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  Max wants to expand his sexual experience by performing in our hardcore BDSM video. For a young 18 year old straight man he's full of eager confidence!  
Age 18, Footballer

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  Strong-armed to the floor, tied, clothes shredded, gagged, sucked and rimmed till he's erect, boner flogged, humiliation, arse fingered and fucked with a dildo, bum viciously lashed.  
Added 29th March 2017

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When we spy 18 year old paperboy Max cycling along the pavement with his sack full of deliveries and balls full of cum we can't resist plotting to get our hands on him. That pert teenage bum of his looks too fucking enticing bouncing up and down on his bicycle seat! Once we trick him into entering our lair we know that he belongs to us. We enjoy the enticing tension of seeing him squirm under our intimate questioning and knowing we'll soon be getting our hands all over his slender young body. Max is floored and restrained. Now the straight fucker is ours!

He begs us pitifully to be released, but his pleading soon gives way to vicious anger when we've destroyed his clothes leaving him starkers. Now he realizes he's totally helpless in a confined space with a couple of filthy pervs determined to have our way with him.

Max seethes with rage as we go at his body suckling his tender prick and sticking our tongues up his moist bumhole. Boys like this can't control their body's response and his cock perks right up even though it destroys his whole hetero self image being aroused by dirty benders. We discipline him flogging his body and that eager teenage cock. His arsehole is slicked up with our spit and his tight sphincter widened to make way for a big fat dildo. Max howls and swears under his gag having his anal virginity stolen. We've now marked our territory on his body and claimed his straight arse forever!


Max wants to expand his sexual experience by performing in our hardcore BDSM video. For a young 18 year old straight man he's full of eager confidence!

  Bound, breath control, gagged, spanking, flogged, anal hook, balls pegged, caned, hot wax poured on his sore bum, ordered to suck cock, dildo fucked  
Added 12th April 2017

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Teen paperboy Max appeared very sweet at first, but tie the fucker down, strip him off and he turns into a right nasty little fucker. He swears viciously at us now that we've tied him down to an upturned chair for discipline. That big pale peachy bum is our focus here. He's tempted us with it by bouncing it up and down on his bike, but now it belongs to us. Dave delivers bare handed spanking making Max moan beneath his gag, but he doesn't have any idea what sustain pain is until we continue flogging, cane and pour hot wax on those flaming cheeks. The only way he can make us stop is by going down on our stiff dicks. This stupid 18 year old hetero needs a long lesson in how to give head. We're going to turn him into proper cock sucking whore with a loose sloppy arsehole if it means we have to beat his angry bum until it's red fucking raw!



  Humiliation, dog training, drags his naked body across the floor, supervised cock worship, made to suck two cocks at once, face covered in cum, swallows our piss.  
Added 26th April 2017

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Stupid young fucker Max thinks that just because we've had our pervy way with him, he can leave. The first chance he gets he races to the door, but there's nowhere for him to go. He needs to realize that he's our pet now and we're going to treat him like the pig he is. Max is given a hard lesson in dog training. Down on all fours and buck naked he crawls after us, submitting to every command we shout at him. He's made to feel every moment how intensely low he's fallen, chasing after his toy, pointing his arse in the air and his great big package dangling between his legs. He's not allowed to speak, but has to use his tongue to lap at our stiff dicks and lick our balls. We make him pleasure us in turn till his tongue is coasted with the taste of our cocks. Pinned between us he has to frantically work to pleasure us while we have a gay snog above him. As he weeps pathetically his face is covered in spunk.

  His real treat comes as we fill his doggie bowl with our stinking piss. He begs and cringes away from it but we push his face down into it and make him lap it up. Now he's overwhelmed with shame and covered in our stink.  


  Arse paddled, spanking, discipline, supervised cock sucking, humiliation, spitroasted, covered in cum.  
Added 3rd May 2017

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Raising young straight boy Max's furious ire only makes us more horny to tear into his arse! This little cunt is pumped up with anger and disgusted his precious hetero body is being mauled by a band of randy perverts. Now that he's tied down buck naked it's time to inflect some discipline on his fleshy rump. Adrian beats Max's arse till his bum is blazing red and sore. Now this teary eyed boy humbly begs to suck cock to make it stop. As soon as he's agreed Dave presents his erect cock in front of his face and orders him to chow down. Max groans as he deep throats a man's stinking dick and receives strict instruction on the proper way to suck. Any teeth and his arse gets another painful smack. While Dave grabs Max's ears and pulls his head far down on his rod, the boy is surprised to feel Adrian's cock plunge into his arse. Max is so overwhelmed he can barely see what's happening but he feels himself rammed from both ends skewered like a pig.

  His face and bruised arse are drenched in spunk. No matter how much fight this sorry fuck gives he looks like nothing more than a used gay whore now!  


  Gagged, tied naked, arse and body flogged, caned, bastinado, arsehole fingered and dildo fucked, made to piss himself.  
Added 17th May 2017

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Max's pristine boy body is fully exposed as every limb is tied to the wall. The straight fucker has quite a mouth on him shouting a stream of homophobic insults. Dave silence Max by stuffing a gag in his mouth. Time to teach this bastard some manners! Dave beats his arse with a flogger making Max leap about like a madman, but this isn't the real punishment. Oh no! Adrian wants to inflict a sadistic caning to the tender soles of Max's feet. If he doesn't compliantly raise them for his beating Dave will drip burning hot wax all over his burning sore bum. The mental anguish doesn't end there because then Max must choose the level of caning taken in an evil numbers game. The candle is placed under Max's cock. His arse is spread open and pounded till the angry straight teen unleashes a stream of piss to extinguish the flame. Max utterly humiliates himself with his shrivelled dick dripping piss and he weeps like the sorriest fuck alive.