Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Hetero Fred thinks he's tough enough to take anything we can give him so agrees to perform in our videos. We enjoy a challenge especially from a hard arse fucker like this!    
Age 35, Builder

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  • Tied
  • gagged
  • bare arse paddled
  • sphincter stretched
  • arsehole fucked with a giant dildo
  • genitals weighed down
  • CBT
    Added 14th October 2020

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    Fred is an authentic mean-as-fuck hetero skinhead. Part of the excitement and pleasure of disciplining and fucking with straight men is hearing them articulate exactly what's being done to their precious bodies. Fred refuses to admit his arse and genitals are being fondled by a man so I need to silence him. With a gag stuffed in his gob he can't even scream while I go angry schoolmaster on his arse paddling those lily white bum cheeks till they blaze pink. This ENRAGES the bastard and he nearly tears apart the bench he's tied to in his absolute desperation to escape and wreak his revenge. We humiliate him further ordering him to stick his arse out to display the hole to us or his bum will receive a harder beating. Now that we get a look at his virgin ring we can't resist stretching and tearing into it. We pound that hole open with a fat dildo and Fred is furious but all he can do is slam his fists down like a spoiled brat.

      To remind him we haven't forgotten about his dick and balls, we claim ownership of them heavily weighing his package down so he's in constant agony while getting his arse rammed open at the same time. What a horny rush delivering this cunt the discipline he deserves!  


  • Restrained in his football kit
  • jock strapped arse exposed
  • bum flogged
  • supervised enema
  • sphincter stretched
  • drilled with a mechanical dildo
    Added 28th October 2020

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    Straight men take so much pride in how many notches they have on the bedpost. We know what sportsmen are like in the locker room competing with each other and bragging about how many chicks they've fucked. Fred's instinct is to prove his masculinity giving a high number. We demand he tell us how many pussies he's fucked with this big juicy cock while we grab hold of it. Little does he know he's sealing his own fate. The number he gives is the amount of times his pale bum cheeks get a wicked lashing. Those powerfully muscular sporty legs can only flail uselessly in the air while his arse receives the most intensely painful and humiliating punishment of his life! And with his legs bound in place that jock strapped bum makes such a tempting sight as his virgin arsehole is fully on show. We prepare Fred by administrating an ice cold enema and manually pumping his stomach to send the freezing cold water shooting out.

      Now his hole is ready to be split wide open as Dave gives him a merciless drilling using a fat dildo attached to a power tool. This enraged hetero fights with all his might as his arse is torn open and his masculine pride is ripped to shreds.