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  This hot as fuck athletic straight Irish man serves us at the local pub and hes foolish enough to believe we want to go into business with him. When weve got him back in our lair, he becomes furious as soon as he's restrained and our cocks throb in excitement as we widen his virgin sphincter while breaking him.  
Age 27, Barman

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  • Tricked and tied up
  • stripped
  • made to kiss a man
  • cock grows stiff against his will
  • arsehole fingered
  • flogged
  • balls and erection disciplined
  • gut punching
  • sphincter widened
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    There is something about a melodic Irish accent coming out of a hot masculine man that's irresistible. Killian is full of friendly charm, but this horny hetero would never allow us access to his hard muscular body without a fight. He needs to be convinced some other way. Killian is lured down to Adrian and Dave's lair with the promise of better paying work and is tricked into allowing himself to be blindfolded. From there it's easy to tie his arms and chain his ankles with weighted cuffs so he's helpless to stop himself being stripped down naked. His accent is even sexier when he shouts a series of threats and homophobic insults at the men as they aggressively grope his genitals and taste his sweaty masculine body. He radiates an aggressive angry heat as his tight white pants are peeled down to reveal his uncut cock and weighty balls.



      The horny bastard can't stop his excitable cock from naturally reacting to stimulation. Even while he aggressively tries to attack his big hard on bobs up and down. His arse cheeks are prised apart so his tight Irish hole can receive a big wet finger up it. Killian's distemper needs to be tamed so they answer his threats with some harsh flogging to his back and torso. Punishment lessons are alternated with stimulation to his stiff cock where some concentrated whipping causes his prick to grow harder. This is one pervy straight bastard who is ripe for turning into a bum boy and cock slave.  


  • Strapped to the discipline bench
  • Straight hole rimmed
  • Utterly humiliated
  • Arse thrashed within an inch of his life
  • Made to piss himself
  • Tagteam fucked and devirginised
  • Arsehole and face covered in cum
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    Proud sporty man Killian is trapped in the most hellish position imaginable for a hetero! The bastard is strapped down to our discipline bench with his arse pointing in the air so we can freely grope and comment on his masculine body all we want. Killian grows increasingly enraged fighting furiously against his shackles and swearing at us in his sexy Irish accent. We sniff and fondle the rubbery knot of his tempting pink hole and the fucker can't do anything about it except buck against his straps like a wild beast. But we're not content just taking our pervy thrills; we want him to beg for our cocks! Killian receives our sadistic and relentless punishment until we break him. Not only does his arse go red from his beating but his face and chest also flare red in his absolute rage! The filthy animal loses all bodily control and releases a stream of piss. With his arse already throbbing in pain his further spanking is excruciating. Not only does the straight cunt finally ask for cock but he must watch us laughing in his face while we thrust our dicks up his virgin bumhole. Burning in shame he takes our loads over his freshly plowed arse and stricken face.





  • Bound in sporty kit and jock strap
  • gagged
  • dick manipulated till erect
  • wanked
  • disciplined
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse pounded with mechanical dildo
  • nipples and foreskin clamped
  • face covered in piss
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    Athletic hetero Killian likes ball games, right? We want to play with this feisty Irish fucker but he's not feeling it. He thrashes back and forth desperate to rip out of his binding to tear apart the man pervily groping his manly body. We've watched him charging down the rugby pitch in his sexy sporty shorts. Here Adrian destroys his kit so his sexy hairy arsehole is fully exposed. Sliding his hand under his jock pouch Adrian discovers Killian's dick is hardening. To keep it that way Adrian binds Killian's cock and secures it to his cleats. Now the bastard can't kick out without causing himself intense groin pain. Dave slaps him about and slides his fingers into his tight warm arse. All the while Killian's cock is aching hard. The big manly bastard can't control his body or sex drive. We set up a mechanical dildo to rhythmically pound his arse open. While he experiences the unending sensation of being fucked we peg all his most sensitive parts so he feels the intensity of his punishment every second. His face still glows with masculine defiance so Dave unleashes a fresh stream of stinking piss all over his proud mug. After all that fight this furious stud is reduced to a weeping fucked whore!





  • Total servitude
  • cock sucking training
  • sphincter loosened
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    Look at how far this dumb straight cunt has fallen! Sprawled naked on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, Killian must wait to be sexually used and controlled. It's now his profession to service any dick that's presented in front of his face. But this fucker needs to be trained in how to make men's cocks stiff. Adrian bullies the hetero issuing stern commands and pushing his head down until Killian properly deep throats. The surprising thing is that this servitude actually turns this straight whore on! He grows a shameful stiffy which Adrian and Dave mock as they plunge into his arsehole and ram their dicks down his throat. Even when he's made to rim Dave while being fucked Killian's prick is gushing with precum! All this stud wants is to be admire and pleasured but we humiliate him filling his gob with piss. We use him for our own selfish pleasure fucking him and using his mouth as a cum receptacle. Look how expertly we've turned this proud sporty bastard into a total cock whore!





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  • ball gag harness
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    We've broken in feisty hetero Killian and now we want to install him as our permanent slave! Stark naked on all fours he's tied to a block like a prize bull that's going to be auctioned off. With the ball gag fixed in his mouth he constantly drools driving the humiliating fact into him that he's nothing more than a lowly beast. To Killian's horror a hook is inserted in his anus and attached to his head harness so he can't buck or try to escape without tearing himself apart. Pegs are attached all over his most sensitive bits from his nips to his bollocks so Killian is in constant pain and agonizingly aware of his subjugation. Adrian tenderizes his big pale rump till it's burning hot by severely belting him. Now any slap to his arse causes the most excruciating pain but he's challenged to remain completely silent while he's beaten further. After such vicious discipline any moment of reprieve feels like a sweet kindness. This is how we've turned this mean athletic fucker into our docile bitch! He aches for any moment of pleasure so when we manipulate his cock we rob his big full nads of all his straight spunk. Killian needs to be punished for taking such enjoyment so we bind up his balls and deliver stinging sharp electro shocks to his anus and still tender cock head. Look at what a sweaty, stinking, cum covered mess Killian has become! How the mighty have fallen!





    This hot as fuck athletic straight Irish man becomes furious as soon as he's restrained and our cocks throb in excitement as we widen his virgin sphincter while breaking him.