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  At a mere 23 years old Steve is one of the most eager and open minded performers we've come across. His enthusiasm causes him to continuously push his sexual boundaries and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him.  
Age 23, Electrician

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  Tied, clothes ripped off, gut punches, pervily groped, wanked, arse fingered, fucked with a fat dildo, cock flogged, CBT.  
Added 13th September 2017

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Don't mess with a man when he's in the middle of a really good wank! Dave is revved up and furious when he's interrupted mid stroke but he soon finds an outlet for all that sexual frustration when hot fucking workman Steve turns up to tempt us with his bum crack. When he's been subdued Dave and Adrian set to work tasting this delicious one's flesh right on the rooftop. Nothing tastes quite so sweet as a straight man's forbidden sweaty cock and arse crack. When he's strung up and aware what's happening to him he's fucking livid. As a recently married man he believes his body is a sacred object that should only belong to his wife. Well now we've got our filthy hands all over him and we're going to use his hot body in ways it's never been before. For starters we stretch that virgin sphincter till he's howling in pain. At the same time he's given tender kisses and his dick is stroked and we alternate that with vicious thrashing.

  Top that off with a pounding to his rear with a thick dildo and Steve is overwhelmed and thrumming with anger. Soon the room reeks of his sweat and bum as we train this workman into being our new arse slave.  


  Tied, gagged, nipples clamped, CBT, arse flogged, sphincter stretched with dildo, fucked by two men, arse covered in cum.  
Added 4th October 2017

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It makes tough hetero punk Steve's stomach churn to think of men perving over him. Well here he is fully naked strung up to the ceiling with each limb tied in place. His skin crawls as we slide our hands over every surface getting our jollies off from his taut muscular body and his dangling nut sack. We can use his body in any way we please and the more he jerks his body away from us the more excited we are to have our way with him. With his nipples trapped in vicious clamps we order him to fuck Dave's hand. It's so hot seeing him go through the motions of how he fucks chicks with his bum clenching and his hips thrusting. But now we've seen him display how straights fuck we demonstrate how gays want to use his arse. His rump is tenderized with a good thrashing before one leg is strung up giving us full access to his hole.

  We pound into his sphincter and stretch it open with a fat dildo. With his tight virgin hole widened Adrian fucks him letting the bastard feel what it's like to have a hard dick pushing into his guts. Dave takes his turn next giving him a taste of what his life is going to be like from now on. He's been reduced to a back alley slut covered in spunk and men will line up around the block to bang his hot arse.  


  Bound, gagged, caned, bastinado, flogged, sphincter widened with a vibrator, fucked, arsehole covered in cum, balls clamped.  
Added 25th October 2017

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Every straight bastard like Steve should be permanently tied in this position! Legs spread, cock and nuts on show, arse opened. And the good thing is you can stare directly into his angry red face while fucking him and filling him full of cum. Steve gets increasingly distressed every second as Dave makes his body even more vulnerable and he must struggle to even breathe. His panic rises as he receives lashes from a cane on his peachy bottom and the sensitive soles of his feet. When his already sore arse gets a vicious flogging the pain becomes so wickedly excruciating Steve will do anything to make it stop. His arsehole is prepped to receive an army of cocks with a firm fingering and fucking from a vibrator. Adrian plows into his arse screwing him with the vigour of a jackhammer and unleashes a load of sperm onto his sore anus. Those swimmers are rammed right up his hole with a thick buttplug. To keep the foul mouthed hetero fucker in check, Dave tightens his nuts in a vice and leaves him totally wrecked.



  Shackled, groped, arse whipped and flogged, cock worship, arsehole fingered and fucked with a fat dildo, fucked, spitroasted, arsehole and face covered in cum.  
Added 22nd November 2017

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Straight bastard Steve is chained to the discipline bench in a state of panic. His arse is so sore and bruised from all our nasty punishment that he can't stand the idea that it might even be touched again. Strapped down there is no way he can escape our roving hands sliding over his muscular twin globes and probing his vulnerable anus. All his struggling and shaking his bum only proves to excite us further. Adrian whips out his hard on to make Steve confront how his body turns us on. Angry Steve refuses to even look at it but Dave whacks his sore arse until Steve does whatever he's ordered to do even rub his lips all over a man's shaft and lube him up with his saliva. His will is broken to the point where he looks up with his pitiful tear filled eyes pleading for a cock in his mouth. While he's chowing down Dave plunders his arse. With the exertion of being fucked with a fat one and deep throating dick, Steve's face goes bright red with the veins popping out all over.

  He's so desperate that he actually believes if he just complies he'll be released. But now we've humiliated the twat we screw him at both ends. It takes many firm lessons to teach this stupid bitch how to be a proper cock slut.  


  Tied, cock teased, arse fingered, flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock suspended, balls and nipples pegged, dick manipulated till he spunks.  
Added 6th December 2017

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Sexy straight boy Steve has tried to escape his sadistic humbling by trying to muscle his way out and insulting us, but he's realized there's no way to fight free of our pervy attention. He's been reduced to pathetic grovelling asking for his release. His pleading falls on deaf ears because we've spent our whole lives enduring the sexual teasing of horny builders like this. Now we've got him tied up in nothing but a pair of skimpy white pants and have full access to his fit body we're going to fucking wreck him! We thrash his lily white arse and suspend his cock. The most sensitive parts of his body are stimulated against his will as a vibrator is shoved up his arsehole while his purple nob head is squeezed. His balls are tied so tight they look ready to pop. His genitals are so sensitive Steve is in fucking agony as we peg his luscious plums.

  This hetero has been stimulated to the point where his body has no clue what is going on and some deft stroking of his dick is all it takes to get him to unleash all his spent up sperm. Steve cringes in absolute shame now that a man has induced him to orgasm. He'll never be able to live this down!