Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Declan is a straight blue collar worker who's heard about us and thinks he can take anything. The truth is that most straight men would last about 30 seconds with us. We're going to take full advantage of this lad's naivety and open up his mouth and arse for your viewing pleasure.  
Age 25, Finance

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  • Stripped naked
  • leashed
  • dog training
  • showered in piss
  • humiliated
  • arse belted
  • ordered to clean our dicks
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
    Added 22nd September 2021

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    Hetero Declan is a young bearded builder in the prime of health. He likes money and thinks going through a BF scene is going to be a breeze. Some straights really believe the bullshit about being tough. He reasons that signing up for a session submitting to a couple of pervy homos is a fast track to quick easy money. This dumb fucker has no idea what he's got himself in for! He can easily shrug off the shame of stripping and even crawling naked at our feet. But Dave soon shows him the seriousness of his total subjugation and humiliation by pissing directly over his stupid face. It's not easy to smugly grin back at us when he's dripping in stinking hot piss! He absolutely refuses to put our dicks in his mouth so he needs his first harsh punishment. For such an arrogant bastard he struggles to take much of a beating on his arse. As soon as those bum cheeks are burning in pain he breaks.

      Down on his knees with both our hard cocks shoved in his face he's overwhelmed by the reality of his situation. We give precise instruction for how to pleasure our massive boners and under our stern orders he strains to fit both our dicks in his mouth at once. This stupid dumb fucker finally realises how low he's fallen as the raw stench of our cocks fills his nostrils and he can taste our precum on his tongue. Staring into the camera he knows that all his mates now knows it too!  


  • Tied with legs akimbo
  • gagged
  • pants destroyed
  • arse caned
  • arsehole stretched with a vibrator
  • electro shocks to his balls and penis
  • ruthlessly fucked
    Added 6th October 2021

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    Straight men are such idiots they don't realise that when they wear white underwear we can see their arse cracks through the thin fabric. Hetero Declan's pants are so cheap you can practically see his hole! We truss his legs up so that bum is fully on display. It's such a turn on watching him wriggle trying to escape but it only turns us on as it's so easy to reach beneath his underwear to feel his warm arsehole twitching. We completely destroy those pants so he's fully exposed with his big hairy testicles and tightly cowled dick on show. Declan refuses to comply with any direction we give him as he desperately clings to his last shred of dignity. We teach him a lesson lashing his arse till it's covered in red stripes. He whines pathetically and hollers beneath his gag when his arsehole is pried open with a big vibrator. The sensation of it buzzing away inside him drives him mad. But what rouses absolute fury in him are electro shocks to his precious dick and nuts.

      The pain is so sharp he'll literally do anything to make it stop including being fucked. He moans pathetically as Dave thrusts inside him, pounding him so hard his balls slam against Declan's sore arse cheeks. All the while his ramming is being live streamed so that everyone knows that this straight cunt has become a slutty bitch.  


  • Strapped to the discipline bench
  • pants destroyed
  • sphincter stretched
  • erection rubbed over his face
  • flogged
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arse covered in cum
    Added 20th October 2021

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    Hetero Declan has always believed himself to be an alpha male that can control any situation. But here he's been rendered completely powerless, secured arse up to our bench and wears nothing but a thin pair of pants. No matter how much he fights against his binds he can't free himself or prevent Adrian from pervily groping his body and nuts. With just a little snip of the scissors Declan's pants fall away and he's left totally exposed. He groans in frustration as his filthy straight anus is stretched and probed against his will. He'll do anything to make it stop but when a tumescent penis is presented in front of his face Declan wrenches away in disgust. Adrian gets very hard rubbing his dick over this hetero's beard and resistant lips. He wants his dick sucked but when Declan refuses the only option is to viciously punish him with a cruel beating. Dave shows no mercy when wielding a flogger and the straight fucker soon can't take the pain.

      He resentfully opens his gob to suck that dick and must be trained how to pleasure it. Not only does he have to orally serve another man but must greedily beg for it. Adrian gets so turned on that he plunges into Declan's arse. The stupid straight bastard thinks he can bargain with us, but he has no say here since we have complete command. Adrian vigorously screws that tight arse while Dave face fucks him. That sore arse is covered with a fresh load of cum which Dave uses as lube to fuck Declan. While his arse is pounded full of a second cock he must simultaneously clean Adrian's spunky nob. Declan's precious straight dick and balls are crushed against the bench as we selfishly use his body and greedily take our pleasure from him. What a worthless hetero cunt!