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Lee is a natural performer even though this is the first time he's ever participated in kinky action or doing anything sexual with men. He was willing to take on the challenge and we had a great time working with him.

Session 2
Hetero Lee has come back to BreederFuckers because he's always desperate for more money and takes his acting work totally professionally.  

Age 27, Drug dealer

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  Tied, stripped, groped, flogged, CBT, arsehole fingered, nipples pegged, gagged, cock sucked, gut punching while made to cum.  
Added 5th October 2016

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We're after a sexy bit of rough today. Dave spies a real scally bastard full of piss and swagger. Lee's massive thick dong swings around in his tracksuit bottoms like he's ready to drop his trousers and fuck at any moment. His tight bum has never been touched. Even though he doesn't have a job as soon as he gets any money he pisses it all away down at the pub on fruit machines. We're driven into such a frenzy following him we know we have to have him. When Dave tricks him into coming back to our lair he squirms trying to answer pervy personal questions. But once we slip ropes around his wrists and ankles he becomes a lot more vocals. By this time it's too late and we've got the fucker where we want him.

Lee's dick is gigantic and really easily excitable. Despite his protests and struggling his cock gets very stiff while we stroke it and run our hands over his slender muscular body. The stupid cunt may shout homophobic insults but the way his body reacts is much different. Even when his dick is flogged and weighed down with his junk being pulled painfully it stays throbbing hard and hot. We get rabid inhaling the sweaty masculine scent of his body, cock and arse. His arsehole is like a trap when we slide our fingers in. It's going to take some serious pummelling to open up this virgin hole. As Adrian tugs on his cock while stimulating his prostate, Dave delivers swift punches to his taut stomach knocking the wind out of him while he sprays his semen. Lee is left feeling totally fucked in both his mind and body.


Lee is a natural performer even though this is the first time he's ever participated in kinky action or doing anything sexual with men. He was willing to take on the challenge and we had a great time working with him.

  Tied and gagged, face covered in spit, flogged, feet mercilessly tickled, ice water anal cleaning, arse caned, bastinado, fucked, arse covered in sperm.  
Added 19th October 2016

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Straight scally bastard Lee is like a Stafford terrier chained up, frothing at the mouth and angrily barking at his captors. We've never snatched a hetero who deserves so much discipline and humiliation than this raging thick cunt. Dave wraps his stupid mouth with thick tape to silence him and covers his face with spit. Adrian takes a flogger to his spread arse and the big meaty bulge of his trackie bottoms. Dave goes at Lee's bare feet lightly tickling the sensitive soles. Not being able to stop this is absolutely agony and every muscle in his body strains against his binds. The pair give him a wicked choice of receiving one punishment or the other. This impossible situation totally fucks with Lee's tiny brain.

This filthy scally twat never cleans his arse so we have to do it for him. A nozzle filled with freezing water is inserted up his rectum filling him with liquid. He tightens his sphincter struggling to hold it in because Lee knows there will be a wicked punishment if he releases the water. Before he knows what's happening his arse is filled with a butt plug so he must hold it all in. His arse is caned causing him absolute agony until he can't hold it in any more and release a stream of filthy water. Now that he's been freshened he's primed and ready for a fucking. Lee can only squeeze his eyes shut and brace his body as his arse is relentlessly plowed and covered with cum.


  Tied and gagged, cock teased till erect, wedgie, arsehole fingered, arse pounded with a dildo, flogged, nipples pegged, fucked, face covered in cum.  
Added 16th November 2016

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Tough lad Lee has been rendered totally helpless stripped down to his tight white pants and restricted in a bent position. With his arms bound and his ankles shackled in a leg spreader his arse is vulnerable pointed up in the air giving Dave the chance to grind against his arse while he can do nothing but wriggle in anger and embarrassment. His cock is constricted under the sheer fabric of those pants and it's so reactive that it only takes some gentle stroking to make it thicken and strain. But this isn't about his pleasure! Lee's hairy arse cheeks are parted so Dave can tear into his hole. This invasion whips Lee up into such a frenzy he's frothing with anger and straining every muscle in his hard body to fend us off. He becomes even more incensed when we ram his arse with a big fat dildo while flogging his body.

Lee wants this punishment to stop at any cost, but he doesn't realize what he's agreed to. Now his sphincter has been loosened Dave fucks his arse mercilessly. Every fibre of this straight man's being fights against the dick ramming him. Screwing this bastard's cunt gets Dave so hot he covers Lee's burning hot angry mug in sperm. This is the way to tame a big stupid scally beast and teach him some fucking respect.


  Gagged and tied on all fours, anal hook, nipples tormented, arse flogged, fucked with a fat dildo, balls drained, electro shocks to his nipples, glans stimulated with a vibrator, fed his own sperm.  
Added 30th November 2016

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When scally Lee strut down the street in his track suit bottoms we were mesmerized by the big fat bulge of his crotch. Now that massive dong is on full display as he's tied down naked like a beast. His member hangs heavily down between his legs and his pert bum is pointed in the air so his hole can easily be viewed from the back. Adrian secures him in place with an anal hook attached to his head. Now he can't drop his head without causing himself considerable pain in his bum. Adrian flogs his arse cheeks so the tough fucker foams at the mouth. Rivers of saliva pour out over his ball gag. Little does he know he's just provided the lube for his own fucking!

Adrian slides a big fat dildo over his mouth to slick it up and he shoves it up Lee's tight arse. He pounds him while tugging on Lee's heavy excitable cock till he's thick and aching to cum. The horny slag is milked of his sperm making a big puddle on his discipline block. Dave clamps his nipples with a pair of chopsticks and delivers sharp excruciating shocks to those sore rosy buds. Having just ejaculated, Lee's bell end is incredibly sensitive so the vibrator we use on it is absolute agony for the bound hetero. Adrian licks up all the semen he spilled and gives Lee a big sticky kiss. It's time this stupid scally cunt learned that his big dick is now exclusively for our use!


  Tied and gagged, made to painfully crawl across the room, whipped, humiliated, fucked with a vibrator.  
Added 28th December 2016

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Lee needs a lesson in humility. But schooling was never the strongpoint of this moronic hetero scally. He needs so severe encouragement. The giant stud is accustomed to strutting around the streets in his loose track suit bottoms likes he owns the place. He's never truly worked for anything in his life. Now he's going to feel the agony of moving every little inch under someone else's command. Lee's arms are bound behind his back and his legs roped together so that his movement is extremely restricted. But Adrian wants to see him move as fast as he can. Magnets are attached to his nipples and cock. He's ordered to shuffle across the floor collecting all the metal and balls with his body. If not he'll receive several lashings or even be kicked over to be penetrated with a vibrator! This is agonizingly humiliating for this big strong straight man, but also incredibly painful as every movement requires monumental effort.

  Under the vicious sting of the riding crop he's driven across the room to do the most menial task and it feels to him like each second stretches out to an eternity. When he finally completes the task and the clamps are removed his nipples and foreskin smart painfully. But there is no relief as a vibrator on a stick is rammed up his arsehole and fixed in place. He feels the constant invasive stimulation of being penetrated as it buzzes inside him. This sad fucker has never worked so hard in his life!  


  Tied, nipples clamped, gagged, flogged, CBT, leashed and ordered to suck cock, fucked with a dildo.  
Added 22nd February 2017

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Our favourite big-dicked tough-talking hetero is back! Every inch of his hard masculine body strains against his ties emphasizing his hot muscular body. He's disgusted and enraged being mauled by a couple of pervs, but there's nothing the stupid fucker can do. We suckle those sexy nips of his and bite down on his areolas till he's howling with pain. That fat fucking cock of his is so sensitive it only takes a few tugs to get it thick and meaty. Once he's tumescent Adrian grips his dick so hard he feels like it's going to pop off. The special seatless chair allows us to flog his hairy arse and balls beneath the chair. His tender bits are whacked continuously until he's begging to suck cock to make it stop. When two stiff dicks are in his face he changes his mind but it's too late. We ram our pricks down Lee's throat and make him suck us continuously so he looks like nothing but a sorry cock hungry whore.

  While his mouth is full a fat dildo is rammed up at his hole. Penetrated at both ends Lee's totally overwhelmed. There's no end to Lee's torment. Gagging, red-faced with tears and snot streaming down his face we keep ramming our dicks down his throat.  


Hetero Lee has come back to BreederFuckers because he's always desperate for more money and takes his acting work totally professionally.

  Chained naked to a discipline bench, spanked, made to gag on a massive dildo and suck cock, arse caned, fucked, spitroasted, face covered in two loads of cum.  
Added 15th March 2017

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Hetero Lee is a big strong scary fucker so it's necessary for him to be totally restrained at all times like a wild beast. His naked body bucks and his muscles strain against his restraints, but there's no escape for this straight cunt. We stroke his massive dick and fiddle with his hot arsehole all we want. Clutching that big shaft of his we give his bum cheeks continuous smacks until they grow red. He's warned we'll continue unless he goes down on a thick dildo. Once it's in Lee's mouth Dave takes the opportunity to ram it down his throat till his whole body is convulsing. Adrian screws his tight arse with the dildo his saliva has lubed up while Dave shoves his stiff dick in Lee's face. This dangerous angry hetero will learn to suck cock like the most desperate back alley whore or we will tear his arse up! Just when he thinks his punishment can't get any worse, Adrian fucks his sore arse so he's being plowed at both ends like a bitch.

  We tag team screwing Lee until we're so revved up we both shoot loads in his mouth and on his face. Lee gags as his tongue and throat are totally coated in sperm. The raging sorry cunt can barely look up at his tormenters with cum dripping in his eyes!  


  Tied, shorts destroyed, mouth spreader, nipples clamped, CBT, flogged, verbal humiliation, made to gag on cock, electro shocks to his dick, mouth filled with piss.  
Added 1st November 2017

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We've got our favourite big-dicked scally tied and only wearing a pair of sheer white shorts so we can perv over his hefty package. His lithe muscular body is like a live wire thrashing about against his restraints while we grab our fill and grind against his body. He is radiating with hot anger and disgust. This only turns us on more and get off from disciplining Lee for being such a nasty hetero cunt. We hold him in place attaching clamps to his nips and weighing a massively heavy bowling ball around his nuts and todger. Lee's arse is thrashed till he's bending at the knees and we spit into his gaping mouth. The humiliation, pain and fear is written all over Lee's stupid face. All that macho pride has been whipped out of him as all his snot and spit drips down his face. Lee's real horror is ramped up as a stiff dick is shoved in his mouth. With his gob wrenched constantly open with the gag restraint he can't do anything to stop the cocks from being rammed down his throat or prevent his mouth being filled with men's stinking piss. If he's not going to suck dick properly he'll have to live as a human urinal!



  Strong armed into capitulation, CBT, gagged, gut punches, flogged, nipples pegged, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum.  
Added 15th November 2017

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Ropes and gags work well in commanding total capitulation, but there's nothing quite like feeling a stark naked enraged straight man trying to muscle away as you lock him in place against your body. Lee's arse rubs against Adrian's crotch as he struggles and Dave suspends his dick and balls to the ceiling. Now that he's fixed in place we lay into his vulnerable muscular body driving our fists into his gut and flogging his body and meaty package. Lee whimpers pathetically and collapses onto the filthy mattress. To make his beating stop he bends over and offers up his arsehole to our insatiable rage. We fuck his mouth and arse at the same time making him gag. Every muscle in his body strains in resistance but he daren't move because he knows the punishment he'll receive if he doesn't obey. Once he's been bathed in our cum he hopes he'll be left alone, but his lot in life is to remain on this mattress with his arse up ready to take any cock that wants to fuck him.



  Tied with his arse spread, gagged, nipples clamped, genitals flogged, sphincter stretched, pummelled with a fuck tool, bastinado, balls milked.  
Added 29th November 2017

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It's so fucking sexy hearing scally bastard Lee insult us while he's tied with his arsehole spread wide open! The stupid fuck doesn't know when to shut up so we gag his filthy gob. All he can do is moan now while we smack his arse and grip his big shaft. A weight is roped around his neck and attached to nipple clamps so that every time he whips his head back he's gasping and desperate to catch his breath. We mercilessly flog his exposed body so the idiot cunt can't help wriggling in place and tightening the noose around his neck! Our ingeniously evil game drives Lee into an absolute rage. He tightens his fists like he will bash us at the first opportunity, but there's going to be no chance of that! Instead we manipulate his cock, milking his balls while his arse is being pounded. Now he has to live with the shame of having got off by two gay sadists intent on turning him into a cock hungry queer!