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  Leonardo is an excellent performer looking for a different sexual experience by appearing in our videos. He's a trooper who tests his limits and we'd be happy to work with him again.  
Age 27, Footballer

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  Stripped, pervy medical exam, made to piss, tied, held down and fucked, ordered to suck cock, spitroasted, mouthspreader and made to swallow cum.  
Added 13th April 2016

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No matter how rich or famous footballers get you can always count on them being greedy for more. Luckily we can use this to our advantage. Through secret communication we get in touch with Leonardo who is an international football sensation and looking to make a shady transfer to boost his earnings. It's a high risk strategy. If his home club finds out he could lose his contract and his enormous salary. We've got the perfect set up to take advantage of this sexy straight fucker and he can't say anything about it afterward!

Leonardo is exhausted by Dave who makes him run around the pitch till he's sweaty and stinking sweet. He's taken in for an examination only knowing that this is a required medical. The tired boy is led through step by step with each grope of the doctor's hands becoming more and more invasive.

  He's gradually led through each stage until it gets to the point where he's stark naked, tied to the table and can't stop what's happening. We use this hetero boy's tight arse, plowing into him while pinning down his taut muscular body. Dave fills the whiny bitch's mouth with his hard cock teaching him how to suck a man off. We take turns fucking him till he weeps and begs for mercy. Leonard's mouth is turned into a cum receptacle. With a burning sore arse and his mouth coated with sperm, this champion footballer is left ashamed and alone and there is nobody he can report it to.  


  Tied naked, CBT, nipples pegged, electro shocks, arse flogged, collared, mouth-spreader, made to suck cock, tongue covered in cum,  
Added 13th April 2016

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Even when he's naked and tied by his hands and wrists, Leonardo believes he's in a position to make demands. This thick footballer needs to learn that he has no control. Adrian wraps his cock and balls in a tight noose and ties it to the floor. All he has to do is step on the rope to tug so painfully hard on this sporty fuckers genitals that he wails in pain feeling like they are going to be ripped off. Leo is disgusted by the thought of kissing a man, but Adrian demands an intimate cuddle or he'll step on the rope more. Leo insults his captor.

Punishment is delivered in the form of sharp electro shocks to his nipples and his shrivelled cock. Dave enters and flogs the bastard's arse while Adrian continues to shock his body all over. Leo is overwhelmed with the wicked treatment making pain shoot all over his exposed body.


A collar is fixed around his neck and Leo is brought to his knees. Dave presents his stiff cock in Leo's face and demands that the hetero beg to suck his cock. With a mouth spread fixed over his head, Leo can't do anything to stop the stiff dick from being thrust in his mouth. Dave demands that he use his tongue to gentle massage his shaft and glans. Leo's arse is flogged while his mouth is fixed in a permanent scream.

Leo continues to resist his duty as a sub. More punishment is needed in the form of painful shocks to his tight arsehole. Now the fucker will take a cock and even compliantly hold out his tongue to receive a mouthful of fresh sperm. This is how you turn a star athlete into a filthy cock sucker!



  Chained naked to discipline bench, arsehole fingered, flogged, spanked, paddled, aggressive tag team fucking.  
Added 4th May 2016

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A proud sportsman will often been photographed standing strong with his arms crossed while looking aggressively down into the lens as he would just as soon slay you as fuck you. So it's a huge challenge to hot Italian athlete Leonardo's sense of pride to be chained down and bent over naked with his arse so vulnerably exposed. Circling him while he's in such a perilous position is almost as painful to him as us taking our pleasure by plunging our fingers into the warm tight cavity of his arse and wrenching open his resistant sphincter. Leonardo refuses to adapt to his new position so we have to help him to understand his manly body now is ours for the taking whenever we please. That tender bum of his is given a harsh flogging leaving his cheeks burning red. Placing your face against them you can feel how those hairy mounds now radiate an angry heat.


The bastard has teased us long enough so Adrian and Dave plunge into his arse fucking that tight hole till he weeps and begs us to stop. Ignoring his cries the two men tag-team aggressively fucking him and splitting his arse open wider with every energetic plunge. Now Leonardo can't be anything but hyper-aware of what a filthy fuck toy he's become!



  Gagged and bound with legs akimbo, anal cleaning, balls pegged, bastinado, fucked hard, arsehole covered in cum,  
Added 11th May 2016

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Fit footballers like Leonardo are accustomed to being publicly adored and having their arse kissed wherever they go. Well, we say it's time that changed with this hairy athletic star being put on public display so his arse can be fucked by anyone that wants to have a go. First he needs to be trained to be a big fucking bumslut. Leonardo is secured in a chair with his legs spread wide with only a thing layer of cotton between our greedy fingers and his vulnerable virgin fuckhole. A hole is cut to offer a window to that lovely tight sphincter of his.

Adrian shoves his finger up Leonardo's arse and finds the filthy fucker needs a good cleaning out. A sackful of water is inserted into his anal cavity and the bastard is sternly ordered not to release it or there will be consequences. The most tender parts of his body are put under massive strain as his nut sack is pegged and Dave takes a vicious cane to smack the tender soles of his feet.


The bastard can't take it and lets rip a long spray of water. Now he's sorry because it means he's open and vulnerable for fucking. We take it in turns to screw his tight sporty cunt while Leonardo moans pathetically. His hairy sphincter is coated in fresh sprays of hot sperm. Every second of his ordeal feels like a hellish eternity, but now that he's been broken in Leonardo can expect droves of men lining up to fuck him.  



  Extreme bondage, anal exam, nipple torment, clothes pegs on nips, fucked up the arse, verbal, face fucking, mouthful of cum  
Added 25th May 2016

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Footballer Leonardo finds himself in quite a predicament. Totally nude, gagged, his cock and balls are tied to his feet. It's an awkward position and no mistake. His wrists are cuffed together behind his back and lashed to the ceiling. This keeps him bent over & very vulnerable. He can't defend himself from any passing pervert. In this case, Dave.

Dave takes advantage of the straight, fondling and groping him freely. Dave grinds against his arse, keen to get stuck right into the hetero's reluctant hole. He prizes the cheeks apart to examine the target. Leanardo's anus is exposed to close scrutiny and all he can do about it is moan and drool from his ball-gagged mouth. It's all in vain as Dave is a selfish sadist, out for what pain he can cause straights like this footballer. Dave twists the lad's nipples causing sharp agony to shoot through his muscular chest. Dave clamps clothes pegs on the nips to make sure the pain is long and protracted. This gives our top the freedom to pile more misery on the straight cunt.


If Leo thought that this would satisfy Dave he couldn't be more wrong. It has only fuelled his desire for sadism. Dave drops his trousers unleashing a throbbing boner. He cruelly pulls on Leonardo's hair to spread drool over his cock, to act as lube. Dave wastes no time shoving his meaty length right up Leonardo's backside. Dave ploughs in, fuelled by Leo's cries of pain and humiliation. He fucks the hetero greedily. It is a power fuck that ruin's Leonardo's insides. Only an abject sadist could enjoy watching this horrendous torment.

Almost at climax Dave pulls out and Leonardo has a fraction of a second to relax but Dave yanks the gag from Leo's mouth and shoves his crap covered throbbing cock down Leonardo's throat. He face fucks him. Hot tears fall from the straight stud's eyes to mingle with his drool. Needless to say, Dave has no sympathy and pushes his rock hard cock past the tonsils. He wants to cum and Leo's misery is going to bring him off. Dave unleashes a barrage of nasty threats putting Leo in no doubt that his role is to be a submissive sexual plaything from now on. Dave delivers a mouthful of cum to the straight bastard whose downfall is now complete.