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  Marc is both bi and vers but overall a horny fucker that wants every sexual experience to be more daring and adventurous than his last. Here he wants to really expand his horizons by performing in scenes he's seen before. The result is fucking hot!  
Age 31, Personal trainer

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  Sexy physical trainer restrained, arse belted, sphincter stretched and screwed with a vibrator, fucked by two men, poppers stuffed into both nostrils, arsehole covered in spunk.  
Added 26th September 2018

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Hetero Marc has always been a domineering bastard. He turned his alpha drive into a profession by becoming a personal trainer driving his subjects hard while flaunting his hard masculine body. We've spent so much time studying his bulge and shapely bum while doing press ups that we're determined to get a piece of this macho thug's arse. We lure him into conducting some private sessions and now we've got him to ourselves. Shackled and tied in place Dave speaks directly into Marc's face as he informs him the filthy perverted fucked up things we're going to do to his precious straight body. Marc is filled with alarm as we lay into his body spanking him and ripping his trousers down to reveal his shapely arse. He's filled with rage fighting against his restrains while Adrian plunges into his virgin hole, stretching his sphincter and making him cry.

  Not only is he furious at the painful feeling of his bum being broken into but he's terrified at the promise we're going to fuck him hard. As he's given some helpers to loosen him up even more Adrian drives into him. This is the fucking dream! Riding your fit straight personal trainer's arse and cumming all over his hole like he's a slutty bathhouse whore. The enraged dozzy cunt then feels the shock of a second man's cock plunging into his arsehole already lubed up with another man's sperm. All that man goo is fucked up inside him permanently ruining him.  


We got an inkling that Marc is a downright pervy bastard from the moment he stepped onto our set to perform. He's driven to his limit as we tear into his arse and subject him to bondage more filthy and hardcore than anything he's dreamed. It was a proper test and he greedily takes everything we give him!

  Tied to a massage bench, gagged, CBT, balls crushed, cock pegged, sphincter stretched, arse drilled with a fat dildo, arse caned.  
Added 10th October 2018

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Proud hetero Marc is disgusted by the thought of a man touching his dick. It's his absolute pride and joy. Watching him squirm and fight at the anticipation of being perved over is as horny as actually seizing control of this bad boy's meaty bits. Adrian teases that fat fucking bulge through his thin white pants before destroying them and leaving his massive dick and balls hanging in the open. Marc rages, calls him a fucking poof and vows revenge but as soon as a ball gag is stuffed in his gob all he can do is moan like a bitch. His genitals are bound up so tightly it's fucking agony for the bastard. Next those meaty balls are crushed so that the slightest pressure causes him the most gut wrenching agonizing pain. After such an intense session of cock restraint Marc is broken and submissive, but we're only just begging. His legs are hiked up so we can plunder his arse and he has to watch our faces while we do it!

  Marc's arsehole and cock are both under such overwhelming pressure that when a cane is taken to his big hairy arse cheeks he howls like he's going to fucking explode.  


  Bound and gagged, pants ripped off, anal hook, battered arse spanked, genitals pegged, fucked with giant dildo, cock manipulated and milked, dick restrained, electro shocks to his sore genitals.  
Added 17th October 2018

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Enraged Marc is excruciatingly aware of his perilous situation. His arse has been beaten to fuck till its black and blue. He's roped down to a platform with no way to stop a further invasion to his precious straight arse. There's a ball gag shoved in his gob so he can't even scream out his fury! Marc feels the agonizing tension of every second as Dave enacts his pervy desires on this hetero's vulnerable body. Marc is shocked to be fixed in place with a hook inserted in his sphincter and tied to his head. Now he's terrified that any quick movement may rip his hole to shreds. He strains with every fibre of his being to remain in place and not move as Dave viciously lashes his sore arse. His body shakes with the tension of having his gooch and balls pegged up. Marc's spittle is used to slick up a fat rubber dick which is rammed in his burning sore bumhole. He braces every muscle in his body against the relentless onslaught.

  At the same time Adrian slicks him up with oil so he's gleaming like a faggot whore while experiencing the most intense and cruel punishment of his life! Marc's shame is ramped up even more when his dick is seized and manipulated till he's got a stiff boner. His balls are drained as if he were a useless fucking pig. Marc stares with horror as his sperm is lapped up and regurgitated directly into his resistant gagged mouth. That plump red bell end and big drained balls are too tempting to leave alone. Electo shocks are cruelly administered to his plumped up restrained genitals. We've finally driven into this march prick's thick skull that he is our permanent bitch now.  


  Bound, CBT, nipples pegged, electro shocks to his body and genitals, flogged, caned, cock sucking training, made to swallow two loads of cum.  
Added 31st October 2018

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We're tired of teasing prick gym trainers working out in their sheer skimpy outfits. Teasing cunts like this ought to be naked at all times. Adrian makes an example of Marc who is expertly bound in place so that his clothes can be briskly destroyed and removed. That big pendulous dick and set of balls are roped in place. Just stepping on this rope cause him excruciating pain in his groin so it only takes a little pressure to convince him to suck face like a lover. He still resists and spouts homophobic filth so we subject him to a vicious round of training and discipline that reduces him to a howling bitch. We beat him down and break his will to the point where he opens his trembling gob to service our stiff cocks. Every failure to submit earns him a vicious lashing or a painful electric shock. Not only must he guzzle our spunk but he has to clean our dicks as well. Who's the faggot now?



  Tied, CBT, balls and body flogged, humiliated, foot worship, gagged, fucked with a vibrator, restrained and subjected to agonizing tickling, bastinado, caning, legs shackled, dick manipulated till he's hard.  
Added 21st November 2018

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Marc has been sufficiently disciplined to know that he should stand in place like an obedient pup and let us grope him and tie him up however we wish. It's got our pricks stirring seeing his muscles bound and his prominent bulge pushing out of his red shorts. We demand he arduously shimmies out of his clothes while in his binds. It's desperately hard without the use of his arms, but he struggles to comply with every ounce of strength he has yet because he knows the consequences will be severe if he fails. We want this hetero to know how he arouses us so order him to stroke Dave's hard dick or he'll get it in the nuts! Crawling naked on the floor he kisses and worships our feet, constantly aware of how low he's fallen as we tower over him. Marc's straight body belongs to us and we get a thrill squeezing his dick and feeling it pulse in our hands.

  Since we're kind we allow Marc to decide his punishment to be tickled or hit with a vicious cane. Dave mercilessly lashes the sensitive soles of his feet till he's crying in agony. Sprawled naked on the floor we tug on his cock and make him grow a fat stonking erection against his will. There's no greater shame for a straight man than to know pervy men can make him hard!  


  • Stripped of his suit
  • nipples clamped
  • gagged
  • groped
  • humiliated
  • sphincter stretched
    Added 27th November 2019

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    We first met hetero Marc a year ago and since then he's given up his party lifestyle to become an upstanding businessman and husband-to-be. But he needs cash to set up house so comes to us for a new session… the stupid fucker has no idea what he's let himself in for! Marc has lost all sense of discipline and needs hard training to bring him back into line. Adrian recalls that Marc has very sensitive nipples so as soon as his arms are bound behind his back those pink buds are clamped and Adrian uses it to lead the bastard around like a captured stallion. It's horny handling his big dumb dick and nads knowing they're meant only for his bride. This dapper groom has been reduced to a pathetic naked slave crawling on the floor and striving with every muscle in his body to comply with the pervy demands of his captor. His heavy cock and tight arsehole belong to us now.


      Adrian digs into Marc's meaty arse and widens his hole making him wince in disgust. Bound stark naked in a humiliating position Marc desperately struggles with all his might to get free. He may have thought he'd become a proper man but this husky stud is nothing but our whore.  


  • Strapped to a discipline bench
  • painful wedgie
  • sphincter stretched
  • dick manipulated till hard
  • scrotum clamped
  • arse belted and lashed
  • bastinado
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked
  • made to swallow cum
    Added 11th December 2019

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    Hetero Marc is panicking. Now that he's seen how nasty we can be it terrifies him being stripped down to nothing but his thin white pants while secured to the discipline bench. When Dave enters and taunts him with his bulge Marc flies into a blind rage warning his captor away from his arsehole. But there's nothing he can do to stop Dave from tugging those pants aside and pulling his cheeks open to examine his sexy fucking arsehole. As Marc still resists him Dave yanks his pants right up his arse crack so they slice against his hole. Dave won't be satisfied till this straight cunt offers up his bum like a slut. He tears into Marc's hole widening him open and manipulating his cock till he grows a semi. But Dave soon makes it clear this isn't for Marc's pleasure as he secures his meaty scrotum to his toes. Now Marc can't move without causing intense pain to his testicles.


      Dave lashes his big arse and Marc must struggle with all his might not to kick out or he'll rip his own fucking nuts off! Dave ramps up the pressure even more as he canes the sensitive soles of Marc's feet making him tear the clamps off. Now this hetero is in such intense pain he'll do anything to make it stop even suck Dave's stiff dick. He drives his captor into such a frenzy that Dave plunges into Marc's arse screwing him while the straight bastard helplessly yanks against his restraints. Marc's mouth is filled with a fresh load of spunk and he recoils as he feels the creamy load sliding down his throat! Now he's a proper bender!  


  • Tied
  • pants destroyed
  • dick manipulated till erect
  • sphincter stretched
  • made to fuck himself with a vibrator
  • dick and balls flogged
  • cock milked
    Added 25th December 2019

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    Dave relishes the feeling of hetero Marc struggling to escape the ropes binding him in place. Every time he angrily fights for release he inadvertently wriggles his bum against Dave's crotch. He's like a wild beast that's been restrained. Marc is humiliated as his pants are wrenched up his bum crack lifting him off the floor. They go so far up there that when Dave tears them away they remain wedged up Marc's tight arsehole! One thing a hetero can't stand is admitting a man can arouse him so Marc finds it crushing when Dave expertly sucks his cock making him grow a stonking hard on. Marc is doused in oil. Now with his engorged dick all bound up and his body gleaming this straight cunt looks like a slutty bottom in a dungeon. A vibrator is secured up Marc's arsehole and Dave orders him to bounce up and down on it like a whore fucking himself. Dave alternates stimulating Marc's cock with showing him the sting of the flogger. He drives him to spill his seed. This hetero's sense of stimulation is so fucked up now he doesn't know whether he's experiencing pleasure or pain!




  • Naked servitude
  • electro shocks to genitals
  • shackled
  • humiliated
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • mouth and arse covered with spunk
    Added 8th January 2020

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    While Adrian and Dave get turned on reminiscing about some of the cruellest punishment they've inflicted on straight boys, hetero Marc must humbly serve them. He's made painfully aware that he's nothing but a worthless fucking slave whose only purpose is to fill their glasses and present his big round bum for their sexual gratification. They maintain their absolute control over him by strapping a device around his junk so that with the press of a button they can deliver a sharp vicious shock to the most sensitive area of Marc's genitals. To avoid punishment Marc gets on his knees to desperately suck and pleasure each man's dick even though he's gags as they ram into the back of his throat. Poor teary eyed Marc is completely overwhelmed as both cocks are stuffed into his stupid gob. He's kicked down to the floor and gets his arse rammed while Adrian continues to pound his mouth.


      The pair switch so Dave makes Marc suck the dick which now tastes of his own arse and Adrian fucks his bumhole with his saliva slicked cock. This once proud straight man is reduced to a cowering cum covered mess clutching his shocked genitals.