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  Restrained naked, CBT, cock sucking training, arse caned, fucked with a power tool, spitroasted, arse and face covered in cum.  
Added 21st February 2018

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Hetero Leo is disgusted by the thought of what happens in seedy gay clubs where men are laid out for the arses to be used by any hard cock that happens by. This is now his reality! Tied down naked to a bench he has no way to cover his exposed arse or his vulnerable package hanging between his legs. Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack that is extremely pleasurable to bind up. Adrian secures this straight man's cock and balls to the bench so the stupid fuck can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. He's then presented with a stiff dick in his face and ordered to suck. The bastard curses us and screws his mouth shut, but a few swift strokes from a cane to his vulnerable buttocks soon changes his attitude. Leo quickly learns to do whatever he can to pleasure a man's cock or else his bum gets a severe lashing. Now he'll always have the taste of dick in his mouth and feel an erection stabbing at the back of his throat.

  At the same time his arse is filled with a thick dildo that insistently pumps his arse full and widens his sphincter. Now that the runway is clear, Adrian slides his cock into Leo's arse and the team spitroast him like a slutty bitch. We screw him till we cover his face and arse in our seed. Now that he's a cum covered subordinate bitch he's going to be really popular down at the gay fetish club he refused to take us to.  



  Tied with arsehole exposed, bastinado, caned, CBT, humiliation, fucked with a power tool, sore genitals and arse covered in hot wax.  
Added 14th February 2018

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For proudly hetero man Drew there is no greater shame than having his arsehole being leered at by a gang of filthy queers. But that's exactly the position he's bound in with his legs strung up in the air he can't cover his precious sphincter. Any big movement will cause the rope around his neck to tighten so he must fight the urge to pull away from Adrian's groping hands at every second. The intensity is increased when Adrian lashes the sensitive soles of Drew's feet and his tender bum cheeks with a cane. He's put even more in a bind with his nuts and silky dick bound up. We want this angry fucker to feel every nerve in his body screaming as we enact some particularly cruel BDSM clamping every inch of his genitals. We use the tools of this workman's trade on him fixing a dildo to relentlessly pound his arsehole till he's howling beneath his gag and every muscle in his body is vibrating with the tension.

  At the same time he's lashed with a cane till the inside of his thighs and his arse cheeks are stripped up and down. With his skin raging red we drip hot wax all over Drew's tenderized naked body to amp up his pain to the maximum.  



  Groped in his car, grabbed, gagged, stripped, manipulated till erect, arse belted, made to rim a man.  
Added 7th February 2018

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Our cocks are already hard anticipating a night out ruining the arses of naive freshers who want to dabble in BDSM. But homophobic driver Leo has high standards about who is allowed to ride in his vehicle and absolutely refuses to drive to a seedy gay spot. Why bother paying the cab fare when we've got a sexy straight man's arse to pound right here?! We drag furious Leo into our lair and shimmy down his trackie bottoms to get at his fresh virgin arse and moist dick. This hetero's worst nightmare comes true as we rub our raging hard dicks against his bare bum cheeks and grip his thick cock. He groans and flails on the floor but we pin him down. That arse is beautifully ripe and smells like dinner from sitting around in his car all day. This lad is too sexually frustrated to prevent his cock from being engorged from our authoritative stroking and sucking. He's filled with shame that he can't stop himself from becoming erect.

  But we want to teach this angry straight man to respect and worship us so flip him over to beat his arse till he properly serves! We make him kiss our shoes and lick Dave's arse till he's gasping for air.  



  Tied naked, breath control, gagged, spanking, arse flogged and caned, anal hook, balls pegged, made to suck cock, hot wax on his sore arse, fucked with a dildo, mouth filled with cum and piss.  
Added 31st January 2018

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Drew is a tough construction worker who balances a hard day at the job with tipping a few back with his mates after work. He's had his share of brawls and will muscle himself out of any fight. So as part of Drew's submission training we make him rely on us for every breath he takes. The sexy fucker becomes so drained he's desperate for any respite. He collapses over the discipline bench he's tied to while Dave and Adrian get down to working over his pert arse. Continuous bare handed spanking and flogging liven him up quick making him howl for mercy. When his arse is burning red we insert an anal hook so he's terrified that any sudden movement will rip him in half. With his arse fixed in place and his balls pegged he must use all his self control not to flail about while we get sadistic on his arse. His bum is so fucking tender that when drops of hot wax are tipped onto it every nerve in his body screams.

  Drew will do anything for relief. So being presented with a cock in his face he eagerly sucks it doing everything he can to pleasure a man. He struggles desperately to deep throat it even though it makes him gag. He needs to learn to pleasure a man to the point of ejaculation so Dave rams a dildo up his tight hole. Drew wrenches open his gob so his tongue is covered in sperm and Dave lets him wash all that potent sperm down with a spray of fresh piss. Drew is left gasping for air and stinking of man fluid.  



  Shackled, CBT, gut punching, gagged, cock manipulated, wanked till stiff, breath control, arsehole fingered and fucked with a dildo, electro shocks to his erection, made to ejaculate.  
Added 24th January 2018

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Despite being vulnerably strung up and shackled naked, smarmy young Chris still gives us a lot of lip. This proud fucking hetero needs to learn to submit and respect us or we're going to make him feel more pain than he ever thought possible. We knock the wind out of him delivering swift punches to his gut and shut him up by gagging his filthy mouth. Chris' massive dong is so fucking sensitive that he can't stop getting a fat woody from being tugged insistently. At the same time Dave punishes Chris by tightening a rope around his neck and making him gag for his breath. The rope tightens as more weights are added and his erogenous buttons are manipulated as his cock is rubbed. His sex drive is now fully under our control and this straight bastard has no way of preventing his erections. As a massive fat dildo is rammed up his aching arse and his cock is jerked, he shoots a massive load. Chris weeps with shame and blushes red all over knowing he's been turned into a huge homo having ejaculated under our expert manipulation.



Chris is the kind of straight stud we dream about and we couldn't wait to break him in. This confident performer has only ever been dominant so switching to submissive is a real challenge. He takes what we give him and with an arse as sweet as a fucking peach we tear into him without mercy.


  Tied to a bench, cock worship, fucked, spitroasted, verbal humiliation, made to rim a man, arse filled with a dildo, caned, face covered in spit and cum, mouth filled with piss.  
Added 17th January 2018

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For hetero Drew the term cocksucker is an insult. Well we're going to teach him that cock sucking is all his hot mouth is good for. He's tied down naked with nowhere to go when Adrian sits in front of him presenting a hard dick right in front of his face. He is going nowhere until he learns how to worship a man's stinking cock! Drew is ordered to smooch that cockhead and piss slit like it's his girlfriend on prom night. Drew's head is pushed down all the way on his shaft and while he scrunches his eyes tightly shut, Dave surprises him from the back ramming his dick into Drew's unused straight arsehole. He moans in pain but Adrian continues to order him to suck like a trooper or else there will be consequences. They take turns using this fucker's mouth and arsehole. He's useless at serving dick so Dave presents his filthy bumhole for Drew to clean with his tongue.

  We get severe on Drew's arse stretching his sphincter with a dildo and caning his rump till he's so desperate for us to stop he'll suck cock with every last ounce of his strength. But when he's worn and breathless we fill his gob with spunk and piss. Now he's not so fucking mouthy!  



  Tied, CBT, cock manipulation, ordered to rim a man's arsehole, hot wax dripped on his genitals, arse fingered and fucked with a dildo, face covered in piss.  
Added 10th January 2018

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We're obsessed with hetero Chris' massive balls! These big fucking sperm sacks are giving us hours of sadistic fun. We tied him so his weighty package is fully exposed and vulnerable to our pervy discipline. We tie heavy weights to each of his nuts so they are spread apart and bulging red. We demand that Chris watch what we're doing to his precious meaty globes. The pain is multiplied for straight men when they actually have to witness what's being done to their proud genitals! This causes the bastard absolute agony, but he can't stop the sensations raging through his body as we skilfully manipulate his dick till he's got an aching hard erection. He flails about on the boards unable to prevent his arousal. Dave squats over his face and makes him ram his tongue up his arsehole. While his junk is being wanked, a man's stinking arse is rubbed all over his face.

  Unsurprisingly, the stupid bastard can't lick to save his life so he must be punished with burning hot wax dripped on his dick. He howls at the absolute pain shooting through his body and the humiliation having a lit candle stuck into his piss slit! We shame the bastard totally by unleashing streams of piss directly into his gaping mouth! He's left staring at the candle steadily burning down right to his precious cockhead!  



  Cuffed and subdued, clothes destroyed, breath control, cock manipulated, flogged, gut punching, arsehole fingered and fucked with a fat dildo, genitals pegged, electro shocks to his cock.  
Added 3rd January 2018

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Nothing catches our eye like a sexy gruff workman in a jumpsuit and high vis jacket. We lure him into our lair and trap this feisty straight electrician into submission. The sneering bastard panics as he feels his arse exposed and his cheeks wrenched open so we can smell his hot virgin hole! His muscular body gets covered in rug burn as we pin him down and he writhes as we shred his clothes leaving him totally exposed. Dave shuts him up by looping a rope around his neck. When he's strung up struggling his dick is so sensitive that he can't help growing a big stonking erection. He's fucking furious and filled with shame as we wank him till his glans are gleaming wet with precum. Drew bucks against us like an enraged bronco so we subdue him with a thrashing and punching that makes his torso blaze red. Notice how this highlights his ripped six pack!

  We lay into his tight filthy arse and the hetero bastard is so shocked by this invasive penetration he's trembling all over from the shock. More degrading for this hetero is having to smell the thick dildo that's just been lodged up his stinking hole. Even more sadistic we deliver electro shocks to his moist cockhead. This prick is full of fight but we are going to tame him like a new pet.  



  Bound, body oiled, wanked, CBT, fucked with a fat dildo, arse belted, made to taste his own arse juice, bastinado.  
Added 27th December 2017

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Chris is adamant that he was born a straight man and will never be anything other than a straight man. We're going to turn this sexy cunt into a cock hungry bender if we have to break him. His near naked body is tied down to a discipline bench while he wears nothing but a filthy jock strap. We smother his resistant mouth in wet kissed with lots of tongue. He's turned into a pervy gay fantasy where his fit body is drenched in oil and his massive bulge is highlighted. While his body is massaged his dick is manipulated to the point where he becomes completely engorged. Chris trembles from the shame of being aroused by two wicked gay sadists. His legs are tied back to give us a much more titillating view with his arsehole exposed and his knackers on show. His arse is rammed by a big thick dildo so his hole until his hole is dribbling.

  Since he begs for it to be pulled out it's now rammed in his gob so he has to taste his own arse and inhale the fumes of his fuckhole. We beat his arse till it's burning red and he's biting down on the dildo. His arsehole is rammed with a second dildo while Adrian simultaneously belts the sensitive soles of his feet. Chris is totally overwhelmed as we discipline him and ruin his precious arsehole!