Breeder Fuckers - because they fucking deserve it!

Breeders - 2019


Age: 28
Occupation: Army
Body type: Slim, hairy

Topped by: Adrian and Jake, Terry and Stan (with audience)

We tell army squaddie Dave it's a hooker touching him up - but it's us!

He gets flogged, stripped, groped, given the strap, spitroasted and gagged to choking on my dick, anal hooked, tied up, cock clipped, humiliated and pissed on. And he fights back all the way.

NEW DAVE SERIES - Dave is installed into a urinal in a packed straight nightclub...

Age: 31
Occupation: Engineer
Body type: Tonned

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Jozef's got that clean cut highflying businessman look that means he's accustomed to fancy cars and first class air travel. So it's quite a shock to him to find himself in our dingy lair where we use his virgin hetero arse and resistant mouth to satisfy our hard dicks!

Age: 27
Occupation: Accountant
Body type: Tonned

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Irish Danny is taken for a ride to Adrian & Dave's lair where he is set upon. Stripped naked and tied down for hours on end, there only to serve his new masters.

Age: 43
Occupation: Sports injury masseur
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Arrogant straight muscleman Vincent makes it his mission to police public toilets and stop perverted behaviour. We strong arm this tough bastard into our lair and teach him what it means to be the bog room slut!

Age: 27
Occupation: Warehouse worker
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Dave

We're hungry for a bit of rough and straight Gareth is a prime hunk of beef we're aching to try. We suspend this feisty hot fucker up, tear his clothes off and tame his cock and arse!

Age: 23
Occupation: Banker
Body type: Slim

Topped by: Adrian and Jake

Mike thinks he's attending a rather progressive interview for the job of his dreams - and he's naiive enough to believe that getting naked is just part of the selection process!

Soon, he's clamped, gagged, fingered, and beaten with a dildo shoved up his arse - before choking my cock down then being hung up and strapped!

Age: 26
Occupation: Barman
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

This hot as fuck athletic straight Irish man becomes furious as soon as he's restrained and our cocks throb in excitement as we widen his virgin sphincter while breaking him.

Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Body type: Stocky

Topped by: Adrian and Dave

Charlie is new to the business, but he's an enthusiastic heterosexual performer. Having expanded his sexual experience he's happy and proud of the results.

Age: 28
Occupation: Electrician
Body type: Tonned

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Martin is a proper scally lad through and through. This lean hetero is a right arrogant bastard and deserves to be stripped, humbled and have his tight virgin arsehole reamed till his startled eyes look like they're going to explode!


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