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  Balls tied painfully to feet, wrists cuffed and suspended behind back, gagged, nipples clamped, balls slapped, anus fingered then fucked, made to sniff his own shit smells, made to suck cock, fucked at both ends, cummed on and has to taste the cum of his tormentor.  
Added 25th November 2015

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Yuris finds himself in quite a predicament. Totally nude, bent over with his nuts attached to his feet. Maybe he could untie his cock and balls, if only his wrists weren't cuffed together and tied uncomfortably high from the ceiling above him. He is in such a state all the straight cunt can do is spit insults as Dave comes in to ramp up the pain and humiliation further!

Dave shoves a ballgag into the cunt's mouth and straps it really tight so there is no chance of pushing it out. Yuris had better learn to catch breaths through his nose. Not easy when Dave goes straight for his tightly tied nads, smacking them painfully to make Yuris grunt in agony. Yet Yuris is defiant. Trying to smile and refusing to do what Dave orders. No matter, as a swift bash to the nuts gives him something to think about and makes him double over. In this position it would be rude not to go for his muscular hairy arse. Dave pulls the cheeks apart to attack the straight's precious cunt hole.


Arms painfully back Yuris can do absolutely nothing to stop Dave and Derek sticking pegs over his nipples. Pain shooting through his nips he can't really think when confronted by Derek blatantly saying what he is going to do to Yuris's arse. But there is something Yuris needs to know. Derek is an abject sadist. The more pain and humiliation Yuris experiences, the more Derek is turned on. Derek unleashes a raging hardon and desperately needs release. He sticks his rampant member right under Yuris's mouth to catch the drool as lubricant. The smell of piss and manly musk from Derek's cock makes Yuris retch into his gag. Drool and vom spurts from the side of the gag onto Derek's cock. Yuris can barely hold back tears. Tears which no doubt Derek would also use as lube!

Derek's cock grows larger and more fuck-hungry with every increasing moment of Yuris's misery. But Derek cannot wait a moment longer. Selfishly he sticks his proud erect member straight up Yuris's tight cunt and there is NOTHING the straight can do about it. Derek gets straight into fucking the hetero without any regard to the agony he is inflicting. You would have to be a total sadist yourself to enjoy poor Yuris moaning hopelessly into his gag. Pain in his balls, nipples and now his ruined arsehole make him holla. Yet this drives Derek on all the more, pummelling Yuris's reluctant shithole.

Derek yanks the straight's hair with his fist and MAKES him look into his eyes. That expression of hate & pain sparks a deep sadism in Derek. He wants to do Yuris over and seriously ruin him. Derek makes Yuris stare into the camera so we can all enjoy his complete and utter degradation.

Yuris would do anything, anything, to stop the fucking. He knows there is no use fighting, no use spitting insults. It will not end. Given the choice of sucking his tormentor's cock. THAT would be preferable to the endless fucking.

Sorry Yuris. It's just not your day. With a cock in his mouth the arse has become available for another sadist. He has to now suck Derek AND get fucked by Dave's equally large cock. Cum for you at both ends you fucking straight bastard!




  Gagged, bound, made to crawl across the floor naked, disciplined with a riding crop, screwed with a vibrator, fucked up the arse, arse coated with two men's loads.  
Added 18th November 2015

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We've heard enough from macho tattooed hetero Kevin. Since all he wants to do now is yammer abuse, Dave wraps his mouth with tape so his mouth is firmly sealed shut. The only thing we want to hear is this fucker begging to suck our cocks and get screwed up the arse. And the only way he'll learn his place as our fuck toy is if he's physically and sexually humbled. Plus there is nothing hornier than watching a big stupid straight stud crawling pitifully across the floor humiliating himself. Kevin's arms and legs are bound tightly with rope so he can barely move. Magnetic clips are attached to his nipples and foreskin while bits of metal are tossed over the floor. It's agonizingly hard for him to move across the rug collecting it all up, but under strong verbal orders and the stinging lash of a riding crop Kevin makes himself move inch by painful inch. While he collects each piece the weight stretches his long silky foreskin and tugs on his nipples all the harder.

  Little tinkling bells are attached to his nipples so Kevin can put on a show. He must dance up and down in place making them jingle and his big fat cock flap up and down. Kevin's strong masculine body and proud cock are now used to put on a humiliating show like the filthiest slag flaunting his wares on the street. Dave orders Kevin to relax by bending over a bench which puts his arsehole on show. Adrian heard Kevin ringing his bells and comes in to find this meaty slut with his arse up like an advertisement for fucking. They take turns shoving their dicks up this moaning bastard. His big round arse cheeks are covered in their spunk. Kevin lies collapsed over the bench aching with cum dripping off him like the filthiest slut in the world.  



  Bound with his arse spread, bastinado, made to deep throat a dildo, hairy body oiled up, cock suspended, fucked long and hard with a power tool. .  
Added 11th November 2015

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It's a straight man's worst nightmare. In his hazy barely-conscious state, Yuris believes for a moment that he's safe in his warm bed with an adoring loving woman. The reality of his situation hits him when he's rudely awoken with a splash of icy water in his face. Yuris wakes to discover he's stark naked with his tied legs spread and his nuts are bound to his feet. Every time he kicks against the perverted men that are holding him captive his balls are painfully tugged. There's nothing he can do to cover his vulnerable arsehole which is spread for the men to use as they please. His hairy manly body is prone to their perverted punishment.


Yuris' feet are tickled so that he can't help jerking his legs and thrashing out making the stupid bastard agonizingly yank his own genitals. Dave orders him to suck the big fat dildo which will soon be going in his arse. He gags on the fat cock being shoved down his throat. Now that it's slicked up with his own saliva the dildo is inserted up his tight arse. The machine pounds him incessantly mashing up this straight cunt's insides and stretching his delicate sphincter to breaking point. The glans of his penis are held in a noose and suspended in the air by a rope that's connected to the ceiling. There's nothing Yuris can do to return to his dream state where he's happily tucked in with his girlfriend. The truth is that he's now these men's permanent fuck toy and their sadistic desire is truly relentless.




  Discipline Bench, hard dick shoved in his face, testicles pierced, cock sucking training, penetrated with a dildo, arse spanked, fucked, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 4th November 2015

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Big manly tattooed Kevin is strapped down naked on the discipline bench and he can't move an inch! His big meaty arse is pointed in the air with his fat cock and heavy nuts dangling between his powerful thighs. All fully exposed and vulnerable to whatever filthy things Dave and Adrian want to do to his body. Kevin's hetero pride still makes him fight against us. He refused to worship the stiff cock stinking of piss that is presented in front of his face. Little does he realize how his severely his balls are on the line! Dave pierces his scrotum with a safety pin making the stupid cunt finally realize we are not fucking around!


  Kevin writhes on the bench in agony at having his precious balls now literally on a leash as his pieced scrotum is attached to his toes. Now he is pinned down, trapped in place fearful of ripping the piercing out. The desperate straight man now begs to suck cock and takes each man's girth in his mouth in turn. His mouth is filled with the sharp tang of men's cocks. At the same time his arsehole is spread and impaled with a big fat dildo. The big tough guy is fucked at both ends, now utterly tamed and compliant. If he can't suck properly he's going to be spanked and penetrated all the deeper. Dave fucks his big manly rump and sprays his seed all over his aching sloppy hole. Now we own this fucker's body.  



  Overpowered, tied, clothes shredded, gagged, rimmed, arse flogged, anus fingered and fucked, nipples clamped, made to lick a man's arse.  
Added 28th October 2015

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Yuris thought he could slack off work for the afternoon to go down to the pub for a cheeky pint. This hetero has no idea he's being followed by two men determined to have their perverted way with him. Down in the stinky bogs of the pub they finally get their chance. With the door blocked they seize him and tie him up so he can't escape. He's left utterly helpless as his clothes are cut up leaving him stark bollock naked. Yuris spouts an endless stream of angry insults so he's gagged to shut him up. Just moments before this big masculine stud was sat in the pub like a lord of the manor and now he's strung up totally vulnerable to whatever these perverted men want to do to him. They suck his cock and taste his straight arsehole at the same time. Since he still moans like an ungrateful fucker they teach him manners whipping his big bare arse. His arsehole is so tight they have to shove their fingers hard up inside him to loosen his sphincter.


This prick is so quick to shout faggot and now he's going to be turned into one. With the stink of the toilets filling his nostrils, Yuris feels what it's like to have a meaty hard cock ramming his arse repeatedly. At the same time he's ordered to service the man's arse which is pushed in his face. There is no escape. While other men are enjoying their pints just on the other side of the locked door, this big dumb hetero is being royally fucked over and sexually humiliated.



Yuris is sexually adventurous completely straight man interested in earning more money by acting in our scenes and pushing his limits. We were impressed by how professional this hot heterosexual is and we'd gladly work with him again.


  Tied to a table, gagged, CBT, sounding, balls crushed, pegs attached to his shaft, fucked with a dildo power tool, arse caned.  
Added 21st October 2015

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Kevin may act tough, but his sweat reveals how nervous he really is being strapped down naked at the mercy of a perverted gay man. The cock-raising scent of this masculine man only excites us more. He wriggles in anger feeling his glans being expertly licked and sucked so that he can't help his cock thickening. His penis is prepared by being clipped between chopsticks along with his big heavy ball sack. Kevin has no clue what is to be done with him. When Adrian takes a metal device to his small piss slit, Kevin goes wild moaning and writhing to feel his delicate hole stretched. Dave comes in to fix a Perspex ball crusher to his pink nuts. This stupid hetero can only stare in horror as his big fat daddy cock is manipulated by the wicked men. His shaft is clipped with pegs so that he's hyper-aware of every inch of his genitals. Kevin's ankles are tied back so his ripe fuckhole is exposed and vulnerable. Adrian takes his nasty power tool to screw this straight daddy's hole hard and deep. Kevin is totally overwhelmed as the men fuck him over relentlessly hard.




  Tied in bondage, gagged, OTK spanking, stripped and put on display, arse fingered, vibrator inserted and secured up his arsehole.  
Added 14th October 2015

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Straight boy Ross has been humbled. We aren't going to allow our new skater bitchboy to simply sit there looking pretty. He needs to be in bondage having his fuckhole worked over every minute of the day. Ross knows to obey or there will be hell to pay. It's pleasing to see him submissively look down with his stupid floppy hair falling in front of his eyes while he's gagged and taken in control by Adrian who ties him up. Ross is bent over his knee to be given his bad boy spanking. Ross visibly tenses as he's strung up and his body is man handled. He's terrified at any minute his punishment might escalate if he doesn't absolutely obey. His dick is greedily tugged and his arse cheeks are parted so his arsehole is aggressively fingered to widen his sphincter. Adrian shoves a vibrator up him, but his tight arse continuously pushes it out. While he's sprawled naked on the block he's kicked back against the wall so the vibrator can be secured up his arse so he will be fucked continuously. Ross has no idea when or if this will ever end!




  Subdued by uniformed officers, stripped, rimmed, tied, arse flogged and fingered, fucked.  
Added 7th October 2015

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Hetero businessman Kevin is a cocky bastard who thinks because he rents some office space in the city and fills it with flash equipment that he's the real deal. No amount of bravado means he's got a successful business. When he can't pay back what he's loaned from a dodgy character Kevin believes he can just ignore the problem until it goes away. With the nation drowning in debt, these high court officers have been granted access to do whatever it takes to recover the value of unpaid borrowing. They surprise him in his office and are ready to do whatever it takes to make this fucker pay.

Kevin believes he can talk his way out of relinquishing his valuable goods. Since he can't pay immediately officers Adrian and Dave have the pleasure of taking it out on his arse. He's subdued, stripped down to expose his tattooed muscular body and tied in place.


His hetero arsehole tastes like a musky manly treat to the men as they ram their tongues up his tight sphincter. When Kevin comes to he spouts a string of insults at his captors. Time to take him down a notch. No better way to start than ruining his pristine arse. He's flogged until his arse glows red and then the men take turns fucking him. The veins practically pop out of Kevin's twisted angry face as he feels a cock pounding it's way inside him.



Enthusiastic new performer Kevin is a proud husband and father. We love working with a real daddy exploring his limits. Kevin did a fantastic job taking all the action and we'd be thrilled to perform with him again.


  Made to crawl on his knees while naked, made erect, breath control, ordered to suck cock, verbal humiliation, electro shocks, cruel cock sucking game, made to expose his arsehole while begging to be fucked, balls clamped in humbler.  
Added 30th September 2015

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Joseph has undergone an extraordinary transformation. Recently he was strutting through the streets in his baggy gangster clothes, threatening and taking anything he wanted. Now his extreme training has rendered him perfectly submissive. His hands are bound behind his back and put on his knees so he must crawl along miserably slow. He's stark naked so his muscular hard body is on constant display and his tight arse is vulnerable as he turns and bends.

Joseph's head is covered and he's blindfolded, but it's still possible to see through to his crushed humiliated expression and the tears trapped on his cheeks. A gap is made to expose his mouth so he can suck dick. Since he can't see he must painfully crawl over the floor searching for the cock to suck. He can only locate it by sniffing out the musty scent of it.


The cruel game is amplified as an electric collar is attached around his neck giving him a shock unless he begs for cock and obediently provides the oral service that's demanded of him. He must bend over and expose his slick hetero arsehole while Adrian wanks above it.

This tough thug is continuously told how he'll now be pimped out to wealthy gentlemen who will do nothing but fuck and trash him. This will be his only use from now on.



Joseph is a performer who is 100% hetero wants the experience and financial rewards. He impressively proves that he's a thorough professional and picks up some kinky tricks to use himself.