of having his balls busted. As his dick gets kicked his glans slide out from his long foreskin so his sad piece of meat is fully exposed.

      When the pain gets too intense Josef fights against his binds with all his might but there's nothing he can do to escape. Since this straight cunt can barely call himself a man we teach him what a real dick looks and smells like. Dave thrusts his stiff cock in Josef's face to make him worship and pleasure it. His gob is filled with a fresh load of spunk and he must swallow every drop. Now this hetero prick knows what a real man is!