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  Chained naked to discipline bench, arsehole fingered, flogged, spanked, paddled, aggressive tag team fucking.  
Added 4th May 2016

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A proud sportsman will often been photographed standing strong with his arms crossed while looking aggressively down into the lens as he would just as soon slay you as fuck you. So it's a huge challenge to hot Italian athlete Leonardo's sense of pride to be chained down and bent over naked with his arse so vulnerably exposed. Circling him while he's in such a perilous position is almost as painful to him as us taking our pleasure by plunging our fingers into the warm tight cavity of his arse and wrenching open his resistant sphincter. Leonardo refuses to adapt to his new position so we have to help him to understand his manly body now is ours for the taking whenever we please. That tender bum of his is given a harsh flogging leaving his cheeks burning red. Placing your face against them you can feel how those hairy mounds now radiate an angry heat.


The bastard has teased us long enough so Adrian and Dave plunge into his arse fucking that tight hole till he weeps and begs us to stop. Ignoring his cries the two men tag-team aggressively fucking him and splitting his arse open wider with every energetic plunge. Now Leonardo can't be anything but hyper-aware of what a filthy fuck toy he's become!




  Tied naked, CBT, nipples pegged, electro shocks, arse flogged, collared, mouth-spreader, made to suck cock, tongue covered in cum,  
Added 13th April 2016

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Even when he's naked and tied by his hands and wrists, Leonardo believes he's in a position to make demands. This thick footballer needs to learn that he has no control. Adrian wraps his cock and balls in a tight noose and ties it to the floor. All he has to do is step on the rope to tug so painfully hard on this sporty fuckers genitals that he wails in pain feeling like they are going to be ripped off. Leo is disgusted by the thought of kissing a man, but Adrian demands an intimate cuddle or he'll step on the rope more. Leo insults his captor.

Punishment is delivered in the form of sharp electro shocks to his nipples and his shrivelled cock. Dave enters and flogs the bastard's arse while Adrian continues to shock his body all over. Leo is overwhelmed with the wicked treatment making pain shoot all over his exposed body.


A collar is fixed around his neck and Leo is brought to his knees. Dave presents his stiff cock in Leo's face and demands that the hetero beg to suck his cock. With a mouth spread fixed over his head, Leo can't do anything to stop the stiff dick from being thrust in his mouth. Dave demands that he use his tongue to gentle massage his shaft and glans. Leo's arse is flogged while his mouth is fixed in a permanent scream.

Leo continues to resist his duty as a sub. More punishment is needed in the form of painful shocks to his tight arsehole. Now the fucker will take a cock and even compliantly hold out his tongue to receive a mouthful of fresh sperm. This is how you turn a star athlete into a filthy cock sucker!




  Bound in football kit, breath control, gagged, arse mercilessly flogged, arsehole fingered, ice water enema, made to rim a man and suck cock, bastinado.  
Added 20th April 2016

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Hetero Dale can't get it into his thick head that he won't be fucking anyone anymore. He's the one who will be fucked from now on. More than that we want this macho straight prick to work to turn us on. In sports gear with his muscular legs in a spread eagle we bury our faces in the masculine scent of his arse and hump him over his sheer footy shorts. Dale continues to swear at us not wanting us anywhere near his bum. We'll teach this fucker to allow us to take our pleasure! Derek lashes his arse causing the bastard to buck and ferociously cry out beneath his gag. Soon angry red welts rise up on that peachy bum.

Dave enters to play the good cop, rubbing his sore cheeks and cover him in oil. Now his rubbery arsehole looks like a proper sloppy cunt ready to be fucked. He rams his fingers into Dale's inviting arse.


We need to clean out this filthy hetero's insides. His sphincter is opened with a speculum and Dave fills him up with icy water. Now his guts are full to bursting and the water is held inside with a buttplug. Receiving more spanks to his already burning arse Dale feels himself taken to the brink like he can't take anymore. It's absolute agony for Dale and he whimpers pitifully willing to agree to anything to make this extreme punishment end.

Dave squats over Dale's face and orders him to stick his tongue out to clean his sphincter. The desperate hetero eagerly licks and sucks the man's arse. Next Derek takes his turn crouching over Dale's face presenting his hole for servicing. In his binds with his arse painfully filled, Dale struggles with every last ounce of strength left in his body to pleasure the man's stinking arsehole. Dale's sporty socks and cleats are removed to reveal his sensitive bare feet. A leather strap whacks his tender soles driving him to new heights of suffering. Now every nerve is sending shockwaves through his body as his feet are viciously lashed and the buttplug is removed to turn his arse into a dirty fountain. The snivelling wretched cunt screams naked on the floor covered in his own disgusting filth.




  Stripped, pervy medical exam, made to piss, tied, held down and fucked, ordered to suck cock, spitroasted, mouthspreader and made to swallow cum.  
Added 13th April 2016

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No matter how rich or famous footballers get you can always count on them being greedy for more. Luckily we can use this to our advantage. Through secret communication we get in touch with Leonardo who is an international football sensation and looking to make a shady transfer to boost his earnings. It's a high risk strategy. If his home club finds out he could lose his contract and his enormous salary. We've got the perfect set up to take advantage of this sexy straight fucker and he can't say anything about it afterward!

Leonardo is exhausted by Dave who makes him run around the pitch till he's sweaty and stinking sweet. He's taken in for an examination only knowing that this is a required medical. The tired boy is led through step by step with each grope of the doctor's hands becoming more and more invasive.

  He's gradually led through each stage until it gets to the point where he's stark naked, tied to the table and can't stop what's happening. We use this hetero boy's tight arse, plowing into him while pinning down his taut muscular body. Dave fills the whiny bitch's mouth with his hard cock teaching him how to suck a man off. We take turns fucking him till he weeps and begs for mercy. Leonard's mouth is turned into a cum receptacle. With a burning sore arse and his mouth coated with sperm, this champion footballer is left ashamed and alone and there is nobody he can report it to.  


Leonardo is an excellent performer looking for a different sexual experience by appearing in our videos. He's a trooper who tests his limits and we'd be happy to work with him again.


  Bound to exam table, made to rim a man's arse, spanked, CBT, flogged, foreskin clip, arsehole fingered, fucked with dildo, dick stimulated till he ejaculates, made to lick his own sperm.  
Added 6th April 2016

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Now that we have this greasy young skaterboi in our clutches we're going to use him in any way we want. Not only will we use his horny hetero body to get off, but he's a subject for our psychological experiment. How can we train smarmy sexy ingrates like this to sexually service men rather than causing havoc on our streets? Through degrading, belligerent and relentless bondage and submission! Ross' wrists and ankles are tied to the table so he can't escape when Dave rams his arse into the angry boy's face. He demands Ross push his tongue up his stinking hole while Adrian delivers some bare-handed spanking to the resistant boy's bare arse.

When a boy has balls as big and full as Ross does he will be nothing but trouble. His testicles are tied tight.

  Every time the men deliver a satisfying whack to his arse with their hands or a vicious flogger the boy jerks forward causing his genitals considerable pain. Soon his nuts and cock are stretched and sore. The men gob on his exposed arsehole and loosen his sphincter with their fingers before screwing him long and deep with a thick dildo on a stick. A vibrator is applied to his sensitive glans and banjo-string making the fucker squirm with the undeniable pleasure that goes courses through his cock and body. He angrily grits his teeth as sperm shoots from his achingly hard dick. Ross must lap up his own mess now so that he's left angry, sore and dripping with cum.  



  Bound naked on all fours, anal hook, arse flogged, balls pegged, fucked with a dildo, oiled up, cock milked, face covered in sperm, CBT, electro shocks to his arsehole and genitals.  
Added 30th March 2016

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Hetero Aiden makes a sexy centrepiece stark naked and on display with his vulnerable arse on show. We don't even want to have to go through the effort of spreading those cheeks. This boy needs to learn to point his arse in the air like he's constantly begging to be fucked! Adrian inserts a vicious hook up his arse and ties it to his head harness so that bum is pointed straight up ready for whatever sadistic torment we want to inflict upon him. Nervous Aiden feels his pert bum get a whacking making his cheeks burn red. He must stay in place and take it or the evil hook will tear him apart.

If Adien is going to be a proper slut he must beg for it up the arse like he's starved for a fucking. Knowing what his punishment will be if he doesn't comply, Aiden slides back on the dildo rammed up his hole and painfully begs for more through his gag.

  His body trembles at the intensity of being fucked deep and drool pours from his mouth. Dave greases the straight boy up and seizes his cock stroking and manipulating his genitals till Aiden can't help ejaculating a big creamy load. His genitals are bound, restrained and ready for his next male client. Sharp shocks are delivered to his bound genitals making him pathetically squirm. Now he is the very picture of a filthy whore!



  Mummified with leather belts, made to suck cock, face fucked, legs suspended, finger fucked, anally fucked with a power tool, anally fucked with cock, made to swallow 2 loads of cum, arse spanked with a heavy paddle  
Added 23rd March 2016

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Scally cunt Ross is already totally nude and we've mummified him with thick heavy belts. Straining his muscles he finds there is no way to break his bonds. This fiendish bondage allows total access to all Ross's private parts and there is nothing he can do about it. Dave twists Ross's nipples causing him immense agony. Crying out he finds his screams muffled by Dave's fat cock pushing deep down his throat. Dave wants oral sex from the reluctant straight. To make sure it's a balls-deep blow job Dave gets into a press-up position and fucks Ross's face. Dave pushes his whole rigid length down Ross's throat. Ross's mouth soon resembles a bride's cunt on her wedding night, only here it's Ross's chin that takes Dave's balls bashing into it with every thrust. As Dave gets serviced Adrian ropes Ross's ankles from the ceiling. With his young legs held in the air he can do nothing when Adrian plunders his sweet hairy bumhole. The finger fucking is merely a preliminary to a severe power tool fucking from a Ryobi with a dildo stuck on the end. Oh the degradation!

  Once Ross's hole has been nicely stretched there isn't a moment to rest as the Ryobi is removed, to be replaced by Dave's urgent cock. Dave takes his pleasure from the scally's succulent bumhole whilst Adrian now fucks the cunt's mouth. Adrian goes from soft to hard in moments. It's the feeling of reluctant lips around his shaft. Adrian soon unloads his balls into Ross's whinging mouth. After Adrian spills his seed Dave pulls out and he then adds to the mixture of sperm deposited in Ross. Ross has a reputation for spitting spunk out of his gob and the 2 tops don't want a repeat of his ungratefulness. They gaffer tape his mouth so he has no choice but to swallow it. To make sure, Dave takes a heavy paddle and sets to work spanking Ross's arse. Every time he moans, more and more sperm falls down the back of his throat so he gets the full flavour of man. Fucked at both ends, bingeing on sperm, a sore arse and now spanked. No fun for Ross today. Or any day.