Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Arrogant straight muscleman Vincent makes it his mission to police public toilets and stop perverted behaviour. We strong arm this tough bastard into our lair and teach him what it means to be the bog room slut!  
Age 43, Sports injury masseur

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  Tied, gagged, flogged, sphincter stretched, nipples clamped, screwed with a vibrator, CBT, power tool fucking, humiliated, covered in piss.  
Added 6th February 2019

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Who doesn't like a quick hookup in a public toilet screwing a city boy on his lunch hour or tossing off a construction worker on his break? But it's fucking typical that some busybody security guard comes sniffing around and spoiling everyone's fun. Hetero tough guy Vincent especially enjoys lording his power over the guys he catches cruising and spewing homophobic nonsense. Time to turn the tables on this nosey bastard to show him what we really get up to in the toilet stalls! We subdue the big hairy oaf and restrain him so he desperately pleads to be released. He's delivered a firm lesson in being our bitch as we flog the fucker till he's bursting with anger. We stretch open his bum hole giving this arrogant bastard the arse pounding he so sorely needs. He may have been hired to guard the bogs but now we turn Vincent into our personal piss pot soaking him in urine and mocking his total debasement.





Tough hetero athlete Vincent is into hardcore sports like boxing and martial arts and as such he's accustomed to managing pain. He enthusiastically performs in our scenes taking on all the challenges we give him and we're thrilled with the horny result!

  Tied, naked body pegged, collared, flogged, screwed with a fat dildo, ball bashing, lashed, made to wank us off directly onto his face.  
Added 20th February 2019

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It gives us such a hard on when manly tough fuckers fight us back! And hetero Vincent is a mouthy furious fucker with the combative spirit of a boxer. We grope the bound muscular tattooed bastard. He fights against his binds and can only succeed in inadvertently grinding his arse against us while he thrashes struggling to get away. The militant cunt was trained to be a fucking pain whore and takes a thrashing till his skin is searing red. Dave rams a fat dildo up his tight arsehole making him wail. This unleashes the beast in him and he is fucking furious! It's going to take some serious ball busting to mellow this tower of muscle and spunk. The ignorant fuck has no idea why we've attached pegs up and down his body. But when he still refuses to service us Dave rips them off bringing Vincent to his knees. Now this animal is tamed he humbly kneels on the floor tugging our hard dicks simultaneously like he's a slutty bukkake whore. We drench him in spunk and leave him weeping on the floor.





  Tied, gagged, nipples clamped, sphincter stretched, humiliated, caned, cock manipulated till its stiff and milked, made to lick up his own spunk.  
Added 6th March 2019

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We've got tough security guard Vincent roped down naked on all fours and on display like a slave at the market. Let's see how hard this proudly hetero bad boy really is! There's no shutting up this mouthy fucker. Even with a big ball gag shoved in his stupid gob he's hurling insults at us and demanding we stop. The thick cunt doesn't realize he belongs to us now and we're going to make his arse into a big sloppy wet hole ready for fucking. The straight bastard is disgusted by the sensation of our spit being rubbed over his bum hole. We slick him up with oil so all his muscles gleam like a trophy bull. His head is suspended in place so we can look directly into his face while his arse is beaten raw with a cane. Vincent's round bum is repeatedly lashed till he's wailing like a bitch. It's so easy to control this untamed beast. Rub his cock in the right way and it goes very rigid and he's aching to get off like a big stupid donkey. We drain all his sperm and make this hetero eat it!