Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Leo wants to go beyond his dappling in exhibitionism and become a proper performer. So he enjoys taking on the challenge of submitting in our videos and we hugely enjoyed working with this talented lad.  
Age 23, Dancer

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  Groped in his car, grabbed, gagged, stripped, manipulated till erect, arse belted, made to rim a man.  
Added 7th February 2018

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Our cocks are already hard anticipating a night out ruining the arses of naive freshers who want to dabble in BDSM. But homophobic driver Leo has high standards about who is allowed to ride in his vehicle and absolutely refuses to drive to a seedy gay spot. Why bother paying the cab fare when we've got a sexy straight man's arse to pound right here?! We drag furious Leo into our lair and shimmy down his trackie bottoms to get at his fresh virgin arse and moist dick. This hetero's worst nightmare comes true as we rub our raging hard dicks against his bare bum cheeks and grip his thick cock. He groans and flails on the floor but we pin him down. That arse is beautifully ripe and smells like dinner from sitting around in his car all day. This lad is too sexually frustrated to prevent his cock from being engorged from our authoritative stroking and sucking. He's filled with shame that he can't stop himself from becoming erect.

  But we want to teach this angry straight man to respect and worship us so flip him over to beat his arse till he properly serves! We make him kiss our shoes and lick Dave's arse till he's gasping for air.  


  Restrained naked, CBT, cock sucking training, arse caned, fucked with a power tool, spitroasted, arse and face covered in cum.  
Added 21st February 2018

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Hetero Leo is disgusted by the thought of what happens in seedy gay clubs where men are laid out for the arses to be used by any hard cock that happens by. This is now his reality! Tied down naked to a bench he has no way to cover his exposed arse or his vulnerable package hanging between his legs. Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack that is extremely pleasurable to bind up. Adrian secures this straight man's cock and balls to the bench so the stupid fuck can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. He's then presented with a stiff dick in his face and ordered to suck. The bastard curses us and screws his mouth shut, but a few swift strokes from a cane to his vulnerable buttocks soon changes his attitude. Leo quickly learns to do whatever he can to pleasure a man's cock or else his bum gets a severe lashing. Now he'll always have the taste of dick in his mouth and feel an erection stabbing at the back of his throat.

  At the same time his arse is filled with a thick dildo that insistently pumps his arse full and widens his sphincter. Now that the runway is clear, Adrian slides his cock into Leo's arse and the team spitroast him like a slutty bitch. We screw him till we cover his face and arse in our seed. Now that he's a cum covered subordinate bitch he's going to be really popular down at the gay fetish club he refused to take us to.