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  Tied, gagged, wedgie, arse caned, flogged, CBT, body pegged, electro shocks, gut punch.  
Added 11th January 2017

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Liam refuses to accept his new lowly position as a sexual slave. He swears and bucks against his restraints like a wild animal demanding release. His endless angry whining tests our patience. A ball gag is fitted to reduce his vicious invectives to pitiful moans. It's going to take some hard discipline to teach him his place. This stubborn hetero deserves to have his arse beaten. Adrian rubs up against Liam's hairy arse feeling how he tries to clench his cheeks together. But once his tight pants are destroyed Liam is totally exposed and helpless to stop the relentless caning. Dave lays into him with the flogger making Liam nearly bite through his gag. His cock big full balls are tied and weighed down. Every second feels like an eternity to him now. His body trembles and sweats with the searing pain and psychological agony of not being able to stop this excruciating torment. Pegs are fitted all down his body in a string of rope so with one swift pull his body feels like it's on fire. At the same time, Dave delivers a swift punch to his stomach leaving the sorry straight fucker totally breathless and in a state of shock.




Adventurous Liam embraced all the challenges we gave him and worked hard to be a good performer. We'd be thrilled to work with him again.


  Tied, body mauled, nipples pegged, bastinado, face and arse fucked with a dildo, arse caned.  
Added 4th January 2017

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Brad is bound totally naked in a way which totally restrains him while giving the maximum exposure to his big heavy genitals and tight pink arsehole! We lay into him feasting on his body and giving him sloppy wet kisses that utterly revolt this straight cunt. His toes are tied to his cock and balls so that every time he thrashes out with his legs trying to kick us he only succeeds in tightening the restraints around his package. We tickle his feet in a way which is agonizing and makes him restrain his dick even more. His prick and ball sack quickly turn a deep shade of purple.

Adrian rams a dildo down his throat to break his gag reflex and make him lubricate the instrument which will fuck him. Brad's throat tightens up as he resists the big dildo sliding down his throat. It's rammed up his arse widening his sphincter to breaking point. Dave squeezes his cock and mercilessly teases the stupid fucker for the precum seeping out.

  His dick is suspended from the ceiling making his glans bulge. He's covered in oil making all his muscles gleam as he helplessly fights against his restraints while he's being relentlessly shafted. Adrian takes a cane to his arse at the same time turning his cheeks red and causing the muscle head blistering pain. Brad is completely helpless to stop this never ending torment and searing humiliation!  


Big muscular straight man Brad is an eager performer happy to test himself with the challenges we give him and he's a pleasure to work with.


  Tied and gagged, made to painfully crawl across the room, whipped, humiliated, fucked with a vibrator.  
Added 28th December 2016

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Lee needs a lesson in humility. But schooling was never the strongpoint of this moronic hetero scally. He needs so severe encouragement. The giant stud is accustomed to strutting around the streets in his loose track suit bottoms likes he owns the place. He's never truly worked for anything in his life. Now he's going to feel the agony of moving every little inch under someone else's command. Lee's arms are bound behind his back and his legs roped together so that his movement is extremely restricted. But Adrian wants to see him move as fast as he can. Magnets are attached to his nipples and cock. He's ordered to shuffle across the floor collecting all the metal and balls with his body. If not he'll receive several lashings or even be kicked over to be penetrated with a vibrator! This is agonizingly humiliating for this big strong straight man, but also incredibly painful as every movement requires monumental effort.

  Under the vicious sting of the riding crop he's driven across the room to do the most menial task and it feels to him like each second stretches out to an eternity. When he finally completes the task and the clamps are removed his nipples and foreskin smart painfully. But there is no relief as a vibrator on a stick is rammed up his arsehole and fixed in place. He feels the constant invasive stimulation of being penetrated as it buzzes inside him. This sad fucker has never worked so hard in his life!  


Lee is a natural performer even though this is the first time he's ever participated in kinky action or doing anything sexual with men. He was willing to take on the challenge and we had a great time working with him.


  Bound naked, CBT, nipples pegged, electro shocks to genitals, arse flogged, cock sucking training, made to deep throat till he's sick, fucked, spitroasted, face and arse covered in cum.  
Added 21st December 2016

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When Brad is on his collection rounds he has the appearance of an upstanding officer, but when he's stripped down and restrained we see he's really a wild untamed stupid beast. Now that he's buck naked and totally vulnerable he can be fully retrained. We're going to turn this arrogant muscle stud into a fully compliant cock hungry whore! Brad's genitals are bound up and squeezed so hard he finally submits to kissing Adrian. Sharp electric shocks are directed at his sensitive nipples and cock. More than the physical pain, the anticipation of the shock is absolute psychological agony. Dave delivers angry thrashes to his big round arse cheeks. Brad will do anything to stop this excruciating pain. He goes down on the erection presented to him while he's fucked from behind, but his body and mind are so horrified by this invasion he upchucks all over our floor. Brad is so overwhelmed his face goes purple from the shock to his system. With his arse burning sore, gagging and dripping in cum, hetero Brad has been utterly ruined.



Big muscular straight man Brad is an eager performer happy to test himself with the challenges we give him and he's a pleasure to work with.


  Tied naked, breath control, foreskin clamped, arsehole fingered, made to deep throat cock, spanked, mouth filled with spunk, body covered in piss.  
Added 14th December 2016

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When we first met Liam he was full of so much attitude and swagger. He's humbled now! Tied down naked with his pert bum sticking up he's begging for forgiveness and still things he can cut a deal. There are no bargains made here! His continuous pain and humiliation gets us so hard. It's not enough that Liam will be sexually enslaved to him for the rest of his life. We want him to show us gratitude for every breath he takes. Adrian strings a rope around his neck and ties it to his ankles. Yanking his legs down makes him gag and struggle for breath. Next he clips his sensitive foreskin and ties it to his toes. Now Liam can't move without causing himself considerable pain or twist away from Adrian aggressively plunging into his arsehole. When Dave gives Liam a big erection to suck it presents a dilemma. He has to strain forward to obediently go down on him but he constricts his throat in the process.

  Liam is totally overwhelmed being rammed from both ends while he must strain for every breath. Adrian wrenches his mouth open so Dave can plunge in deep and Liam can't do anything to stop it. Liam gets a mouthful of fresh sperm. His tongue pathetically struggles to clean Dave's piss hole. Adrian bathes him in piss. Now this hetero cunt is truly ruined!  




  Tied, pants destroyed, cock sucked, tricked into getting erect, genitals bound and weighted, arsehole fingered, fucked with a dildo, made to ejaculate and taste his own cum.  
Added 7th December 2016

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Big muscular thug Brad struts around like everyone in the world should worship him. Just because someone gave him a bailiff's badge he thinks he has the right to be a bullying cunt. He barges his way into our lair and makes demands as if he owns the place. While this enforcement officer checks out Adrian's valuable goods, Adrian checks out this big fucker's body. It's impossible to resist an arrogant bastard in a uniform. With a little sly help from Dave, Brad is caught and strung up like a wild beast. Now we've got the fucker where we want him, Dave can take his time stripping him fully naked and pervily groping his body all over. It slowly sinks into this fucker's thick head that he's trapped. No amount of useless warnings or pleading will stop us now we've got our hands on him. Dave swallows his cock stimulating him against his will till he's got a big fat stiffy.

  Now he's filled with shame knowing a man is getting him off! We tame this massive hetero prick invading his arsehole and blowing him at the same time. This barrage of stimulation totally fucks with his head so he doesn't understand whether he hates it or wants it!  



  Gagged and tied on all fours, anal hook, nipples tormented, arse flogged, fucked with a fat dildo, balls drained, electro shocks to his nipples, glans stimulated with a vibrator, fed his own sperm.  
Added 30th November 2016

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When scally Lee strut down the street in his track suit bottoms we were mesmerized by the big fat bulge of his crotch. Now that massive dong is on full display as he's tied down naked like a beast. His member hangs heavily down between his legs and his pert bum is pointed in the air so his hole can easily be viewed from the back. Adrian secures him in place with an anal hook attached to his head. Now he can't drop his head without causing himself considerable pain in his bum. Adrian flogs his arse cheeks so the tough fucker foams at the mouth. Rivers of saliva pour out over his ball gag. Little does he know he's just provided the lube for his own fucking!

Adrian slides a big fat dildo over his mouth to slick it up and he shoves it up Lee's tight arse. He pounds him while tugging on Lee's heavy excitable cock till he's thick and aching to cum. The horny slag is milked of his sperm making a big puddle on his discipline block. Dave clamps his nipples with a pair of chopsticks and delivers sharp excruciating shocks to those sore rosy buds. Having just ejaculated, Lee's bell end is incredibly sensitive so the vibrator we use on it is absolute agony for the bound hetero. Adrian licks up all the semen he spilled and gives Lee a big sticky kiss. It's time this stupid scally cunt learned that his big dick is now exclusively for our use!



  Straight boy fucked up the arse, electro shock collar strapped to balls, made to rim his assailant's arsehole, cock and balls lashed to feet, dental gag, nose hook, fucked with a dildo and broom handle, semen shot into mouth, piss sprayed into mouth and over face.  
Added 23rd November 2016

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His boy cunt freshly evacuated, straight delivery driver Liam now has to endure a deeply humiliating fucking. There's nothing he can do about it with all his limbs tied and a nasty electro shock collar strapped tightly to the lad's tender bollocks. His face contorts in pain with every stroke of Adrian's relentless shafting. The hetero's tight virginal cunt is stretched with the pounding. Yet Liam's torment is increased as Dave ties up his cock and balls, then binds them to his toes. Every thrust of Adrian's cock brings new agony with every movement of his own feet!


To ensure maximum pain for Liam, Dave shocks his balls with the remote controlled shock collar. Liam's cries of agony are met with laughter from the 2 sadists. How could it possibly be any worse? Dave uses the shocker to make Liam beg to suck his filthy arsehole. Whether Liam wants it or not Dave presents his big arse, spreads his cheeks and sits on Liam's face. Liam sticks his wet reluctant tongue up the sadist's pungent pink rectum.

Dave wants a delicious rim job and threatens Liam with constant ball shocks if he isn't entirely happy with the boy's tonguing. Liam learns how to breathe with his only air supply from Dave's arse, it is clamped fast over the boy's mouth.

Liam has no idea what a dental gag is and is taken unawares as Dave straps the device into his mouth, prising open the boy's jaws, wide. A cruel nose-hook fastened into his nostrils adds considerably to the pain and humiliation. Adrian pulls his cock out of Liam's pained shithole but the lad has no let up. Adrian replaces it with a dildo on a broom handle and the anal fucking continues. Meanwhile Dave ties up Liam's knob with twine and pulls it up, attaching it to the ceiling. Every part of Liam's sexy young body now a subject of torment.

Adrian, on a sadistic high, unloads his balls into Liam's mouth. He barely has time to react to the sickening warm semen splashing into his gob before Dave takes his own dick out and pisses into Liam's mouth adding to the truly revolting mixture. The 2 sadists burst out laughing at Liam, his mouth not much better than a filthy toilet. Who could endure anything so vile and inhumane?