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Watch handsome confident hetero jocks totally ruined, their straight untouched holes stretched open, penetrated and defiled. Their muscular chests, backs, stomachs and buttocks flogged red raw, they are made to deep throat their assailants' cocks. Hot cum hits the back of their disgusted throats and they are made to swallow it all down by their new masters.

The torment is fiendish and relentless. It's high time these straights were taken and used greedily for our own pleasure don't you think?

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  Clothes ripped off, spanked, stripped naked, Ballgag head hardness tied back, agonising neck bondage, nipple torment, groped up against his will, anally finger fucked and violated, given involuntary erection, buttplug shoved up arse and held there against wall, verbal  
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An ordeal that only a completely unrelenting sexual sadist could think up!

Straights like Dan, once they've been abducted and know there is no chance of release, try to be passive and see if that gets them through it. This session is a case in point. He goes along with being bound but soon finds that this is opens the door to a series of systematic torment and sexual pain at the hands of a greedy sadist. Starting with being spanked at Dave's hand.

Once Dan is hanging from the ceiling Dave rips his clothes off in sequence. As every bit of clothing comes off his big hands freely grope at Dan's private parts and tight straight hairy backside. But Dave isn't just interested in groping and fondling reluctant straights, he wants to cause both psychological and physical pain. He fiendishly causes Dan to have an involuntary erection, making Dan question his own sexuality and then, on pain of yet more torment, gets the lad to wank him off. He delves deep into the boy's shitty cunt hole, whilst at the same time pulling him off.

Knowing Dan has sensitive nipples he snaps on loads of harsh nipple clips. Making sure that ALL Dan's erogenous zones are thoroughly tormented he up-ends the straight onto a bench and, with his arse bare exposed to anything Dave wants, he shoves a long perspex buttplug up him, fucking the hetero. Lodged against the wall there is no way that the buttplug can be pushed out. Dan must wait, enduring permanent anal agony, until Dave decides what's next...


  Made to serve in his pants, roughed up, boot worship, leashed, caned, gagged with a stiff cock, turned into human cum dump.  
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Dan thinks he's too good for wiping up pub tables and collecting glasses. The lazy cunt struts around in his tight trousers slacking off, but now we're going to teach this sexy straight boy how to properly serve. He meekly serves his new master wearing nothing but tight white pants. He's spent enough money and gone through enough pain to cover his body in ink – he might as well show it off. Dan is burning with rage, but he's incandescent when Dave smacks him hard across the face. The shamed lad must wriggle out of his pants and continue serving by kissing his master's boots. While he's grovelling pathetically on the floor Dave strokes Dan's round arse and slides the tips of his fingers over the boy's tender anus. Dan is leashed by Adrian and turned into a human footstool while he desperately licks and kisses the pervy men. His tongue slides on the filthy soles of their boots filling his mouth with grit and filth while his arse is lashed with a cane.

  Fully naked Dan is laid out flat on the stinking sticky tabletop right in the middle of the pub. The men take turns fucking his mouth, screwing his throat so deep that Dan gags. His throat is relentlessly invaded. As he stares up all he sees is angry men with raging hard cocks thrusting into him. Both men empty their loads into his mouth, coating his tongue and throat. Now this useless slag knows what it means to really earn his minimum hourly wage.  



  Bound naked, fucked with a dildo, arse and balls flogged, CBT, nipples pegged.  
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Hetero Shane's masculine pride is centred on being seen as a big tough athlete. He needs to learn that he's not the dominant one anymore; he's our beefcake bitch. He's trussed up with his arms and legs spread in bondage making his muscular body ache all over. His big meaty arse is pointed out vulnerably and a gag is stuffed in his mouth so no one can hear him scream. We don't just want to shove our cocks into his tight arse, we want this bastard to fuck himself! We insert a big thick dildo into his sphincter and demand he sit back on it. If he doesn't fuck himself properly like a horny bitch his arse cheeks are given a vicious lashing. Adrian flogs his bum cheeks and nuts continuously while Dave rams the dildo further up his anal passage. Shane strains with all his might to lean away from the dildo being jammed in his hole making his muscles strain and burn, but there is no escaping this predicament. Dave ramps up the agony stretching his genitals with a weight tied around them and pegging his sensitive nipples. Adrian sets on him again lashing his arse continuously while his anus, cock and balls are all being stretched to breaking point. Maybe now Shane will get it through his thick skull that he's our submissive fucktoy.




  Strapped to fucking chair, gagged, water enema, tighty whities ripped off, arse caned, tag team fucking, arsehole covered in cum.  
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This straight boy Dan is a stinking filthy fucker. Heteros don't pay attention to their arses or clean properly so it looks like we'll have to do it for him. We wash his guts so his insides are pristine and ready to be fucked. A hole is torn into his near transparent pants so his anus is exposed for us. We insert a tube up his hole and fill his anal cavity with cold water. The pressure enrages him, but we demand he hold all the water in his anal cavity while his arse cheeks and the soles of his feet are lashed with a cane. Dan knows what is coming if he lets it out. He tries with all his might to tighten his sphincter and hold every drop in, but the tension is too great. Soon it all comes pouring out into the bucket. Now that this hetero's cunt is fresh and smelling sweet we can fuck him like we dreamed of doing when he bent over our table servicing us. He's given a royal screwing while we clench his throat and genitals. Dan is made to stare directly into Dave's eyes while he fucks him deep. His newly cleaned arse is anointed with two loads of sperm so it's dripping down his heavy ball sack and sphincter. A buttplug is shoved up his hole so his clean insides are coated in cum.




  Bound, caned, bastinado, arsehole widened with a power tool, gang fucked, face covered in two loads of cum.  
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Look how low this proud muscular stud has fallen! Naked Shane is expertly tied in a very compromising position with his arse up and the soles of his feet exposed. The most sensitive parts of his body are totally vulnerable to whatever perverted nasty treatment we want to inflict on this fucking hetero! The bottom of his feet receive a caning making his entire body jolt with the shock of pain. Shane's big round arse cheeks are spread to show off his tight bumhole. Dave pops that sucker open using his power tool with a big dildo stuck on the end. Rammed hard with only our spit to slick up his opening, Shane is primed for a royal fucking. This teasing cunt has got us so hard we're lining up to screw this bitch. He moans and cries, his face collapsing in a fit of misery and pain as he feels our cocks rammed deep inside him. We spray our semen all over his stupid mug so he's left with tears and cum dripping down his face.




  Restrained, punched, arse fingered, spanked, testicle control, trained to suck cock, mouth and arse covered in cum.  
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You know how it is when you're out for a pint. Some sexy straight slag comes around frequently collecting glasses, wiping tables and teasing all the patrons wiggling his sexy bum. It's time we had our way with sexy cunt Dan with his shaved head, face scruff and tight body. He's tricked into abandoning his job which pays pennies for the promise of more money and more fun. Now that he's in our lair all we have to do is convince him to put on a pair of cuffs and we've got him. His trousers are ripped down so we can feel that tight warm arsehole he's never even shown to his girlfriend. His sphincter is warm and damp from bustling around tables all day. Adrian slides his cock along his bum crack making the homophobic bastard enraged.



We've got his nuts in our hands and he knows we'll squeeze them till they burst unless he does exactly as ordered. He's given a firm lesson in sucking dick, swallowing the whole shaft, rubbing the glans with his beard and sliding his tongue all around a man's piss slit. He fights past his revulsion at having the musky stink of a man's pubes right in his face. Dan gags struggling with all his might to obey knowing what pain will be in store for him if he doesn't. There's pure anger in his eyes. Dave ejaculates directly into his mouth while Adrian squeezes Dan's balls in his tight fist. This morning Dan thought he was stuck in a worthless job but now he's found his proper vocation as a cum guzzling slut.



Young, sexually ambiguous Dan is a new performer who wants fresh kinds of kinky experience. He enjoyed filming with us and was a fantastic actor. We'd be eager to work with him again.


  Bondage, gagged, clothes cut to shreds, gut punching, flogged, arsehole fingered, nipples pegged, fat cock and balls suspended.  
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Muscular straight stud Shane desperately wants some extra money, but he refuses to get fucked or do anything sexual with other men. We compromise by asking him to pose for some photos while he's in bondage. He submits to being expertly tied while fully clothed with his arms secured firmly behind his back. It's all very friendly and cosy until the moment when those big tough muscles he's worked for years to build up are full restrained. Now he's helpless and he's all ours. We whip down his track suit bottoms to fully feel and appreciate this stud's sculpted body. Shane detects something pervy and wrong is happening but no matter how much he strains he can't escape. His clothes are cut off from him leaving him utterly exposed. Just tweaking Shane's nipples gets him bucking like a bull, but we have much worse in store.


We grip and stroke his big healthy cock that's only been used to screw his girlfriend. The rope gag secured to the ceiling is raised so he must balance painfully on his toes. We subdue the angry fucker delivering some swift punches to his taut stomach and lashes to his body. Adrian wrenches his pants up so they slice right into his arsehole and Dave can deliver a whacking to his big round arse cheeks. His big fat todger is jerked mercilessly and his tight hot hole is aggressively fingered. Shane's thick cock is tied up and his balls are restrained. We're done fantasizing about what this fella looks like under his sporty gear. This is how Shane should always remain: naked, restrained and exposed for whatever we want to do to that sterling body.




  Rugby player tied on his knees on a filthy toilet floor, manipulated till erect, trained to worship dick, turned into a cocksucking faggot, fucked, caned, face rammed full of cock, bastinado, glans stimulated with vibrator, fingerfucked and viciously screwed, balls clamped and dildo shoved up his arsehole.  
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Beefy handsome rugger Shane has fast fallen from admired athletic star to a cock hungry slag in a piss-stinking bog. His arms are tied behind his back and he's on his knees in nothing but a filthy jock strap. Adrian grabs Shane's cock and jerks him till he can't stop himself growing stiff. He's on the brink of ejaculating, but this isn't about his pleasure. He's presented with two hard dicks in front of his face when he's shouted at to service or there will be consequences. He desperately turns from one erection to the other sloppily sucking them till spit and cock juice is running down his strong hairy jaw. Shane is so overwhelmed with dick being rammed down his throat it feels like he's permanently stationed here in the toilets.



Shane is dragged into the weight room and thrown down on a bench press with his arms bound. The saucy minx has been keeping his arsehole to himself for too long. Adrian fucks him vigorously and Dave canes him till the bastard is howling beneath his gag. The sensitive soles of his feet are given a whacking which makes him squirm in agony. His precious nob is rubbed all over with a vibrator so his tender banjo string is rubbed raw of feeling. Dave then rams his arse so hard that Shane's eyes roll into the back of his head and all he can do is brace himself till the pervy man takes his pleasure from his tight fuckhole. His genitals are bound and his arsehole is filled with a dildo so he's prepped and ready for whatever man next enters the training room.