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  Buff hetero Ryan is a lost tourist and the picture of wide eyed innocence. We canít resist ensnaring this dopey cunt and subjecting him to absolute depravity. We leash his bulbous testicles between his legs, turn him into our submissive bum bitch and pump him full of our spunk!  
Age 29, Tourist

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  • Tricked into capitulation
  • tied & stripped
  • groped
  • CBT
  • arse flogged
  • nipples pegged
  • cock sucking training
  • fed a man's cum
    Added 8th October 2019

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    Naive straight bumpkin Ryan arrives fresh in the city and doesn't have a clue where he's going. His parents must never have taught him about the danger of talking to stranger because the innocent lad trustingly follows Dave into his lair where he's swiftly restrained and bound in place. This sweet hetero boy really has no clue the perilous situation he's now trapped in or what a sadistic bad man this is. The gravity of his situation soon becomes apparent as his clothes are destroyed and Dave lays claim to every inch of Ryan's precious muscular body. He pleads like a whiny little bitch not realising no one can hear and he now belongs completely to Dave's depraved desires. When his nuts are wrenched back and tied to the wall he panics and cries piteously as his arse is beaten raw. Ryan's never experienced such pain or humiliation and you can hear in his strained desperate voice what a shock this is for him.

      He'll do anything to make it all stop but is shocked when a stiff dick is thrust in front of his face. The heady aroma of a man's eager cock fills his nostrils and he must taste it as his tongue is guided over the shaft and balls. Dave mercilessly thrusts into Ryan's gob skull fucking him till the stupid straight boy's face blazes red and purple. Ryan goes bug eyed in startled horror as he feels himself gag on this man's insistent dick. The daft fucker thinks that if only he obeys and obediently swallows Dave's sperm he'll be allowed to leave. Little does he realise this is his new life now!  


  • Naked, gagged and bound
  • Cock and balls leashed
  • CBT
  • Anally fucked hard with dildo
  • Bastinado foot caning
  • Hard verbal
  • Hard fucking from gay assailant
    Added 23rd October 2019

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    Ryan's day doesn't improve as he is stripped naked, bound and gagged with tape. He can't kick out at me because I've lashed his balls to his legs. It's such fun to goad this straight prick though. He tries to kick me and only succeeds in hurting his balls. Those things are turning blue which adds to his pain and my pleasure. With harsh twine I tie his knob to his neck so he can either strain to keep his head up or cause his own cock untold suffering. Such fun for us to watch him battle between the two! In this predicament the soles of his feet are temptingly exposed so you know what I'm going to do? Cane those sensitive feet so hard he's screaming the fucking place down. We all know that's what hunky straight jocks like Ryan deserve.


      In this exposed position there is nothing to hide his virginal anus. It is simply begging to be rogered by a broom handle with a big dildo stuck on the end of it. Crushing humiliation for a proud straight man. Tormenting this guy turns me on so much that I naturally start tenting in my pants. I can't bear to have my hardening dick restrained so I have to get it out and stick it in Ryan's tight arsehole. The abject pain on his face turns me on so much I have to power fuck the twat. Bouncing off this hunk's muscular arse is what I love so much about fucking reluctant straight men. This guy deserves everything he gets from sadists like me. This video is one to savour.  


  • Bound wearing jock strap
  • pervily groped
  • arse beaten raw
  • ballgagged
  • mercilessly flogged
  • spincter stretched and fucked with a dildo
    Added 6th November 2019

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    Dave keeps naive hetero Ryan on his toes by giving him hope that he can escape from this new straight hell! But the truth is that there's no hope for him now. Not only is he our new permanent cock sucking bitch and bum boy but we'll fucking break him so severely he'll willingly serve us! Ryan's pathetic struggle to break free is utterly futile and only makes him sweat as he strains every muscle in his body to get away. When he realises there is no escaping this pervy man he transforms from a polite young man to a vicious nasty bastard swearing and spitting at Dave like a rabid dog. Dave mockingly oils him up so his body gleams like a trophy. Ryan's arse is already agonizingly sore and covered in welts from earlier punishments so he's absolutely consumed with terror about any further beating to his bum cheeks. He goes into a blind panic as Dave secures his body forward so his arse is sticking out.


      As Dave gives him a firm spanking the pain is so intense Ryan's naked body helplessly trembles all over. He's gagged so he can't even cry out anymore. Now as Dave cruelly and relentlessly beats his arse with a stinging flogger all Ryan can do is grunt like a bound beast. The stupid dickhead pathetically screams with saliva pouring from his mouth as he's pounded continuously with a dildo attached to a power tool which rips his arse to pieces. Now that he knows how severe his punishment can get, this whimpering straight cunt won't fight us anymore!  


  • Tied and shackled in a leg spreader
  • arse spanked and belted
  • sphincter stretched
  • butt plug hammered up his arse
  • arse screwed
  • cum fucked up his arsehole
  • face covered in piss
    Added 20th November 2019

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    There can be no more humiliating position for a hetero man than this! Ryan is trapped stark naked with his legs spread wide and his arms tied behind his back. There's nothing he can do to protect his virgin straight arse or stop Adrian from fondling his shrunken proud prick! His pale arse bears the black and blue marks of his wicked punishment. Now every smack to his sore bum causes him indescribable pain and causes drool to leak from his mouth to his further humiliation. But we haven't got at the sweetest spot of this bastard yet. Adrian widens his arsehole and shoves a butt plug up inside him. We take things further as Adrian and Dave continue spanking his arse with a wooden paddle. Now every smack causes both agonising pain to his bruised bum cheeks and drives that plug further up his cunt! Adrian and Dave are so turned on by his pain and humiliation they take turn fucking him.


      As soon as Dave covers his sore arsehole with his spunk Adrian uses it as lube to screw him harder. He's mercilessly pounded and just when he thought he couldn't sink any lower Dave unleashes a stinking stream of urine all over his hot angry face. Ryan radiates absolute fury as he's totally ruined dripping with piss and cum.  



    This video contains extreme deep throat fucking that should not be tried by viewers as it was performed by trained professionals.

  • Cuffed naked
  • slave training
  • humiliation
  • boot worship
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a vibrator
  • cock sucking training
  • made to gag with deep throat fucking
    Added 4th December 2019

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    Now that weíve fucked and beaten straight cunt Ryan weíre going to rent him out as a slave. This lazy bastard has lived a comfy privileged existence and has no clue how to properly serve. The only way to properly train him is with quick and vicious instructions. Trembling in fear with his body still sore from his beating and fucking, Ryan cowers naked and desperately tries to obey. Anything slack or slow earns him a hard smack to the face or a boot to his bruised arse. With his face constantly against the floor he can only stare up helplessly at the furious perv standing over him spitting in his face and stretching open his arse. Adrian widens his hole and screws him with a vibrator to prepare his arsehole to serve every man we rent him out to. Pounding Ryanís arse has got Adrian hot and bothered. He uses this opportunity to train this dumb straight fucker how to suck a dick. Ryan is instructed how to go down on it and pleasure a manís cock.


      This lazy bitch can’t do it properly so the only thing to do is grab Ryan’s head and hold it in place while Adrian mercilessly skull fucks him. Ryan desperately gasps for breath and his face goes beet red as the hard dick is angrily rammed down his throat. Even when all Ryan’s stomach juices come bubbling up into his mouth and his body begins to hysterically tremble, Adrian continues to viciously fuck this hetero’s gob.  


    Buff hetero Ryan is the picture of wide eyed innocence so we initiate this new performer into absolute depravity turning him into a submissive bum bitch and gay whore!