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  Gagged and tied on all fours, anal hook, nipples tormented, arse flogged, fucked with a fat dildo, balls drained, electro shocks to his nipples, glans stimulated with a vibrator, fed his own sperm.  
Added 30th November 2016

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When scally Lee strut down the street in his track suit bottoms we were mesmerized by the big fat bulge of his crotch. Now that massive dong is on full display as he's tied down naked like a beast. His member hangs heavily down between his legs and his pert bum is pointed in the air so his hole can easily be viewed from the back. Adrian secures him in place with an anal hook attached to his head. Now he can't drop his head without causing himself considerable pain in his bum. Adrian flogs his arse cheeks so the tough fucker foams at the mouth. Rivers of saliva pour out over his ball gag. Little does he know he's just provided the lube for his own fucking!

Adrian slides a big fat dildo over his mouth to slick it up and he shoves it up Lee's tight arse. He pounds him while tugging on Lee's heavy excitable cock till he's thick and aching to cum. The horny slag is milked of his sperm making a big puddle on his discipline block. Dave clamps his nipples with a pair of chopsticks and delivers sharp excruciating shocks to those sore rosy buds. Having just ejaculated, Lee's bell end is incredibly sensitive so the vibrator we use on it is absolute agony for the bound hetero. Adrian licks up all the semen he spilled and gives Lee a big sticky kiss. It's time this stupid scally cunt learned that his big dick is now exclusively for our use!


Lee is a natural performer even though this is the first time he's ever participated in kinky action or doing anything sexual with men. He was willing to take on the challenge and we had a great time working with him.


  Straight boy fucked up the arse, electro shock collar strapped to balls, made to rim his assailant's arsehole, cock and balls lashed to feet, dental gag, nose hook, fucked with a dildo and broom handle, semen shot into mouth, piss sprayed into mouth and over face.  
Added 23rd November 2016

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His boy cunt freshly evacuated, straight delivery driver Liam now has to endure a deeply humiliating fucking. There's nothing he can do about it with all his limbs tied and a nasty electro shock collar strapped tightly to the lad's tender bollocks. His face contorts in pain with every stroke of Adrian's relentless shafting. The hetero's tight virginal cunt is stretched with the pounding. Yet Liam's torment is increased as Dave ties up his cock and balls, then binds them to his toes. Every thrust of Adrian's cock brings new agony with every movement of his own feet!


To ensure maximum pain for Liam, Dave shocks his balls with the remote controlled shock collar. Liam's cries of agony are met with laughter from the 2 sadists. How could it possibly be any worse? Dave uses the shocker to make Liam beg to suck his filthy arsehole. Whether Liam wants it or not Dave presents his big arse, spreads his cheeks and sits on Liam's face. Liam sticks his wet reluctant tongue up the sadist's pungent pink rectum.

Dave wants a delicious rim job and threatens Liam with constant ball shocks if he isn't entirely happy with the boy's tonguing. Liam learns how to breathe with his only air supply from Dave's arse, it is clamped fast over the boy's mouth.

Liam has no idea what a dental gag is and is taken unawares as Dave straps the device into his mouth, prising open the boy's jaws, wide. A cruel nose-hook fastened into his nostrils adds considerably to the pain and humiliation. Adrian pulls his cock out of Liam's pained shithole but the lad has no let up. Adrian replaces it with a dildo on a broom handle and the anal fucking continues. Meanwhile Dave ties up Liam's knob with twine and pulls it up, attaching it to the ceiling. Every part of Liam's sexy young body now a subject of torment.

Adrian, on a sadistic high, unloads his balls into Liam's mouth. He barely has time to react to the sickening warm semen splashing into his gob before Dave takes his own dick out and pisses into Liam's mouth adding to the truly revolting mixture. The 2 sadists burst out laughing at Liam, his mouth not much better than a filthy toilet. Who could endure anything so vile and inhumane?



Adventurous Liam embraced all the challenges we gave him and worked hard to be a good performer. We'd be thrilled to work with him again.


  Tied and gagged, cock teased till erect, wedgie, arsehole fingered, arse pounded with a dildo, flogged, nipples pegged, fucked, face covered in cum.  
Added 16th November 2016

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Tough lad Lee has been rendered totally helpless stripped down to his tight white pants and restricted in a bent position. With his arms bound and his ankles shackled in a leg spreader his arse is vulnerable pointed up in the air giving Dave the chance to grind against his arse while he can do nothing but wriggle in anger and embarrassment. His cock is constricted under the sheer fabric of those pants and it's so reactive that it only takes some gentle stroking to make it thicken and strain. But this isn't about his pleasure! Lee's hairy arse cheeks are parted so Dave can tear into his hole. This invasion whips Lee up into such a frenzy he's frothing with anger and straining every muscle in his hard body to fend us off. He becomes even more incensed when we ram his arse with a big fat dildo while flogging his body.

Lee wants this punishment to stop at any cost, but he doesn't realize what he's agreed to. Now his sphincter has been loosened Dave fucks his arse mercilessly. Every fibre of this straight man's being fights against the dick ramming him. Screwing this bastard's cunt gets Dave so hot he covers Lee's burning hot angry mug in sperm. This is the way to tame a big stupid scally beast and teach him some fucking respect.



  Tied arse up, gagged, arsehole stretched with a speculum, covered in spit, arse filled with piss and filled with a butt plug, electro shocks to his genitals, cock sucking training, viciously face fucked, mouth filled with cum, fucked.  
Added 9th November 2016

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Now that we've nabbed our very own personal scally driver we take him back to our lair for extended vicious sexual cruelty on his stupid hetero cunt. That sexy young arse of his is too good to be sat on all day. He's bound arse up. Liam's track suit bottoms are easy to slide up to fully expose that furry bum. His arsehole is so tight we need to use a metal speculum to wrench it open and widen his sphincter. Now that big gaping hole is begging to be filled! Miserable moaner Liam is helpless to stop us gobbing and pissing straight into his precious straight rectum. We want to seal all that goodness inside him so fill his arse with a butt plug and pull a jock strap over so the fucker can't squeeze it out. We fit an electric collar around his cock and balls so now we can shock him with just the press of a button. The sorry bastard now knows to follow our every command!

On his knees, Liam humiliatingly begs for his freedom. We're only getting started! This hetero is going to learn how to become a desperate cock sucker. Dave presents his erection in front of his face and he better keep his lips around it or his genitals will get a sharp cruel shock. If only Liam's hard mates could see him now eagerly going down on a man's shaft! Dave angrily pumps his face till Liam's stomach contracts and he gags till he's sick. A fresh load of sperm is shot in his mouth so his tongue is coated in cum and bile. After all that work his arse has built up such pressure when the butt plug is removed a huge fountain of piss shoots out! Now he's clean and loose for his fucking. Liam howls in pain as his arse is pummelled and truly ruined. The snivelling straight boy has the honour of being our personal fuck toy.



  Tied naked, gagged, arse flogged, caned, bastinado, glans teased with a vibrator, arsehole fingered, fucked, arsehole covered in cum and filled with a butt plug.  
Added 2nd November 2016

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Hetero Craig thinks he's a big man, but we see what he's really made of when he's buck naked with his arsehole exposed. Tied in this vulnerable position he's reduced to the humiliating state of pathetically begging for his freedom. We slide our fingers over his furry arse crack feeling the warm pulse of his exposed sphincter. Craig's arse is viciously flogged till its rosy red and Dave takes a cane to the soles of his feet. This produces pain so intense you can see his feet and toes twitching in fear. Adrian takes Craig's cock in hand and presses a vibrator against the most sensitive part of his body. He feels his glans being stimulated producing feelings this straight boy doesn't want to feel in the hands of another man. At the same time his arsehole is fingered and then filled with the vibrator. Now Craig is all warmed up and turned on he's ready to be filled with real meat.

Adrian blows a load all over his sore arse so Dave can use it as lube to screw Craig next. This straight fucker is humiliated knowing another man's semen is being fucked into his arse. His entire body tenses as a second man's cum is sprayed all over his hole. Craig will now have to live forever more with the knowledge that he's a bona fide gay whore.


Young Craig is an eager fresh performer looking for new sexual experiences. We ask him about his expectations and desires while he's bound in place for his next scene.


  Bundled into the back of a van, gagged, tied, arse fingered and fucked, verbal humiliation, arsehole covered in cum.  
Added 26th October 2016

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We fancy a sexy bit of rough and when we spy this mean looking straight fucker on the street we can't resist him. Some guys are just unlucky. Liam thinks he's having a rough day because he's lost his weekly wage at the bookies, but his day is about to turn from dark to downright hellish! We push this tough driver right in the back of his van to tie him up and bend him over. While he moans pathetically we fuck with him in the van's dark empty cavity. Just outside the door people are walking by going about their day, but inside this gagged hetero is getting his sweats yanked down around his ankles so we can pound his arse. His crack and sphincter are moistened up from Liam spending the whole day sitting around his arse and lugging heavy boxes. It's like he's been priming himself ready for us to screw him.

Parting Liam's big hairy arse cheeks we finger his hole which is so tight we can feel him clenching against us! We widen his sphincter even when the filthy fucker farts at us. Diving right in we take turns fucking him raw while his face is mashed in the filthy corner of the van. Soon the confined space is ripe with the smell of Liam's arse and our wet dicks slamming into him. We're driven into such a frenzy we spunk all over his ruined arsehole. Humiliated, ashamed and crying about his throbbing arse we leave this sexy straight fucker in the back of his van.



  Tied and gagged, face covered in spit, flogged, feet mercilessly tickled, ice water enema, arse caned, bastinado, fucked, arse covered in sperm.  
Added 19th October 2016

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Straight scally bastard Lee is like a Stafford terrier chained up, frothing at the mouth and angrily barking at his captors. We've never snatched a hetero who deserves so much discipline and humiliation than this raging thick cunt. Dave wraps his stupid mouth with thick tape to silence him and covers his face with spit. Adrian takes a flogger to his spread arse and the big meaty bulge of his trackie bottoms. Dave goes at Lee's bare feet lightly tickling the sensitive soles. Not being able to stop this is absolutely agony and every muscle in his body strains against his binds. The pair give him a wicked choice of receiving one punishment or the other. This impossible situation totally fucks with Lee's tiny brain.

This filthy scally twat never cleans his arse so we have to do it for him. A nozzle filled with freezing water is inserted up his rectum filling him with liquid. He tightens his sphincter struggling to hold it in because Lee knows there will be a wicked punishment if he releases the water. Before he knows what's happening his arse is filled with a butt plug so he must hold it all in. His arse is caned causing him absolute agony until he can't hold it in any more and release a stream of filthy water. Now that he's been freshened he's primed and ready for a fucking. Lee can only squeeze his eyes shut and brace his body as his arse is relentlessly plowed and covered with cum.



  Tied to a table, legs shackled, gagged, wedgie, arse caned, flogged, paddled, spanked, ordered to suck cock, spitroasted, gagged on a cock, mouth and arsehole filled with spunk.  
Added 12st October 2016

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Hard tattooed man Yuris is in an absolute panic as he's tied down with his arse up in the air while only wearing a tight pair of white pants. You can see the dark crevice of his arse crack through the sheer fabric. He's achingly vulnerable but can do nothing to escape of cover his prone arse. Dave slides his hands all over his manly body and gags him. His pants are strongly wrenched up so the fabric slices up against his arsehole and crushes his big full balls. His underwear is destroyed leaving his arse totally exposed to whatever devilish Dave wants to do with his shelf full of wicked discipline instruments.

  Yuris' arse is beaten with a selection of implements till his pale arse cheeks are burning red. Now the lightest smack from a paddle hurts like a bitch! He'll do anything to stop a further beating to his bum even suck the hard cock shoved in his face. Yuris gags on the stiff meat and the thick stench of a man's crotch. He pushes himself to suck it to stop his spanking even though he's drooling with rivers of snot dripping down his face. Dave pounds his hard cock into Yuris' arse while he's sucking. The pair screw him mercilessly at both ends till he's painfully sore and dripping in cum.  


Yuris is sexually adventurous completely straight man interested in earning more money by acting in our scenes and pushing his limits. We were impressed by how professional this hot heterosexual is and we'd gladly work with him again.