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  Gagged, pants torn off, flogged, legs shackled, gagged, vibrator planted up his arse, CBT, nipples clamped, made to ejaculate and lap up his sperm.  
Added 10th February 2016

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Sergei is one feisty hetero bastard. Even though he knows there is nothing he can do to escape being strung up to the ceiling and that resistance will only earn him further punishment, he still fights us. This tough fucker attitude turns us on. His pristine body is fully on display in nothing but his tight white Y-fronts. He swears and threatens us but we're the ones in control. Derek gives him an atomic wedgie so his pants ride so high up his arse they break against his sphincter. They hang on his body in tatters while Dave delivers him a harsh flogging. The action of the lashes causes his pants to break apart more so his cock and balls tumble out. His smooth boyish body is now blistering hot and red from the punishment.




The thought of having his arse invaded disgusts this straight bastard so we want to permanently stimulate his g-spot. A vibrator is inserted up his arsehole and attached to his shackles. His sphincter and prostate are being constantly stimulated while his big meaty cock and balls are lassoed and weighted down. Derek plays a cruel game with Sergei delivering him a lashing but ordering him to remain completely silent or his torment will continue. It takes a number of goes but the tough man finally holds it in. As a special treat his dick is manipulated to the point where he grows a big fat hard on and cums for us. Sergei is a tough nut to crack, but not even the hardest hetero man can withstand submitting to our inventive and cruel sadistic treatment.




  Pinned to the floor, cuffed, uniform destroyed, tied, nipples wrenched and clamped, gut punching, flogged, made to wank another man, arse fingered, genitals pegged.  
Added 3rd February 2016

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Isn't it always the way that right when you settle down to relax some pushy prick from the gas company comes nosing around? After a full day of working his baggy uniform is rich with his sweaty masculine scent. It's impossible to resist taking a pervy look, copping a feel and stealing a sniff of this sexy blue collar stud. But this uppity cunt is so ungenerous when it comes to his body he fends off the compliment of being lusted after. Dave and Derek team up to take their pleasure from his body by seizing him and pinning him to the floor. He's so overwhelmed he can't stop the men from binding him and shredding his uniform. Now exposed and vulnerable he's going to learn how much we get turned on when horny serviceman push their way through our doors.



Dale pathetically spouts homophobic insults while the men take control of his body. Dave buries his face between his arse cheeks to get a cock-stiffening scent of his virgin cunt. Those big luscious balls are so meaty and full they eagerly gobble them up trying to fit his whole package in their gobs. Tied to the ceiling there is nothing he can do to get away from the pervy groping and harsh discipline they give him. A vicious flogging convinces him to stroke Dave's cock over his jeans as if Dale were turning into a homo. He gets an angry fingering up the arse opening his tight, warm sphincter. His body is covered in pegs so Dale is made intensely aware of every inch of his most sensitive parts. He's left suspended and excruciating pain.



Hetero Dale is new to performing and new to BDSM, but he takes on the challenge like a thorough professional and he's a pleasure to work with.


  Tied, pants ruined, arsehole fingered, dick manipulated, flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls tied, genitals pegged, milked.  
Added 27th January 2016

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Joseph has such a muscular manly body he ought to always be stripped and tied up for us to run our hands over whenever we wish. That body is like hot hard steel bursting with strength and it's hot to feel him jerk away from us and struggle against his binds. That big monster cock of his can barely be contained in his tight white pants which we ruin so he's totally exposed. He grunts in humiliation because of the feelings of pleasure and pain coursing through his body as his cock is manipulated and stroked and he can't stop it from becoming achingly engorged. When his foreskin is peeled back his glans throb bright and pink against his dark skin.

We want him to know we have total control of his dick now so alternate the pleasure which gives him a hard on with punishment from a flogger. Derek slides a vibrator up his arse screwing the fucker deep.


We don't want the tender head of his cock shrinking away so his bell end is strung up. His big full nuts are tied up. The incredibly sensitive head of his dick is teased with a vibrator till he feels the pleasure shooting through his body no matter how he grits his teeth against it. He's drained of his semen. This big studly man's genitals are his pride and joy but now we own them fully.




  Bound and gagged naked, stroked till he's erect, bare-handed spanking, arse paddling, fingered, arsehole plugged, fucked with a fat dildo, ruined ejaculation.  
Added 20th January 2016

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Strung up naked with his big meaty cock and full balls dangling between his legs, Sergei can't do anything to prevent Dave from sucking on his nipples or stroking his sexy stinking todger till it's thick and juicy. Worse he's bent down in a position where he has to watch himself being sucked and stroked by another man. He must witness his own arousal and he's disgusted by his own insatiable sex drive. If he's so humiliated by what he can see he's even more terrified by what he can't see next. Dave smacks his arse so hard with his bare hand that it glows bright red. He shows him a hard wooden paddle and Sergei is horrified at the pain he knows this instrument will inflict on his poor smooth bum. The anticipation is almost worse than the punishment.



Dave lays into his sphincter widening it up and filling it with a butt plug. While Dave works on his cock, Derek punishes his arse further spanking him. Getting it from both sides Sergei is overwhelmed and tries to escape the men, but he's suspended in place with no chance of escape. Derek lays into Sergei's hole fucking him hard with a thick wet dildo. He hits his g-spot because the fucker grows another stonking hard on with Dave's encouraging strokes. Sergei's dizzy from the rush and feels himself on the brink of cumming, but just as he's about to spray his seed nasty Dave releases Sergei's dick and punishes it leaving the frustrated and confused lad with blue balls!

Be aware that Sergei howls like a fucking banshee in this video. Adjust your volume down… or up if the screams of a hetero in bondage turn you on as much as it does us!




  Tied arse-up to a work bench, made to suck cock, fucked, spitroasted, face covered in cum, ordered to rim a man's arse, dildo shoved up his arse, caned. CBT, face pissed on.  
Added 13th January 2016

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Joseph's hard muscular naked body is tied down to a bench. This humiliated hetero panics when he sees Derek enter. Pinned down there no way to escape the cock which is presented in front of his face. He's well trained enough to know that he must comply or the punishment will be severe. Joseph gags to feel Derek's cock throb and grow very hard in his mouth. Now that Derek has a burning hard on he thrusts it into Joseph's tight arse while gagging him. Dave enters and demands that Joseph service his cock as well. Pinned between the two men's cocks the stupid bastard moans piteously aware how he's been reduced from a hard man of the streets into these men's cum bucket.

With sperm still dripping down his face, Dave parks his arse on Joseph's face and he's ordered to insert his tongue up the man's stinking hole.


Derek rams a big fat dildo up his arse so he can be rhythmically fucked while his big dark muscular cheeks can be caned at the same time. His body is rigid with the pain from being deeply penetrated, but the men demand that he goes down on Derek's big cock again. With his cock and balls tied down, Derek rams him in the arse pounding him hard and releases a creamy load of spunk over his dark arse. Dave laughs and pisses all over Joseph's face. This thug has been turned into the most sexually-used dirty slag on the streets!




  Tied, gagged, bare-handed spanking, nipples clamped, flogged, electro shocks to his sphincter, cock and balls bound, fucked with a dildo, caned  
Added 6th January 2016

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Sergei is a feisty fucker! He shouts until a big angry vein starts throbbing in his forehead. He's in the most sexually vulnerable position of his life! Stark naked and bent over a bench, he's tied with his arms in the air and his arse pointed out so the men can rub their crotches against his butt cheeks. The sensation of the bulge of their cocks pressed against his virgin hole blows his stupid straight mind. His pert pale cheeks are given a hard spanking and flogging till they glow red and Sergei nearly bites through his gag.

We're determined to make this tough hetero thug more intensely aware of his arsehole than he's ever been. He's made to play a wicked game where the punishment for wrong answers gets him a sudden sharp zap to his delicate little bum hole. Sergei is driven wild feeling the shocks hit him right on the pink smooth flesh of his sphincter.

  His big balls and proud cock are tied up and weighted while he's also made to view a dirty video. It's the biggest mindfuck for Sergei to see the stimulating porn while having his arse and cock worked on by two pervy men. A big thick dildo is shoved up his arse while his already sore arse is whacked with a cane. Notice how his flesh visibly trembles from the sustained and intensely painful punishment to his arse. He won't ever forget this session!  



  Stripped, tied, legs shackled, gagged, spanked, flogged, fucked with a mechanized dildo, dildo shoved down his throat, face covered in cum.  
Added 30th December 2015

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Tough guy thug Sergei thinks he rules the neighbourhood. He struts around in his slick suit, demanding protection money from local residents or else he'll give them something to be scared of. He selfishly preys upon the hard work of others for his own benefit. It's time this smarmy gangster fucker was preyed upon. Dave strips him off and ties him down. He luxuriates in stroking his big bulging package over his tight white underwear. Sergei is secured in place so his arse is spread wide and completely vulnerable for whatever use men want to inflict upon his hole.

Sergei howls in anger beneath the ball gag when he realizes the position he's in. Every inch of his body fights against his restraints, but there is nothing he can do to stop Dave flogging his perfect bum cheeks or shoving an enormous dildo up his arse so he can be rhythmically fucked.

  His gag is removed so a dildo can be planted in his big tough mouth as well. Sergei makes a pretty sight being penetrated from both ends while locked in place. Dave anoints him shooting a hot load of semen all over the humiliated gangster's face. This puts the bastard in his place.  


Performer Sergei has broadened his experience since last acting with us. This sexy guy is a real professional and we're happy to have him back!