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  Tied and gagged, face covered in spit, flogged, feet mercilessly tickled, ice water enema, arse caned, bastinado, fucked, arse covered in sperm.  
Added 19th October 2016

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Straight scally bastard Lee is like a Stafford terrier chained up, frothing at the mouth and angrily barking at his captors. We've never snatched a hetero who deserves so much discipline and humiliation than this raging thick cunt. Dave wraps his stupid mouth with thick tape to silence him and covers his face with spit. Adrian takes a flogger to his spread arse and the big meaty bulge of his trackie bottoms. Dave goes at Lee's bare feet lightly tickling the sensitive soles. Not being able to stop this is absolutely agony and every muscle in his body strains against his binds. The pair give him a wicked choice of receiving one punishment or the other. This impossible situation totally fucks with Lee's tiny brain.

This filthy scally twat never cleans his arse so we have to do it for him. A nozzle filled with freezing water is inserted up his rectum filling him with liquid. He tightens his sphincter struggling to hold it in because Lee knows there will be a wicked punishment if he releases the water. Before he knows what's happening his arse is filled with a butt plug so he must hold it all in. His arse is caned causing him absolute agony until he can't hold it in any more and release a stream of filthy water. Now that he's been freshened he's primed and ready for a fucking. Lee can only squeeze his eyes shut and brace his body as his arse is relentlessly plowed and covered with cum.


Lee is a natural performer even though this is the first time he's ever participated in kinky action or doing anything sexual with men. He was willing to take on the challenge and we had a great time working with him.


  Tied to a table, legs shackled, gagged, wedgie, arse caned, flogged, paddled, spanked, ordered to suck cock, spitroasted, gagged on a cock, mouth and arsehole filled with spunk.  
Added 12st October 2016

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Hard tattooed man Yuris is in an absolute panic as he's tied down with his arse up in the air while only wearing a tight pair of white pants. You can see the dark crevice of his arse crack through the sheer fabric. He's achingly vulnerable but can do nothing to escape of cover his prone arse. Dave slides his hands all over his manly body and gags him. His pants are strongly wrenched up so the fabric slices up against his arsehole and crushes his big full balls. His underwear is destroyed leaving his arse totally exposed to whatever devilish Dave wants to do with his shelf full of wicked discipline instruments.

  Yuris' arse is beaten with a selection of implements till his pale arse cheeks are burning red. Now the lightest smack from a paddle hurts like a bitch! He'll do anything to stop a further beating to his bum even suck the hard cock shoved in his face. Yuris gags on the stiff meat and the thick stench of a man's crotch. He pushes himself to suck it to stop his spanking even though he's drooling with rivers of snot dripping down his face. Dave pounds his hard cock into Yuris' arse while he's sucking. The pair screw him mercilessly at both ends till he's painfully sore and dripping in cum.  


Yuris is sexually adventurous completely straight man interested in earning more money by acting in our scenes and pushing his limits. We were impressed by how professional this hot heterosexual is and we'd gladly work with him again.


  Tied, stripped, groped, flogged, CBT, arsehole fingered, nipples pegged, gagged, cock sucked, gut punching while made to cum.  
Added 5th October 2016

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We're after a sexy bit of rough today. Dave spies a real scally bastard full of piss and swagger. Lee's massive thick dong swings around in his tracksuit bottoms like he's ready to drop his trousers and fuck at any moment. His tight bum has never been touched. Even though he doesn't have a job as soon as he gets any money he pisses it all away down at the pub on fruit machines. We're driven into such a frenzy following him we know we have to have him. When Dave tricks him into coming back to our lair he squirms trying to answer pervy personal questions. But once we slip ropes around his wrists and ankles he becomes a lot more vocals. By this time it's too late and we've got the fucker where we want him.

Lee's dick is gigantic and really easily excitable. Despite his protests and struggling his cock gets very stiff while we stroke it and run our hands over his slender muscular body. The stupid cunt may shout homophobic insults but the way his body reacts is much different. Even when his dick is flogged and weighed down with his junk being pulled painfully it stays throbbing hard and hot. We get rabid inhaling the sweaty masculine scent of his body, cock and arse. His arsehole is like a trap when we slide our fingers in. It's going to take some serious pummelling to open up this virgin hole. As Adrian tugs on his cock while stimulating his prostate, Dave delivers swift punches to his taut stomach knocking the wind out of him while he sprays his semen. Lee is left feeling totally fucked in both his mind and body.



  Cock sucking training, fucked, humiliated, spitroasted, fucked with a thick dildo, flogged, face covered in piss.  
Added 28th September 2016

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From the moment we saw sexy young Craig we knew we had to have him. Now here he is just like we imagined him in our filthiest pervy fantasies: stark naked and strapped down arse up on a discipline bench. This proud cunt's mouth and arse have been left unused his whole life. We make up for that by ramming his hole full with our hard cocks! He needs assertive instructions about how to go down on a man's eager dick. When he clamps his jaw shut and jerks his head away, Dave corrects Craig by grabbing his ears hard and pushing his head down on Adrian's erection. He thrusts in so deep Craig is gagging and feels he can barely breathe.

All Craig's protestations are answered with aggression and verbal humiliation driving into him what a thick straight bastard he really is. Adrian rams his arse while Dave has a go at fucking his mouth.

We spitroast the moaning fucker till he's sore and begging us to stop. A big dildo is rammed up Craig's arse so Adrian can spank his arse while Dave continues to facefuck him. Craig thinks he's still too good to satisfy men's cocks. Dave drives in how low he's sunk by pissing all over his face that's burning red with shame. That'll make the stupid cunt understand that he's nothing more than a sorry hetero whore.


Young Craig is an eager fresh performer looking for new sexual experiences. We ask him about his expectations and desires while he's bound in place for his next scene.


  Tied to medical exam table, groped, arsehole fingered and wrenched open, fucked with a dildo, foreskin clipped, arse caned, gagged, anal hook, relentlessly disciplined.  
Added 21st September 2016

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It ought to be a routine procedure for the NHS to take control and ruin straight men's arseholes. Luckily BreederFuckers are here to pick up the slack by opening a clinic where feckless heteros can be tied down and taken advantage of. Suited Yuris is marched in and tied arse up to the exam table. That round furry bum of his needs to be gayed up. His genitals are noosed so his big hulking ball sack bulges tight. That tight pink arse is now going to be stretched beyond recognition. Adrian and Dave pry open his sphincter so his hole is gaping.

Yuris moans and hollers feeling the most acute pain of his life. His hetero arse immediately tightens up again so they need to amp up his procedure. A big fat dildo on a stick is shoved up his arse and they pound his pussy until

  his face is a deep shade of reddish purple. Yuris' legs wriggle and kick unable to stop the relentless pounding in his arse. His tender foreskin is stretched open with a metal clip. He's placed in bondage with a vicious hook slid up his arsehole so his bum sticks up in the air. At the same time those hairy cheeks are aggressively caned, but he's locked in place with no way to escape. This is the proper way to ruin a hetero's arse and this procedure should be rolled out nationwide.  



  Tied and gagged, flogged, arse fingered, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls suspended, CBT.  
Added 14th September 2016

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Craig needs to be initiated into becoming a 24/7 cock slave for horny men. Bound on his knees in nothing but his tight white pants, Craig uselessly struggles. His thick dick and balls bulge so enticingly Dave pervily gropes the straight boy feeling his package's full weight through the thin fabric. Craig's face is shoved in Dave's stinking crotch so he can rub the boy's proud features with his cock and balls. He must wriggle out of his pants which is painfully difficult with his arms tied behind his back. Dave encourages him along lashing him for his reluctance and slovenliness.

The sorry fucker moans pathetically as Dave rams his fingers up his arse using the boy's body however he wishes. He goes even deeper sliding a vibrator up inside him hitting Craig's g-spot while Dave strokes his cock. Now this straight boy will forever associate having his cock stroked with his arse being insistently rammed.

Craig's legs and cock are bound making him almost entirely immobile and helpless to stop whatever Dave wishes to do to him. Craig's package are roped to a heavy weight causing him the most intense, excruciating pain while Dave continues to invade his sore arsehole. Every second of this agonizing BDSM feels like years to this straight boy burning with anger.



  Stripped, tied, nipples clamped, groped, gagged, cock wanked, humiliating bondage, arse on display.  
Added 7th September 2016

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Yuris comes to us again desperate for money. He's all suited up like a salesman but the only thing we want from this kinky straight fucker is his fit manly body and to use his pert muscular arse. We're going to make this hetero wish he'd never come crawling back to us. It's sexy stripping him down slowly and binding him in ropes. By the time he escapes it will be too late. With his nipples clamped he can be led around for slave training. Any lagging behind causes the most acute excruciating pain in those perky little nips. Dave pulls on the chain while Adrian slaps his big full balls. He's bent over with his arsehole flashed for the whole world to see. When the clamps are removed from his nipples they are so tender that the smallest tweak makes the sorry fucker moan. Stark naked and in bondage on the floor he wriggles pathetically trying to free himself. The ball gag stuffed in his mouth makes him droll something awful so his slobber runs down his chest. What a sorry sight! How quickly we've turned this respectable young businessman to a whimpering slag! We steal all his manly dignity by turning him into a pathetic naked slave trussed up and ready for a spit roasting.




  Bound to discipline bench, gagged, caned, bare arse whipped till he begs to suck cock, spitroasted, mercilessly fucked, face drenched in cum.  
Added 31st August 2016

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Feisty hetero Craig has realised what a hellishly vulnerable position he's in strapped down stark naked to our discipline bench. Just when he begins begging for mercy we silence him with a gag. There's no greater suffering for a straight man than the wicked tension of having his exposed arse pointed up with vicious salivating perverts circling it. Pain is more acute when it's stretched out over a long period of time. Adrian whacks his arse continuously for so long that every slice of the cane hitting his sore red bottom is absolute agony for him.

Craig will do anything to make it stop even beg for his gob to be filled with a fat angry dick. Dave fucks his mouth while Adrian spreads his sore arse cheeks. He rubs the head of his cock against Craig's tight warm sphincter drawing out the tension. He plunges inside and fucks him hard.

Notice how Craig helplessly kicks his legs unable to do anything to stop being mercilessly rammed. Adrian unleashes a stream of cum onto Craig's face. While it's dripping down his pretty features Dave plunges into his arse. Craig is shocked feeling a second man tearing into his arse and then he receives a second load on his ruined face. This straight boy has now learned what it means to be a submissive bitch for randy men.