Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Boxer Toby is tough on the streets but when we drag him back to our lair and fully restrain his body he is entirely under our control. This feisty cunt feels our full fury as we relentlessly lash his sexy naked body, make him fuck his buddy with a double headed dildo and order him to swallow cum. This boy is soon weeping and pleading for mercy but we systematically transform him into our cock slave.  
Age 21, Unemployed / Boxer

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SESSION ELEVEN              

 ADDED 9 March 2011 Topped By Adrian Video 17:30 125 Pictures
Young yob is knocked out, bound spread-eagled, clothes sliced to rags, gagged, flogged on chest, back and nuts, tormented, fingered in arse, choked and FUCKED

It's 3pm on one of London's grimmest industrial estates, notorious for trouble with gangs of tough young thugs hanging around on every street corner.

Bound spread eagled by his arms and legs, the young chav is completely helpless. He can't move an inch as I run my lecherous hands all over his body, before slicing off his top and ripping open his tracksuit bottoms and pants, exposing his naked cock.

"Fuck off! You pervy cunt!" the angry boy spits, but this just makes things worse for him - his rudeness needs to be punished...


 ADDED 23 March 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 28:15 125 Pictures
Angry lad's nipples clamped to his mate's, both boy's flogged, mate made to torment Toby, both boys impaled and fucked with double ended dildo, Toby's face tied to his mate's arse for rimming training, then anal hooked and pissed on

First tormented by nipple clamps we shove both naked boys to their hands and knees, their arses up close as I wave a huge double ended dildo under Toby's frightened face - he knows what's coming. And the quivering boy can't do a thing about it.

Time for Toby to clean up his disgusting mate. I make Toby stick out his tongue and lick Luke's arse clean, shoving his head between the cheeks as Toby winces in disgust. But of course, Toby isn't trying hard enough, so we tie his collar to Luke's balls, trapping his face deep down into Luke's smelly hole...


 ADDED 30 March 2011 Topped By Adrian Video 15:03 75 Pictures

Relentless bondage and torment, bastinado, fingerfucking, violated with vibrator, CBT, caning, hot wax on exposed cockhead, mouth washed out with soap

Trussed up, a ballgag crammed into his mouth, his head pinned back by a stick, Toby is unable to move any part of his body a single inch.

I swish a cane viciously through the air bringing it down onto the sole of his foot, and Toby grunts in pain through his gag.

Grabbing a lit candle I let the wax drop down onto Toby's beautifully vulnerable privates. The scalding hot wax fills Toby's tender dick head burning his shaft as it painfully drips down.

The foul mouthed fucker clearly hasn't learnt his lesson. I use a bar of soap to wash out Toby's foul mouth, he will respect his betters...


 ADDED 6 April 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 25:23 99 Pictures
Roped together & double caned while sucking cock, cum swallowing, Toby ordered to fuck his mate's face, tube gag blowjob, Toby made to help spitroast Luke, flogging and caning for both boys, cider enema squirted on Toby's face

Toby and Luke have gone from being in the same street gang, to being roped together on hands and knees, like animals. It's a pathetic sight.

Toby's oral skills are shit and earn him a caning. With tears rolling down his cheeks, Toby reluctantly begins fucking his mate's mouth, looking terrified as Luke chokes on his straight dick while Adrian bangs away at Luke's arse.

Holding Toby's face to Luke's arse he fires out the cider cum enema we've just given, coating his mate in shitty brown liquid...


 ADDED 13 April 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 19:22 90 Pictures
CBT and bondage, gut punching, full body flogging, nipple and cock pegs lashed off, facefucked and flogged, dildo fucked, made to rim Dave while being fucked by me

Scared out of his wits and well aware that the warehouse door is firmly locked, Toby knows he has no choice but to obey

Fastening pegs all over Toby's tender cock and nipples, Dave takes a flogger and viciously lashes off each peg. Toby's screams reach a satisfying crescendo, giving Dave and I throbbing, hard cocks.

Adrian fucks Toby's bum as Dave plants his smelly, hairy arse right over Toby's face. Toby has no choice but to lick and suck Dave's dirty arsehole. We both ride his body like a sex toy, using him mercilessly at both ends...


 ADDED 26 Sept 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 23:35 99 Pictures
Ballgagged and tied, OTK spanking, suspended from ceiling, erection teased, arsehole exposed, nipples pegged, hogtied, fucked with a dildo on a stick

Kitted out like a footballer in tight white shorts showing off his big strong thighs. Two years ago his body was soft and boyish but now it's like hot hard steel.

Toby's dick is so sensitized to cruel kinky treatment that being bound and used instantly gets his prick very stiff.

Adrian slides a wet digit up Toby's hole holding it up to Toby's nose so he can get a whiff of his own sphincter.

Trussed up on a block with his bum in the air he's penetrated with a dildo lubed up with his own spittle, sliding it in as deep as possible, stretching this straight fucker's arse fully open...


 ADDED 10 Oct 2012 Topped By Adrian Video 9:18 73 Pictures

Relentlessly impaled deeply by a fucking machine, nipple and foreskin in viscious clip bondage, oiled up, ball-gagged and flogged for good measure. Toby's appeals for help fall on deaf ears.

Small and tight, sporty tough guy Toby is the perfect specimen of a young straight, ripe for total degradation and humiliation. All of it on film. This is Systematic torment that takes a young lad in the prime of his life, on a journey way past his limits. Watch as Toby experiences one anguish after another, layer upon layer of distress, until it becomes too much. And still it goes on. His precious private parts, which should be fucking his girlfriend, instead become the playthings of a shameless gay sadist. Toby's arms are held so far back behind him that his shoulders virtually dislocate in agony. Drool gushes from his gagged mouth like a waterfall. Bent double with his sensitive nipples attached to his toes, there is absolutely nothing the hetero can do when the fucking machine is inserted into his tight youthful anus. The lad's muffled cries fall on deaf ears as Adrian instead increases his suffering by tying his nips even closer to his toes causing Toby to bend over in a virtually impossible position. Toby is then oiled up merely for the viewing pleasure of fellow sadists, despite the lad's obvious distress.

Just when the straight thinks things couldn't get any worse out comes the flogger and his perfect boyish buttocks are beaten so hard the lad is left shaking in abject horror, all while the fucking machine is continuing to ruin his hole. The cunning use of a mirror allows us to see Toby's face, contorted in agony, while enjoying the sight of his athletic behind being fucked. Only a perverted fiend could enjoy what happens next. Without any let up, the inside of the lad's foreskin is clipped and attached tightly to his toes. Toby is left with the choice of releaving his shoulders or bending far over to save his own nipples and foreskin. A difficult choice to make, eh Toby?! Having once again increased the speed of the fucking machine Adrian has to drown out Toby's cries with a loud ghetto-blaster before leaving him in wicked predicament bondage.

Viewer: when you get hard watching this, guess what? You are a sadist.


  At 21 years old Toby is the perfect young "tough" because his job is boxing for a living.

A fighter, Toby is very fit, has a high pain threshold and is reliant on himself to make ends meet. Despite being straight he feels that he has what it takes to handle Breeder Fuckers. Great!

We know we don't have to hold back in any way in our sessions with Toby, starting with a filthy wet and freezing cold warehouse to do him over in. But that is just the start of the misery for this sexy young lad...
Added 24th October 2012

Video 15:30       99 Pictures


  Strapped to a bench, pants ripped off him, spanked and flogged, made to beg to suck a man's dick, cock worship, facefucked till he hurls, viciously fucked, sore arse covered in spunk and snowballed onto his shamed face

Toby has worked hard to build up his new buff manly body. It wasn't intended for this but here he is in his tight Y-fronts on show for our pleasure. But it's not enough for him to only stand there looking pretty. He has to serve or get the punishment coming to him. When he's presented with a stiff dick in his face and refuses it his underwear is torn off and his big pale bum is given a hearty walloping. Those white cheeks blaze red while the angry twat hollers in rage. Tied to the bench he struggles all he can as the intensity of the punishment increases.

Even with all his boxing training and intense weight training this boy has a pain threshold and there is only so much he can take. Once his will is broken he has to treat the hard dick in front of his face like he loves it. He's so useless that he gags and pukes on the erection being shoved down his throat. It doesn't matter what he agreed to do in the “scene”. The only thing to do is to fuck him – and hard! Because this is what he was really made for and this is what he deserves.



  • Tied
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • gagged
  • nipples and foreskin clamped
  • arse paddled
  • humiliated in front of an audience
  • fucked
  • arse covered in spunk
    Added 21st August 2019

    Video 15:53       99 Pictures



    It's been a long time since we've seen Toby but we never forget a face! When we last saw this cheeky fella he was a fresh-faced pup nervously testing out his limits. Now he's a full bodied man with a rich hairy chest and a stubborn masculine attitude. He only wants to make videos fucking chicks but we've got other plans for him. Adrian strips him down to examine how his chest has filled out and his muscles have grown since he last used him. Like a lot of fully grown straight men he's become a lazy fucker so Adrian makes him struggle to serve and display himself like a whore. Toby utterly humiliates himself ringing the stupid little bells attached to his nips and dick while Adrian whacks his arse till it glows red. Not only is his total embarrassment being filmed but Adrian drags him out to debase himself in front of other men. Toby is bent over and fucked while his mates laugh in his face. He may be older, but this dopey cunt is no wiser! It's such a rush getting off on this man's body and remembering what he was like as a boy.



  • Pervily groped
  • cock sucking training
  • made to gag and deep throat a stiff dick
  • fucked
  • ordered to swallow a fresh load of cum
    Added 18th September 2019

    Video 22:25       99 Pictures



    Now that Toby is back and has grown into a full proper man, Dave takes his time pervily exploring and refamiliarizing himself with every inch of this hairy builder's body! Usually workmen whistle and catcall any pretty thing that passes by but here Toby is turned into the slut on display! He makes Toby flash his body showing off his arse crack and straight cock to be groped and manhandled. Toby's gets that sexy hurt puppy look as his eyes grow watery and the absolute humiliation of his predicament overwhelms him. He's ordered submissively on his knees to suck cock like a bitch while staring up sorrowfully at the man skull fucking him. His face flushes red and he gags as he struggles to deep throat that man meat. Once he gets Dave really hard Toby must lay back and present his hairy arsehole for fucking. Dave vigorously pounds him while possessively clutching Toby's nuts. Down on his knees

      Toby must open his gob to receive Dave's load and then suck clean the dick that just fucked him. It's such a turn on having fucked this lad as a boy and now screw him again as a fully grown straight man!  


  • Trained how to be a gay whore
  • verbal humiliation
  • boot worship
  • spit in his face
  • arse flogged
  • fucked
  • gagged
  • dick and balls locked in chastity
    Added 2nd October 2019

    Video 17:22       98 Pictures



    Since Toby's return he's become very popular. We can't get enough of his new hunky man's body either! This stupid masculine fucker is worth a mint and it's time we made some money whoring him out. To do that we have to train him in absolute subservience. He must present himself wearing nothing but a jock strap like a real rugby player who we've nabbed from the boys' locker room! We make this big thick daddy grovel at our feet, worship our filthy boots and crouch on the floor as a footstool. As we knock back a few cool ones his tongue is put to work and Dave cruelly crushes his nuts and dick under hit boot. Toby weeps in humiliation as he cowers on the floor naked desperately lapping at our feet and getting his arse beaten raw. That big manly rump burns red. It's his duty to present his straight arsehole any time his customer demands it.

      The sight of his spread cunt is too tempting not to sample and Adrian plows into him while Dave holds him down. Now that we know what a lucrative luscious fuck Toby makes we're going to preserve him for his first client. A butt plug is shoved up his arse and his genitals are clamped in a chastity device. Now he's ready and waiting for the highest bidder.  


    At 21 years old Toby is the perfect young "tough" because his job is boxing for a living. A fighter, Toby is very fit, has a high pain threshold and is reliant on himself to make ends meet. Despite being straight he feels that he has what it takes to handle Breeder Fuckers. Great! We know we don't have to hold back in any way in our sessions with Toby, starting with a filthy wet and freezing cold warehouse to do him over in. But that is just the start of the misery for this sexy young lad...