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  Sexy, straight and horny delivery man Zain becomes our unwitting captive and new fuck toy. His arse is so hot and moist from sitting on his bike all day we relish stringing him up and widening his virgin hole. We discipline this bastard and give him a lesson in total compliance before instructing him in his new job as our personal cock sucker.  
Age 22, Student

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SESSION ONE              

  • Grabbed
  • restrained
  • groped
  • cock manipulated till he's hard
  • nipples clamped
  • flogged
  • sphincter stretched
  • cock sucking training
  • vicious skull fucking
    Added 22nd June 2022

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    Hetero delivery man Zain has encountered some strange situations while biking around the city. People answer the door in the nude. He's unwittingly walked into sex parties. But he's never stepped into a predicament like this! He gets horny when he sees a dirty video playing on our TV and before he knows what's happening he's suddenly suspended from the ceiling with two dirty perverts circling around him. We relish stripping and groping him while he wriggles around in humiliation. Little does he realise that being objectified and manhandled will only add to his being turned on. While Dave wraps his arms around him and strokes Zain's shaft, the resistant fucker grows a big fat stiffy. We sadistically amp up his discipline clamping his nipples and whacking him mercilessly till he's twisting around howling in agony. He desperately wants us to stop but he doesn't realise that as soon as we cease we'll bend him over to break in his arse.

      That hole is so tight and moist we wrench it open making him cry out. Dave slaps his dick in Zain's face and instructs him to suck it till he's very hard. The moron doesn't understand the harder he makes us the more ready we are to pound his arse. Saliva pours from his mouth as he makes himself deep throat our stiff dicks. Dave grips Zain's head to keep him in place while he ruthlessly fucks this captive straight man's gob. The bastard thinks that if only he can appease our dicks we'll set him free. He doesn't realise that he was actually delivering himself into our lair as a new fuck toy for sadistic pleasure and now he belongs to us.