Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Mark is an ambitious new performer willing to bend his heterosexual leanings in pursuit of stardom. We were thrilled to use this feisty sexy redhead in his first S&M shoot and take him to the edge of his limits.  
Age 22, Model

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  Stripped, breath control, cock bound, arsehole fingered, flogged, body covered in humiliating graffiti, nipples and cock pegged, pissed on.  
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Big strapping boxer Mark is rising up the competitive ranks and is set to become a world class athlete. This dangerous and powerful man was made for fighting with a giant muscular frame and a fierce determined attitude. But his brain power is seriously lacking. Luckily we can use this to our advantage! Mark is lured into our lair with the promise of highly lucrative promotional deals. He's tricked into stripping off completely for a weighing up and we enact disciplinary measures to bring his weight to the perfect level. The stupid fucker has a rope lashed around his neck that's suspended with a weight. By the time he realizes something is wrong it's too late. Now this powerhouse must struggle for his every breath while we perversely use his body for our own sadistic desires. His stunning frame is rippling with well trained muscles but they are totally useless bound in ropes. Mark reacts by veering from vicious insults to pathetic begging.

  We totally ignore his pleas as we disgrace this bright young star at the pinnacle of physical fitness. What's more we photograph him in this utterly humiliating stance so his promising career will be forever ruined. This macho lunkhead is quickly turned from a figure of worship to an object of mockery dripping in our piss!  


When Mark is at home he practices BDSM with his girlfriend where he's the top, but performing in our videos the tables are turned and he's turned into a groveling cock sucking submissive bitch. It's a big challenge, but Mark acts like a trooper taking everything we dealt him.

  Tied, verbal humiliation, flogged, caned, arse disciplined, fucked, ordered to suck cock, spitroasted, covered in cum.  
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Strung up naked with his arms and legs bound against this wall, this stupid fucking hetero can resort to nothing more than shouting homophobic insults at us. Straight men really have no imagination! We teach him some fucking manners whacking his arse and back until they blaze red and deliver a punch to the gut. If Mark is so frightened of gay men we're going to give him permanent nightmares. His head is secured to the floor so he's helpless and bent over with his big manly bum pointed in the air. In this position we can easily spread his cheeks to really examine that tempting pink arsehole surrounded by a ginger beard. All he can do to resist is wiggle his bum which only makes our cocks harder! We sink our cocks into him and ram our dicks down the back of his throat. Mark will learn to beg for cock, arse pounding and punishment if we have to beat him within an inch of his life.



  Viciously spanking his bruised arse, gagged, CBT, sphincter stretching, arse pounded with a power tool, anal hook, bastinado.  
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When you get a hetero as fucking stupid as Mark, it takes a lot more than punishment to drill into his thick skull that he only exists to sexually serve cock. All those rounds in the ring must have knocked this boxer's brains out. We've destroyed his arse leaving his big rump bruised and hot to the touch. Still he believes he's in a position of power, insulting us and demanding his release. We're going to drill some understanding into this massive red-headed cunt. Dave beats Mark's already stinging sore arse making him howl the house down. We shut him up stuffing a ball gag in his gob. His big cock and balls are tied up till they are bulging purple. His arsehole is wrenched open so it will be constantly gaping and ready to receive a stiff fucking. A thick dildo attached to a power tool is rammed up his hole giving him a rigorous pounding that makes his burning sore arse cheeks vibrate.

  He's secured in place with a hook in his arse. Now any movement is painfully difficult. That means when Dave lashes the soles of Mark's feet it's fucking agony for him. He can't stop himself from kicking his feet away from the painful caning even though it nearly tears his nuts and anus. This is what it takes to teach this stupid cunt some manners.  


  Strapped down, arse thrashed, caned, verbal humiliation, mouth spreader, made to suck cock, fucked, mouth filled with cum.  
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Stupid hetero Mark may be utterly incapable of breaking out of the bonds which chain him to the discipline bench, but that doesn't stop him thrashing like a bucking bronco. He's one stubborn fucking animal. Even after destroying his arse he still hasn't learned that his existence is only for our sexual gratification. His battered bum has been so viciously tenderized that even a light spank causes him horrific pain. But Dave doesn't know how to tap it. He gives Mark's round sporty arse an almighty lashing that makes him manically howl. Even though he vowed never to beg for cock, after this severe treatment he's pleading for Aaron's big fat erection. The thick cunt thinks he can get away with just suckling the tip of Aaron's dick, but we have ways of ensuring our cocks can penetrate to the back of his throat.

  His mouth is fixed open in a permanent horrific scream while Aaron climbs Mark's rear to straddle and fuck him like a dumb beast in need of inseminating. Mark's wide open gob is filled with sperm which he has no choice but to gag on.  


  Tied down naked, gagged, anal hook, nipples clamped, arse flogged, sphincter stretched, wanked, electro shocks, cock manipulated, drained of cum.  
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Hetero Mark didnít think his punishment could get any worse. But, now that his arse has been viciously tenderized, any slap to his sore bum cheeks is absolute agony! We teach him just how bad his pain and humiliation can get. By the time weíre through with him heís going to be tamed like a humble pup begging to suck our dicks and receive a cock up his arse. Aaron lashes his arse with a leather strap making him thrash and howl like a madman. Markís pink straight arsehole is filled with a big fat dildo while Aaron tugs on his ginger willie. While the big bound strong man gets his arse continuously pounded, Dave administers shock to his nipples and teases his todger with a vibrator so Markís most sensitive parts are sensitized to an agonizing degree. Trembling all over he loses all control of his bodily functions so his arse is leaking bum juice and his big bull balls can be fully drained. Aaron laps up his hetero spunk and feeds it back into his howling mouth. Thatís this ginger fucker permanently wrecked and shamed!