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  Hetero Pierre is a swarthy sexy fucker looking to make some easy cash so he comes to perform in our videos and discovers a range of sexual perversion that hes never experienced before.  
Age 22, Student

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  • Restrained
  • clothes shredded
  • nipples clamped
  • humbled
  • groped
  • gagged
  • breath control
  • sphincter stretched
    Added 15th September 2021

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    Tough young hetero Pierre believes that he's unshakeable. Macho men like this are taught not to show any emotion, but here he's taken to the extreme and experiences the intensity of being bound and sexually used by a sadistic man. He arrives here not knowing anything about the sordid and pervy things we get up to, but sees it as quick easy money that will fund parties with his girlfriend. Pierre can stare Dave in the eyes and say he's not afraid, but his tone soon changes when he experiences the all-consuming fear of losing all control and being sexually humiliated for our pleasure. Dave efficiently binds his hands and arms behind his back. Once he's unable to fight back the reality of his situation sinks into his thick skull. With his nipples clamped all Dave has to do is gently tug on them to cause excruciating pain for this straight man and he humbly must follow wherever he's led.

      As he becomes more constricted and as his warm virgin arsehole is probed for the first time, Pierre feels terror surge through every inch of his manly body. This is how to systematically humble a hetero and turn him into a freely available piece of meat. The only resistance he's able to give is the look of sheer fury in his eyes.  


  • Tied down
  • gagged
  • made to sniff poppers
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • CBT
  • cruel edging
  • testicles crushed
  • dick pegged
  • sphincter pounded open with a giant dildo
  • arse viciously caned
    Added 29th September 2021

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    Macho straight men don't believe that another man can make them erect, but straight men are fucking idiots! They have no clue that we know many wicked ways of stirring a response that will leave their dicks helplessly and painfully engorged. Hetero Pierre claims that he won't be fazed by anything we do to his body, but he's underestimated the nerve shredding panic of being strapped down while completely exposed. From his restrained position all he can do is stare up at Dave who approaches him with a sadistic look in his eyes while freely grabbing at his dick. Pierre uses every muscle in his body to struggle against his restraints and shouts for this to stop beneath his gag but there's nothing he can do to prevent Dave's cruel and pervy advances. He's never seen the kind of small bottles which homos sniff during sex but now that they are strapped under his nose and it's screwing with his senses. Suddenly the skilful manipulation of his cock arouses a powerful urge to fuck and he can't stop his dick growing very hard.

      But this isn't about Pierre's pleasure which becomes very clear when restraints are fixed on his shaft making it impossible for his erection to go down. How quickly that warm desire switches to unbelievable pain! It's made excruciatingly worse when Dave squeezes his testicles within a ball crusher. Pierre is desperate to leave but he feels a blind burning panic as his legs are lifted to fully expose his arsehole. That sphincter is extremely tight and rather than gently loosening him Dave rips right in there with his pervy power tool turning that hole into a great big gaping cavern! Notice how his muscular thighs fiercely tremble while his arsehole is mercilessly wrenched open. His arse pounding is alternated with sharp whacks to his bum that streak his cheeks with painful welts. Pierre is utterly powerless and that makes him fucking furious! No longer the stoic straight boy. Dave takes pleasure into turning him into a ruined whore. All Pierre can do is HOWL in pathetic agony.  


  • Bound naked
  • gagged
  • sphincter stretched
  • bare arse spanked
  • fucked with a giant dildo
  • dick wanked
  • arse belted and flogged till it burns red
  • CBT
    Added 13th October 2021

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    Hetero Pierre is restrained in the most compromising position while stark naked! Painfully bent over with his arms secured behind his back and his ankles clamped in a leg spreader. There is no way for him to protect his arse or cry out for help because he's got a ball gag crammed in his mouth. The tension of knowing he might have his arse invaded fills every second with terrifying tension. As Dave freely handles him from behind, Pierre moans in fury and struggles to break free of his binding. But there's no escape from having his arsehole prodded and stretched open. That warm wet slit is soon dripping like a sloppy cunt. Dave yanks on the boy's precious cock while his balls swing uselessly between his legs. But he refuses to yield to being pleasured by another man. His captor has no choice but to take it out on his arse. Dave rams a big dildo up his hole so he feels it deep inside him and simultaneously punishes those pale arse cheeks.

      He's belted and flogged until his arse is stinging red and so sore that the slightest touch causes intense pain. Notice how much his rump and thighs tremble from the excruciating and ceaselessly cruel discipline. His useless package is bound up so much that his prick and nuts turn purple. Dave weighs them down with a bucket which he steadily fills so they are mercilessly stretched. This straight bastard's manly dick and previously pristine arse are now permanently ruined!